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  • Feb 17

    Clearly I lack everyone's ambition. I am spending my summer not working, sitting in a chair on the shelf of my pool watching my kids swim. Oh, and we'll go to Maine for two weeks.

  • Feb 17

    Thank you for taking care of our kids while they are in your classroom. Truly, I appreciate it more than you know! There is no way, on God's earth I could do what you do and, from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful you are here!

    With that being said, did you get your lunch today? You did! GREAT! I had bites of a lunch I paid for, between kids, with the kids looking at me while I ate. By the way, my fast food, chicken tenders went cold before I could finish them, so I'm glad you got to the microwave (ahead of me, when I was trying to heat up a towel to put on a kid's stye) so your lunch could be hot.

    Did you get your planning period today? You did! GREAT! I don't get one. Ever. It's not built into my day. So, I'm sorry you had to use your planning period to call a parent, and not meet with the other grade-level teacher to work on lesson plans, I really am. I call parents all day long, between kids, with kids looking at me, and between bites of my now, cold lunch.

    You take work home and stay late? ME TOO! By the way, I'm hourly and get paid on the same scale the paras get paid despite the fact that, like you, I have a bachelor's degree and (most of) a masters.

    Kids don't always run fever with a virus? REALLY??? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! I didn't know that! Thank you for sharing your medical knowledge with me. I will be sure to tuck that little gem in to my very small arsenal of facts and hope to learn more as I continue my nursing career.

    By the way, you won't mind if I tell little Johnny's mother that he is having problems in math will you? I mean, he sitting here in my clinic waiting for pick up since you called his mother to tell her he is sick. I know I haven't looked at his grades, and it is only his word that he is struggling, but I think I'll have a discussion about it with her.

    One more thing, since I'm hourly, I don't actually get to work the "work days". I mean, don't get me wrong, having the extra days off is great, but while you are here, putting in your grades and organizing your room, and calling parents, and taking care of what you need to take care of, I will be at home thinking about all the things I can't get done because I'm not allowed in the building. Of course, I'll take some work home, but I can't call parents from home, because, unlike you, I REFUSE to use my personal cell phone to contact parents - they don't need my number.

    Well, that about sums it up. Again, please understand, I am grateful for you and what you do! I hope you understand, I'm not angry, I'm just as ready for a break as you are.


    The School Nurse

  • Feb 3

    Put a scarlet "N" on their forehead so other teachers know they have been seen once today.

  • Feb 3

    Start going to their classrooms & critiquing them. I bet those comments would stop. Lol.

  • Feb 3

    I agree - she is in 4th grade. The leash gets tightened and the orders go by the letter of what the doc wrote. Oh, and guess who gets a new buddy standing by her side during BG check time. A new buddy with a nursing degree, that is

  • Feb 3

    Quote from MrNurse(x2)
    She is a typical teen. She wants control and this is the best place to exert it. As Far said, stick to doctor's orders and don't deviate. When she goes to argue, make her aware that you are bound by the orders and she needs to discuss it with the doctor. The more she argues, the more enjoyment she is getting; shut it down by acknowledging she is probably the best one to know how her body works, but orders are orders. Continued arguing past that point needs a stern reminder that she is being disrespectful and then a reminder that anything further may escalate to discipline. Stay consistent with this and follow through if you must. Talk to your Principal to give a heads up and see if this is an issue with the other nurse, you will probably find it to be the case.

    She's in 4th grade.

    Take all control away from all of you.
    Dr. Orders.

  • Feb 3

    Quote from BeckyESRN
    You need clearly stated orders from the doctor. My oldest diabetic is not on a sliding scale, but has a clear cut formula to decide his coverage. I'm inclined to say that arguing over 1 units is sooo not even worth it!


  • Feb 3

    Why in the world are there no DOCTOR'S ORDERS for this?

    Insist upon it.

  • Jan 27

    Quote from Horseshoe
    If you were a RN when that experienced LVN was your pre-ceptor, the whole thing was in violation of the NPA. In Texas, an LVN may NOT supervise the nursing practice of a RN. It doesn't matter how experienced the LVN is, how smart, how trustworthy. If an LVN supervises the nursing practice of an RN, she is acting out of scope. The LVN and your DON should have known that; so they were either ignorant of something pretty important, or they willingly violated the Texas NPA and could have been subject to serious legal penalties.

    From the Texas BON position statements:

    Bad Request

    True, but the scope of practice has everything to do with the initials.

    ETA: Even though the link above says "BAD REQUEST" (have no idea why), that link will take you to the Texas BON position statements on LVN/RN/APRN scopes of practice.
    Was that in effect 20+ years ago? I didn't think of her as my supervisor; she was my teacher and peer. And my unit manager was my supervisor; she signed off on my orientation paperwork. If it was wrong, I don't regret it- she knew more than most of the RNs on that floor and I learned a lot of practical aspects of my job. She must have dont something right- I was moved to the transplant ICU once my full orientation was completed and that was a merit based move.

    And yes, I understand that the scope of practice is determined by the initials, but you can have a mile of initials and still be a very poor nurse. I stand by my statement.

  • Jan 27


    Quote from Stepney

    EXCUSE ME??!!! "If you have a BSN"? What does being a BSN have to do with being a professional or with understanding your job, teaching 'requirements' or not? I am really offended by this statement. I am an ADN of almost 14 years who has worked in hospitals, long term and LTAC, agency, and home health/private duty. I have taught and precepted in every area throughout my career. In fact, as floor supervisor then Assistant Director of Nursing at a LTC facility for almost 3 years, I precepted (and taught, if you can believe it) almost every new nurse that crossed the threshold. Many, if not most, were new grads. I loved it and was happy to do it. Imagine that, a mere ADN with years of experience teaching LPNs, ADNs, and BSNs.
    I think that YOU need to educate yourself. The wide world of nursing includes many levels of education, and your obvious disdain is disgusting and offensive (and impolite). If this is the attitude you exhibit toward your colleagues, I can understand why they have the attitude toward you they do. It brings a bad name to all nurses.

    (Sorry folks, I was REALLY offended by this post)
    I understand your feeling offended. I have a BSN, but on my first hospital job I was allowed to choose my preceptor. I chose the one who had the most experience and was willing to explain things to me. My boss's first words: "you do realize she is an LVN?" Yes I did- but she was the best choice in my eyes, and I never regretted it. The quality or professionalism of a nurse is not determined by the initials after the name on the badge- I've had LVNs and ADRNs that I would trust with my life, and BSNs that I wouldn't let care for a healthy pet. A good nurse is a good nurse, period.

  • Jan 27

    Just saw my OBGYN. My baby is measuring well. I got my pertussis vaccine & my doctor said I can be induced. We will pick an induction date next visit. I also signed the paperwork for my tubal. So close!

  • Jan 27

    Quote from Kittery
    I heard from a parent today that her daughter has told her multiple times she doesn't feel comfortable approaching me.
    I, quite frankly, don't believe this is truthful. There are dynamics going on that aren't being shared with you; I guarantee it. Don't worry about it.

  • Jan 27

    It would be outside of the nurse practice act in my state.

  • Jan 27

    Absolutely not! I would never reset any bone, because I have not been extensively trained to do such, and I'm pretty sure that is not in my scope of practice.

    I would be be very surprised to hear this is in your scope of practice, and am very surprised this was even considered.

    I do not think it warrants a 911 call, but I would definitely call mom and send the child to a DOCTOR to have it reset.

    Also, I would be FURIOUS if a school nurse attempted to reset anything on my children. I realize that wouldn't be an issue in this circumstance, just sayin..

  • Jan 27

    I'm not saying to do nothing but we all know a reminder isn't going to have any affect on the target recipients of the message. The single biggest thing a school district could do to decrease illness and increase attendance is to eliminate perfect attendance awards. But that "ain't" happening. I launched an effort to do that one time...we still have perfect attendance awards.

    The other really effective thing you could do is check every kid in the affected grade level's temperature at 1:30 pm and exclude those with fever from school the next day. Repeat that for 3 days and you might be able to knock it out.