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  • Jan 11

    Quote from Farawyn
    Hanging out with OldDude is certainly a perk for me as a SN.
    Hanging out with ALL my peeps here is a treat!

  • Jan 11

    Hanging out with OldDude is certainly a perk for me as a SN.

  • Jan 11

    Homemade cards from the wee ones in Kindergarten.

  • Jan 5

    Well, this is going to go well.

  • Jan 5

    Perhaps your instructor should have just assigned you another patient.
    Rather then placing blame on a nurse who is already busy with a student plus whole full assignment you should place blame on the person who is being PAID to educate yo

  • Dec 30 '16

    If Satan himself came in needing burn ointment from him torturing souls in hell I would need to treat him as well as I would treat Jesus Christ.

    That being said, everyone should be I.D.'d when they come in. All of us have to have a background check to be nurses, why shouldn't someone looking for treatment (and as the OP pointed out - free service in that example) be held to the same standard? If they are not here legally than let ICE deal with them. The argument that they won't seek treatment is not a valid one for me. You don't get to walk into any service related industry, spend 1000's of dollars knowing you can't/won't pay it back and get to be insulted by the process. The nature of illegal immigration is that these people do not pay income tax; so what they don't pay we all pay in the way of higher taxes and insurance costs. If you think that they should be given legal status fine - right your congressman. But while they are here their very presence is a crime and it should be reported. What the authorities do after that is none of my concern. Obama looked the other way, Trump wants to deport. Wherever you fall on the issue your voice of what happens comes with your vote.

    Lastly, there are plenty of people here that are citizens who do the same thing. They are Americans and a debate can be had as to what to do about healthcare. But our financial obligation should not extend to people who are not citizens.

  • Dec 30 '16

    Quote from WKShadowRN
    I see more abuse of the system from citizens without insurance. Just because someone (legal or not) is insured does not mean payment is not made.

    Many of the immigrants want to pay and do work out self-pay fee schedules.

    Look out, your bigotry is showing.
    Oh, it's bigotry to care about our healthcare system and to worry about the strain it puts on our system? Ah, yes, the old let's just start name calling and not have a real discussion about it.

    This is exactly why Hillary lost and Trump is in control now. And no, before anybody starts on that train, I didn't vote for Trump.

    Instead of opening up the doors for discussion people simply throw insults. It's exactly what is wrong with this country. That attitude gets you nowhere in life. That attitude is tearing this country apart. I am allowed to have an opinion. Everyone.

    Was hooing this site to be different being amongst other educated professionals. Guess it doesn't matter how educated somebody is, they can still resort these tactics.

  • Dec 23 '16

    Quote from ktwlpn
    I did read the story,I also know that terms such as "fixin' to die" "circling the drain" etc.I also know it is "regional".My point is it makes her sound ignorant.We nurses continue to strive to be recognized as professionals.I would th ok no anyone with even a minimum of education would put their best foot forward during an interview and use proper English.I guess it's my issue.
    That's entirely your opinion.

    Some people might think that people who spell incorrectly or leave out spaces between their sentences might be ignorant. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you're on mobile and doing the best you can.

  • Dec 23 '16

    "Fixin' to die" is probably perfectly normal and common speech where she is from. Saying she sounds ignorant for using her typical phrases is pretty judgemental, in my opinion. Where she is from and how she speaks has nothing to do with her competence or professionalism.

  • Dec 23 '16

    She was not to ignorant , as she critical thought and intervened, with 911/ems.....

    now with all my decades of critical care experience, am fixin to cook dinner....

  • Dec 23 '16

    I'm not sure you have the story straight. The school nurse was called to see a sick kid. She "assumed" it was the stomach flu prior to seeing him because it was going around the school. Once she saw him, she immediately knew something was seriously wrong and called 911.

    "Fixin' to die" is simply regional language meaning that he was decompensating very quickly.

    I don't see what about the story has you "appalled."

    School Nurse Assumes Sick Kid She'''s Called to Help Has the Stomach Flu. One Look Has Her Calling 911

  • Dec 16 '16

    Well, that sounds great in theory. But what exactly do you want your anesthesia team to do if you, once in a while, need a surgery? Not a wisdom tooth pull. Not even an I&D. A real thing, your flesh being cut with cold steel.

    The hard fact is, modern surgical anesthesia is not possible without opioids. It will look like you want a driver to take you from point A to point B through a large city but you expressively prohibits him to ever hit the brakes because you just happen not liking them.

    From my experience, as a patient and health care provider, there are very few things worse than dictating health care providers how to do their jobs because you read, heard or otherwise think you know something (while you do not). I see the heroic souls (and their victims) who decline pain relief for themselves or for their loved ones out of fear of addiction, out of wish to see them "alert and oriented", etc. The typical result is bad pneumonia because the patient in pain cannot breath and cough. By the point I see the patient, he is PICCed, PEGed, trached and hooked to the vent with long and windy road of "prolonged wean" lying in front of him. This is the price of "just wanting things to be my way".

    I had bad side effects when I was given opioids, and so in my med alert card there is a line to please give me everything according to local PONV protocol if I need any opioids. I will choose a hospital where regional anesthesia is practiced in in its full capacities (which are nothing short of amazing). But I will never deny anything basing on my personal ideas unless I know what I know... and what I don't.

  • Dec 16 '16

    Wishing all my coworkers on here a VERY MERRY HOLIDAY!! 1 1/2 days of school for me then a much needed 2 weeks of no alarm clocks!!

  • Dec 16 '16

    Quote from 8130
    Do you all work in public schools? My kids go to private school and they value the parents as the primary decision makers. They play a supportive role but always defer to the parent on matters such as these. In the absence of a chronic truancy situation, honoring parental preferences and maintaining sincere compassion for the student will serve everyone the best.
    Yeah, most of us are public school and in public school, if a kid misses school, the school looses money. Parents can make the call prior to sending kids to school, if you send your kid to school, and they're not sick enough to be excluded, I'm keeping them in school unless I assess they really are too miserable to stay. If a parent calls me (or stops by to see me in the morning) and requests I call them if kid comes in complaining, I will generally do so.. but not the kid that comes in 5 minutes after the bell saying, "my mom said if I don't feel good you'll call her so I can go home". Sorry, too many kids do this. If your kid is sick, keep them home. If you want me to keep an eye on them, call me. Otherwise, if kid doesn't have a fever or other communicable disease, isn't showing evidence of breathing distress, or vomiting/diarrhea out the wazoo.. chances are, I'm sending them back to class.

  • Dec 16 '16

    Mr. Risk Manager, we LOVE teachers like Mrs. Risk Manager. Please tell her to keep the good work!