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  • 6:36 am

    This is a HUGE problem at our elementary schools. It seems every year fewer kids are fully potty trained. And, yes, it falls on the nurse. We stock so many clothes and spen a ton of our own money to stock them. We have been brainstorming on how to solve this problem. And the kids who are the biggest offenders are the ones whose parents won't answer the phone if they see the schools number come up. For the most part the kids do change themselves but clothing is never returned and we are left scouring yard sales to restock our supply.

  • May 23

    I need to scrape the salt off a cracker and add it to the rim of a glass...

  • May 21

    I had a teacher today tell me some of her FF get sent because the parents get angry with her if Snowflake comes home and tells them the teacher refused to give them a pass to come see me. I told her that she is free to have the parents call me, I will happily explain that my role is not a walk-in clinic for bug bites, loose teeth, paper cuts, etc. etc. etc. and that I am here to manage true health emergencies, screenings, medications, educations, etc... she wasn't convinced this would keep her from getting yelled at.

    For lots of these teachers, I'm a CYA.

  • May 21

    I call em patients. I'm not selling em a time share or a satellite TV contract.

  • May 21

    I have to say this is my pet peeve! I absolutely hate it when they call patients "client" - can NOT STAND IT.

    I got out of sales because I hated the greed, and the corporate feel.

    Now there is a push somewhere - not sure where its coming from to call patients, "client". Client is a BUSINESS term. It is indicative of someone you have a FINANCIAL contract with. Attorney -CLIENT relationship. Realtor -CLIENT relationship.

    I know hospitals charge money for their services, but in a MEDICAL setting - these people should not be called CLIENTS. These are PATIENTS - people who are sick, have an ailment, and are coming for MEDICAL attention.

    Calling them CLIENT is a COLD term that ignores their reason for needing medical attention.

    I see this on NCLEX questions, and study books as well - calling the patient CLIENT instead of PATIENT.

    They are PATIENTS. Grrrrr

  • May 16

    Quote from abc123RN
    I have one teacher that will pack the kids up, walk them to my office then tell me she had already called the parents to come pick them up. But she wants me to check them out anyway?!? She will also write down what she wants ME to tell the parent regarding the kids "illness". I usually just let the parent know, if they ask, that the teacher made the call before an assessment was done on their child.
    I would have the teacher keep the "sick" student with her. She played the nurse, so she needs to assume that responsibility.

  • May 16

    Yes, I've seen many Allnurses threads post up on Facebook, even some from the school nurse forum. I just wanted to vent a little but I don't want it on Facebook where I feel it might be easier to identify me. (Does that make me sound crazy?)

  • May 16

    Maybe I am just grumpy today but...

    Kid comes in saying they got hit in the eye with a pogo stick (while repeatedly poking herself in the eye to show me how) and the gym teacher told her to come get an ice pack.

    No redness, swelling, bruising, can see fine. I let her know she was okay and didn't need an ice pack.

    "But it hurts!"

    "Then stop poking it!"

    "But Ms. So-and-so said to give me an ice pack!"

    "But I'm the nurse."

    UGH!!! I hate with the teacher or lunch room monitor tells the kid that they need something, or need to go home. Why am I here if I cannot do my assessment.

    Trust me, if this is how it's gonna go today, I'll take my broken ankle back home and go to bed. Y'all can handle it. Peace.

    (Told you I was grumpy-admins, DO NOT put this on facebook please)

  • May 15

    Quote from Farawyn
    So, your concern is a 16 year old cisgenger male pretending to be TG so he can get into the girl's bathroom?
    Bam. With all due respect, you are not male. A teenage boy, given today's social acceptance of trans and LGBT issues will not hesitate to use this as a way to get into the girl's LOCKER ROOM. This is where he can enjoy the sights. Have you noticed that the ones here who think it will be abused are men, we know how we think. I wouldn't put myself past doing this if I were a teenager now. Sorry, but women are naive to think their daughters are safe in a locker room.

  • May 15

    Quote from Jensmom7
    Cisgendered means the opposite of transgendered.

    In other words, people who identify with the gender they drew at conception.
    Why can't we just call that "normal", does anyone else see the lunacy in all this?

  • May 15

    I am trying to understand how this will solve the problem. From PP statements that the transgender students are choosing to use the nurse's bathroom instead of using the bathroom of the sex they identify with. Will this actually change from what is currently happening in schools? I doubt that the girls would have an issue with a well established transgender biologically male classmate using their bathroom. But I do think that they would have an issue showering with them during PE class/ sports. That would mean that schools would have to make special arrangements (showering location or shower after the girls have left the locker room). The issue I have is how is this policy going to be enforced with males that administration knows are heterosexual, but claims to be transgender. Do they need a doctor's note to prove that they have been diagnosed as transgender, take the student's word, or has all testosterone been removed from teenage boys and this a mute point since teenage boys are no longer interested in seeing the girls naked?

  • May 15

    Our U.S. government has been very pro LGBT for almost all of Obama's term of office. Our pro-LGBT government did a census where they found 1 in 2,400 Americans identify themselves as being transgender. That's 1 in 2,400 Americans who have a belief system they were born in the wrong body/sex.

    Nurses are life long students of nursing science. Through nursing and medical science we already know sex change operations do not change one's DNA / chromosomes. A male who goes into surgery to be made to look like (not become) a female will not menstruate, ovulate, or be able to bear children. A female who has surgery to be made to look like (not become) a male will not be able to produce viable sperm to impregnate a female.

    So the issue comes down to an extremely small (1 in 2,400 people) group of people asking to use showers, bathrooms, and other facilities opposite of their biological sex (and keep in mind they still have the exact same biological sex -- DNA / chromosomes -- if they have a cosmetic operation to look like the opposite sex). I'm pointing out numbers because a number of sources will (hopefully it is unintentional) lie stating we've been sharing such facilities all the long in our life time when the fact is it would take thousands of such events in order to come across the 1 in 2,400 that truly believes they were born in the wrong body/sex.

    Now, the real issue becomes the sad fact there are far more sex offenders (including would be offenders) than the 1 in 2,400 transgenders who desire to look like the opposite sex (they cannot become the opposite sex -- only look the part, even with surgery). These sex offenders will look for every single opportunity, and will take advantage of any door opened (no pun intended) for or to them. In addition, there are always going to be far more bullies that will use any opportunity to abuse others who don't share their point of view.

    So the entire idea of trying to change policy which helps (doesn't guarantee; it helps) privacy and safety for an extremely small group of people doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. I think this is a dangerous turn.

  • May 13

    Please don't hesitate to post, this forum is the only resource a lot of the nurses here have. I work the polar opposite of your environment and I have parents who don't follow up. Head Start is a wonderful program, but some of the families involved still have that mindset that school is not for their kids education, it exists as a childcare for their kids. My teacher friends in this environment have lamented the same. Short of legal intervention, you will just have this dynamic until the day you die, then your kids will inherit it.

  • May 13

    Quote from OldDude
    I know the type, he will not engage in anything that could hold him accountable (email for example) and will always have a scapegoat. The best way to deal with those kind is to not deal with them. Do what you want to and try to ignore them as much as possible. I know, easier said than done, but think about it...when you have to deal with him, it might be a good idea to have your cell phone in your pocket, recording the conversation,if you ever need to use it in the future (nobody uses pocket recorders anymore).
    Indiana Jones would totally do that.

  • May 13

    Quote from schoolnurse61
    And don't forget dog poop on the little darlings shoes, dirty glasses that just need a tissue to clean off, teeth that aren't loose enough to pull, dirty shirts (Some of my teachers can't teach a child w a dirty shirt) Really!!, broken flip flops (don't get me started on that one). and the list goes on....
    Are you following me around this week? I've had every one of these, at least once, this week! I despise flip-flops and they are against the dress code. Non-school nurses, if you are reading this, do NOT send your child to school in FLIP FLOPS! This has been a public service announcement from all nurses school nurses club.