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  • Mar 28 '13

    I actually went today and attended a seminar for LPN classes starting this fall and the proctor (who is also one of the clinical instructors) said Id be great and looks forward to receiving all of my admissions materials (which I just sent our today but they are not actually do till May 15th, trying to get an early start lol). The reason why I feel Id be a great nurse is not simply because I am a people person who likes helping others (which I am), its also because I have been working in a Pediatric Facility as a Rehab Tech for the past 3 years. I work side by side with nurses and nurse practitioners who often look to me for help with their patients when they are to busy to do so. I volunteered first and then worked my way up. Also, I know getting a B in my classes is not that significant in comparison but when retaken all at the same time (Micro, A&P 1 and 2, Chem 1 and Organic) meaning in the same semester (yes I retook all 5 simultaneously, A&P 2 and Micro were only taken once) I think my B is pretty awesome. I doubt any of that was taken into consideration though, but anyways I am in no way EVER giving up. I do not suffer from any delusions, I know what I am supposed to be and that is in fact a Nurse and I will spend as long as it takes working my way up. Im only 22 so in my opinion I have plenty of time to reach my goal of becoming a Nurse Practitioner. Thanks for all your support guys!!

  • Mar 28 '13

    Quote from palexander3512
    yea i hear what you both are saying and i really appreciate the honest advice. it’s just really unfortunate because i know i am better than what my grades represent..

    then hang on to that thought.

    the worst "test-taker" rn i ever worked with, who even barely passed her nclex after two attempts, turned out to be one of the shining stars in the er. girl had a mind like a steel trap for practical skills and her clinical judgement was impeccable.

    there are multiple programs out there that admit on a lottery system, or a "first come first served" (take a number) as long as you've passed your pre-req's with a 2.7-3.0 or better.

  • Mar 28 '13

    I do not believe I will tell someone to bascially giveup because her GPA and TEAS score was low. I actually got into a college in daytona beach florida with a low TEAS score and a 3.0 GPA and it was a BSN program. So I will say try again and again. Yes it is hard to get into nursing school but I will never advise you to give up on your dream. Some one will give you a chance. You may have to settle for a online program in nursing. But never give up.

  • Jan 26 '13

    Congratulations on your achievement!

    I understand that the idea of having to 'go it alone' (without your friends) is making you anxious, but keep in mind that nursing school - like all other academic endeavors - is an individual activity. Success will depend on your own independent efforts rather than those of your group. I would further caution you against reaching out too quickly for 'besties' in your nursing program. In my experience, the students that are most enthusiastic about becoming your friends may, in fact, be the neediest. And over the course of your nursing education you may come to regret close associations with students who drain the energy you need to cope with the challenges of nursing school.

  • Jan 26 '13

    Congrats!! I know the feelings you're going through...change can be nerve wracking when you're going it alone. Just remember that this transition will be new for everyone else in your class as well. Other people will be looking for study partners and friends as well

    I agree with going slow with people, though. I've reached out people before really knowing them and then discovered we don't get along well at all (leeches!) and I've just fallen into friendships that are wonderful by coincidence. Things tend to work themselves out.

  • Jan 26 '13

    Ya know what? You are actually right about the friend thing. Going through anatomy it was great to have a study group but sometimes it brought me down because you constantly are comparing your study habits to theirs and for me I always felt insecure I wasn't as good as them. Even though I got all A's on my own. Thanks for calling that to my attention. I know friends will be helpful in the program but it definitely is good to be able to be in my own world sometimes when it comes to studies. I have already had some needy people call on me for help and it does really affect my own time to study.

  • Jan 26 '13

    Sick and dying patients aren't going to care if you look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings or Jessica Biel. They are only concerned about good quality care. No need to give up your dream. Good luck!

  • Jan 25 '13

    I am 50 I've been in and out of school for a few years due to helping raise grandkids. I've done what I can to get as many classes done as possible. I was on the LPN route, but recently I was told due to my gpa and all the xtra classes I was able to take online while also helping raise the grands I qualified for the RN program. So I will be almost 51 when I begin clinicals beginning Jan 2014. I've noticed there are many like me out there and for anyone who thinks they are too old to do this, just do it!!!

  • Jan 17 '13

    Okay - everyone is entitled to their opinion and we try to respect all of our posters.

    OP - AN wants to be a supportive places for All Nurses: whether you are a student, new grad, seasoned nurse, etc..

    Many times when we do have a bad day or need some assistance with a bad interaction with a pt/family/MD, etc., we come here and ask what others have done in this situation.

    We do strive to keep HIPAA in the forefront of our posting - one of the reasons that we have a HIPAA forum.

  • Jan 16 '13

    my pre req gpa was a 3.94
    Graduated this month with 3.4 (high distinction) that's with working, buying a house and being single mom just to toot my own horn!!

  • Jan 13 '13

    Don't give up! Never give up on your dreams. You'll never forgive yourself for it. You only get one life. Don't let anyone or anything get in the way of what will make you happy in this life. I read this a few months ago and while I don't remember it verbatim, the message still applies: no matter how long it takes to reach your dream, go after it, because the time will pass either way.You CAN do this!! But only if you have a positive outlook on it. Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Forget that that's a cliché and apply it. Nothing and no one is going to make you happy until you make yourself happy first. That means listening to your heart.

  • Jan 12 '13

    Yeah that's true huh. I guess me being so worried about killing someone, that will make me even more cautious and do my job more carefully. That's a good way to look at it. It would probably make us better nurses since we are taking our time and doing things right, not carelessly taking care of our patients. I just get nervous in time of emergency trauma and stuff like that. Yikes!

  • Jan 12 '13

    violetgirl, As of right now, I'm just taking Math since I suck at it and it has been holding me up also. No I don't work at all right now but I do have 6 kids. My husband is very supportive and lets me go study and do what I need to do whenever I need to so that is a great help. I was thinking of doing a CNA program too. I also really want to look into shadowing a Nurse for a day. That would really help me a lot. When I start my science class, I'm going straight to the front lol. Thanks for all the study tips. I can't wait to get started.

  • Jan 12 '13

    I was by no means a good science and math student in high school. When I started community college I began to realize how rewarding a career in healthcare could be. I was really scared about taking anatomy and physiology but I pushed myself in both of those classes and ended up with A's in both of them. Just because you're not good at something now, doesn't mean you can be!! Utilize your school's tutoring center and study study study!! What helped me the most was pre-reading chapters before class so I could know ahead of time what the professor was talking about. Also, making flash cards and charts is a great way to study as well. All is not lost! You don't need to be a genius to become a nurse. You just need drive!! Good luck

  • Jan 12 '13

    Violetgirl has a lot of great suggestions. I couldn't stand the sciences in high school so wasted a year in college getting a different degree. I finally decided to put my all into it and have done well in the classes. I work my butt off attending open labs, going to tutoring, group study, never missing lecture or labs. Take the one at a time if you have to & really try to find a professor who does a great job teaching the material (ratemyprofessor). Don't get an easy professor though because you will need to know this stuff.