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  • 7:09 pm

    Agree with Guy in Babeland.

    What really frosts my cookies is the AP continually referring to this child as "critically ill". He is not critically ill, he has a fatal genetic condition and is on life-prolonging measures while the courts/ parents/ media/ healthcare system hash things out.

    I don't mean this to sound cruel- but the only way I know to express it is this: Some people just cannot accept 'no' as an answer. No- children with fatal genetic conditions are not able to be cured. No- we aren't at that point yet in our knowledge or treatment development. No- as much as everyone wants it to be different, this child cannot survive.

    It is sad, devastating, horrible and gut-wrenching to be sure. But the kindest thing that could be done for this child is to let his parents hold him, pull that tube out of his nose, and let him go in peace.

  • 7:09 pm

    Unfortunately, this is a first world problem as a result of advanced medical technologies. Not too many years ago this child may have lasted less than a week and there would be no ethical debate . Now we have the technology to prolong the "life" of infants with machines when there is literally a human doll in the bed. Unless the medical issues overwhelm modern medicine's ability to stabilize the patient, the patient's body can be held in limbo by machines indefinitely. There are some babies that have way too many genetic or congenital issues to survive and prolonging the life via machines is just delaying the inevitable.

  • 7:07 pm

    Quote from elkpark
    Well, the good news is that she's not being "tortured" -- because she's dead.
    ElkPark, I agree, to an extent. But keeping a braindead body alive is, in itself, a form of torture. For the victim, for the family, for anyone else who still cares about this poor young woman. We, as a society, need to get much, much better at letting go. I speak from very personal experience. It's one of the hardest things, but also the kindest.

  • 7:05 pm

    Just because we can, doesn't mean we should...God, how I wish we would stop torturing people.

  • 5:57 pm

    You are correct! It has become a cultural issue. My stepdaughter refuses to potty train our granddaughter and she turns 4 in a few months. My husband has jumped on her several times and asked her how she is going to go to school wearing diapers and she just replied that she would be potty trained before then. How? On her own? It is LAZY parents!!! All 3 of my children started potty training when they turned 2 and was fully trained in a few weeks. L-A-Z-Y parents and then they produce lazy children.

  • 5:53 pm

    I call parents to come to school and change them.

  • 5:53 pm

    Special Snowflakes = Special do-do's

    You should feel honored...

  • 5:43 pm

    Forget about it!! You're only getting the part of the story she wants you to have. Have the kid's pupils always been exactly the same? Has anyone even compared his pupil size prior to some bump on the head?? My #2 son's pupils are so mis-matched you can see it from 3 feet away without a light; always have been. He's 20 years old. You contacted her and she came to school and she will take him to the doctor or not...probably not. Move on.

  • 5:42 pm

    Happy New School Year Friends!

  • 5:39 pm

    Non school nurse forum stalker reporting for duty!

  • 5:39 pm

    Present and accounted for!!! Beginning of year 24 Yikes!!!!

    Still excited to be doing what I love! Already and bunch of hours with preseason and Immunization upload...

    Welcome Back back everyone!!!

  • 5:39 pm

    Can I still join in with all of you fabulous nurses?! I was going to make a separate post and maybe some day I will, but I resigned as school nurse at the private school I worked at the day after school got out in June. This was not planned and it is a long story as to why I felt this was the best decision. Basically boils down to not being supported by the administration, job securement and needing better health insurance for my family. I'm completely heartbroken as I truly enjoyed the children and most of the staff (ha!) as well as the support from this message board.

    So I'm now unemployed currently trying to figure out where to go next in my nursing journey. I'm thinking of giving dialysis a go. Anyone have experience in this?! I also wanted to enjoy the summer with my five little munchkins especially my youngest who will turn ONE in October. I hope you all don't mind me sticking around!! I truly enjoyed this board and all of the help/advice. I intend to go back for a BSN in the future as well as become school nurse certified to eventually work in the public school districts which should be better than the private school I worked at.

    Wishing all of you fabulous school nurses an incredible school year!!!! I will be watching from the sidelines!!!

  • 5:38 pm

    "Present." Aye, graduation; a bittersweet milestone...that takes forever to get to but is over in the blink of an eye - a reminder they are truly on loan to us. Very glad to see you back Ms. Far

  • 5:38 pm

    Congrats to you on having kiddos leaving the nest- bittersweet I am sure! I'm back as of August 1st and classes started last Wednesday- back in my same elementary Charter school and excited to see what the year has in store!

  • May 17

    I have had the best relationships with the school nurses in my kids schools. Especially pertaining one son in particular that was always trying to get out of school. When he lived with his dad he missed SOOO MUCH school. But when he lived with me the first time he went to the nurses office and she called me and she found out I too was a nurse and we chatted. She didn't put up with his shenanigans. 3 different schools had the same rapport with and never had an issue and he would be sent back to class. Another son he ended up having a vasovagal response and went down. Nurse didn't hear of the event leading to the event and she was just told he passed out and was shaking. She called the ER where I worked unsure if they should call EMS or if I wanted to pick him up. I asked her what did her gut tell her and she said that although she is unsure if he had a seizure like students and teacher reported, he did pass out and hit his head pretty hard and she felt uncomfortable moving him and she felt like we should go ahead and call EMS. So that's what we did. She later thanked me for not trying to put her down and question her judgment. I guess she was newer and and finding her confidence. Again, great relationship.

    So I just wanted to say I love y'all. A thread I was active in was moved to this forum so I was reading around a bit.