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  • Aug 29

    Quote from uniqueguy34
    Throughout the time I was with the patients family the wife was crying, and I was near her comforting her and assuring her that all will be ok..
    First of all, I am so very sorry your employment was terminated.

    Here's a tough lesson: administration, management, and the powers that be don't give a rat's booty about whether you soothed your patient's fears or comforted the family in their time of emotional need.

    They care about the paperwork and accurate documentation of billable procedures that will generate revenue. They care about the quality and completeness of your charting because this is what keeps the facility out of legal turmoil in the event of a bad patient outcome. They care about preventing litigation because it is costly enough to cut into the profit margin.

    Healthcare is a business first and foremost. Hand-holding and comforting is always secondary. I know I sound like an unfeeling Nurse Ratchett, but you do not have the luxury of soothing tearful people's anxieties until the 'T' letters are crossed and the 'I' letters are dotted on your admission packet and paperwork. This is the cold reality of the healthcare sector.

    Good luck to you!

  • Aug 29

    Don't beat up on yourself with Monday morning quarterbacking. I'm completely confident in your assessment and intervention. I would have done the same thing and would not have notified the parent. Besides, something doesn't add up here. You're not getting the full story. I suspect something else happened after school and you're taking the heat. Why on earth would CPS be called over a kid falling on the playground and mom seeking medical attention for it? Happens all the time and CPS isn't called for that. Let us know if you ever get the real story.

  • Aug 29

    This is yet another reason why some people say they prefer their pets to human beings.

  • Aug 29

    Both of my jobs have signs on the fridge from exasperated coworkers telling people to stop stealing the food of others.

    Seriously? If it's not yours, don't take it folks. If you forgot your food, do not, I repeat, DO NOT steal the food of others.

    And on a related topic, please take your rotting leftovers out of the fridge after a month or two, ok?

  • Aug 27

    Today the Shaw sisters are still coming to terms with the loss of both parents. They miss their wit and warmth. But they respect their choice and feel strongly that suicide can be rational. All three say their parents should not have had to risk prosecution to die together at the time of their choosing. Nor should they have had to be alone for the legal protection of their family.

    “It shouldn't be so difficult for rational people to make this decision,” Kate said. “Obviously, care has to be taken but assisted suicide should not be illegal.”
    The big sleep

  • Aug 27

    It is a great thing for the individuals that were shot.

    However, the citizens in that area and the state will absorb the cost of this write off when they go to get healthcare services at these facilities in the future. There is no right answer here, but it is not all a bed of roses. Someone pays for this. It does not just disappear out of a big hospital chains profits.

    Some of the victims did not have coverage. Paying their hospital bill will probably not encourage them to get coverage in case they are involved in another tragedy in the future.

    I just hope we do everything we can to prevent tragedy's like this in the future. That is a whole other conversation.

  • Aug 26

    Hey all!

    The app being gone is a huge loss, IMO. I think they said it was not cost effective. Since I actually pay for AN, this decision to stop the app will probably influence me on shelling out my hard earned dough again.

    What have I learned? Hmmm... not much. It's been a mellow time off.

    Hope you all are well! I've missed ya!

  • Aug 26

    *hugs my friends*

  • Aug 26

    Quote from OldDude
    I'm's about time you stuck your head in. Speaking of head - heads up. I've changed colors this school year. Blue long sleeve, 100% cotton, crew neck T.
    This statement is useless without blue thong pics. It is Thong Thursday!

  • Aug 26

    I'm's about time you stuck your head in. Speaking of head - heads up. I've changed colors this school year. Blue long sleeve, 100% cotton, crew neck T.

  • Aug 25

    We don't allow anything that is not approved by the FDA for treatment of the MD diagnosis. Don't let this get out of hand.

  • Aug 19

    Quote from CelticGoddess
    You were the one who stated that only one person was giving you an intelligent response. No one else said your argument wasn't intelligent. We just don't agree with you. And that's okay.
    Well, a few of us think she has a pretty good point.

  • Jul 29

    and I'm doing you a favor by also telling you that it is very had to read your posts when every word is capitalized like that. I did it this time to give you the feedback you asked for but if you keep typing like that and you know it is confusing and hard to read I guess I won't be likely to read more of what you write. if you want help, you should help those who ask you to make your writing a little easier on the eyes!!

  • Jul 7


    I completed a private LVN program in southern California (Van Nuys) before earning my ASN and BSN degrees. In my estimation, the LVN program was the most challenging of the three educational programs I've listed.

  • Jul 1

    I feel lucky to work in a facility that I would recommend any of my family members go too. The standards are different for the rehabilitation hospital I work in then some of the hospitals I have been in. Even though we have plenty of nursing job openings, our short-staffed situation is not anything like what acute care setting hospitals are facing. The patients we deal with are much more sick then 8 years ago, it can get overwhelming as a nurse. My colleagues are wonderful at working together and helping each other out. I believe it helps being their for others too. Their are downfalls about working for a company that is for profit, the pay! Making more money and working in an overstressed situation isn't worth it. Many of the patients I have worked with have commented on how the people I work with work so well together. Happy to be a rehabilitation nurse.