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  • May 19

    Quote from hhurley
    You're 4 year old knows all the bones in the body (while I was in A & P) and when he started kindergarten he was telling his class about skin assessments and care planning and medication administration, to the point that I got a phone call from his teacher about words she didn't understand
    My daughter did this...she stole my A&P Atlas and wanted me to read it to her as her bed time story it was "Her body book"

  • Dec 4 '16

    Ok She said she was ranting...that means letting off steam and coming some place where people are supposed to understand in order to let off that steam. That does not make her a whiner nor does it automatically mean that she hasn't applied anywhere and everywhere. Fact: The public perception of nurses is that we work in hospitals so getting the question "Which hospital do you work in?" is going to be very common regardless of any place she has actually applied too.

    Also being an adult, a mother, a nurse, or a polka dotted unicorn does not mean that we don't all occasionally have the need to complain and scream at the unfairness of it all. This is supposed to be the place we can do that and be encouraged not slapped in the face.