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    Quote from rheanneteanna
    same question. i hope someone can enlighten us.
    i have a below 80 board rating but above 2.00 GWA
    Hi! I'm in Batch 5.

    And I did some interviews and they accept board ratings of 78 above! Don't fret guys.

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    Quote from shinanigan
    I dont think HR is open during Saturdays.
    Hi shinanigan! I'd just like to ask how long it took for you to be absorbed after the NSET? Did you have the 2month vacation like the others did?

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    Hi guys! Can someone please post here if ever they call for interviews? Thank you.

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    Quote from winkies
    Do the HR prioritize 2011 graduates? I'm a new board passer. I passed my requirements first week of oct, no feedback then. T_T
    Hi winkies! I don't think so. According to this thread, I think they opt for the 80 above board rating and 2.00 GWA

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    Quote from jocasanovarn
    Thanks nursejeh2009 !. Ill try to pass another set to Global City. Are the requirements for SLMC QC the same as mentioned in the previous posts? Also i think i should pass it for myself as walk in applicant. I had a friend who tried her luck as a walk in applicant and luckily she didn't have to wait so long. Right then and there she was given instructions when to come back. . (sigh) How lucky!
    And also, does anyone know the exact date for the commencement of Batch 4 PGNT?
    Thanks a lot guys~!
    Hey. I'd just like to ask. If you didn't pass the requirements as a walk-in applicant? How did you do so?

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    Quote from desperateRN
    Just wanted to share (and I know this may have already been mentioned in the earlier posts but I'll repeat it anyway). In our case (PGNT Batch 4) some of my batch mates were actually screened a day before our orientation. So I personally and strongly encourage you guys to still submit your requirements for the PGNT Batch 5. HR may say that Batch 5 is already full however, not everyone who already has a slot for Batch 5 will/might push through with the program as others may still back out before the start date. Good Luck & God Bless guys!
    You're right! I was quite sulking because the HR told us that they're already full. However, I just got a text today. I'm scheduled for the interview and exam tomorrow!

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    Quote from nurses_care_2012
    Hello. Are they still accepting application for PGNT?

    The requirements are resume and board rating only right? Does the board rating need to be original? Thank you.
    They are nurses_care_2012. But I just passed my resume this morning and I inquired in PGNT 5 is still open. To my dismay, they're already done screening. The chances of getting into PGNT for those who will pass their resumes is for PGNT6. And they said that it will start by early next year.

    Oh. And you just have to staple your resume and board rating. We placed ours in a folder and envelope and they gave it back to us.

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    Quote from desperateRN
    It's 10k for the whole PGNT Program (3 phases/3 months).
    Thank you so much! I'll pass my requirements on Monday. I'll be having my PGH examinations tomorrow. Please wish my career loads of luck. I thought passing the board exam would end the anxiety and tension. Hospital hopping is hard!

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    Hello! Do we have any updates from CMC at the moment? I'm planning to apply. Do you guys think it's by a long shot?

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    Quote from cheezy_curls
    They are not strict with that, meaning they "still" accept those who do not have ( and I guess I'm very lucky to be included here even if I don't have any experience related to nursing), but of course it will be an edge over others. They will text the applicants once they have the vacancy, so it's a case to case basis. ) But they are strict when it comes to board rating and GWA.

    Phase 1 - 3,000 (didactic phase)
    Phase 2 - 3,500 (didactic phase)
    Phase 3 - 3,500 (clinical phase)

    *the materials that will be used on the return demonstration will be free, you don't have to bring anything except for the stethoscope.

    *the possibility of being absorbed will be based on your performance and exams.

    I hope that I was able to answer your queries. Good luck and God bless!!!
    Hey, I heard that they're requiring 10K per month for three months. That would equal to 30K. But your post equals to 10K only. I'm kinda confused... help?

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    Quote from PiRN
    Hello I am an RN and RM in the Philippines. I graduated March 2009, passed the NLE June 2009 and passed MLE Novemeber 2009. That time, I just completed actual, assist and cord clamp and IV insertion to be eligible for the exam. I don't know if PRC already change their requirements for the eligibility.

    PiRN, how were you able to take the exam on the same year? Did you get your Nurse License from PRC right away?

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    Quote from kayern07
    Luckily, yes. Our batch got hired just today. =]
    Hi kayern07! Are you a part of batch 5? Or batch 4? I was hoping to pass my resume in SL-Boni High this saturday. Do you think the HR department will be open then? Thanks a lot!

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    Hello, PiRN

    'd just like to aaask. I actually don't know anyone personally who's an RN, RM. Can I interview you for a bit?

    How can you compare the NLE in contrast with the MLE? Was it harder? Did you have review classes for that? I had my NLE review in SRG, but they don't offer MLE review as well. Can you recommend review centers?

    How many days did you have to wait until the results?

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    Good day, fellow nurses!

    I passed the Nursing Licensure Examinations that took place last July of this year. I am psyched that I have an RN license but I was hoping if I can have an RM license as well.

    The last thread regarding this issue was 2010. I was hoping if you guys have any updates on the issue.

    I'm targeting November 2013 since I heard that I'll need cases and I'm still seeking hospital employment at the moment. Can somebody please help me? Many thanks guys!

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    Hey Jap, yes the exam is ongoing for manpower pooling only. To get a schedule, you must secure an application form from the DNRD on the 2nd level of the main building. You can ask the receptionist for directions. Secure an application form from the DNRD (you would need a passport size pic on a white background for that as well as a current cedulla). You would also need to attach a copy of resume with character reference with it. Once you're done filling the application in, go to the cashier on the ground floor and pay the testing fee (I believe it's P300.00, I can't remember how much I paid anymore). After that go back to the DNRD and submit the application form with resume so you can get your exam schedule. It normally takes 2-3 months before you can take the NP

    Wow. I just got home from PGH and I'm taking the exam a week from now.
    Wish me luck.

    Anyway, can someone here kindly explain the term MANPOOLING? Is it like a reserve for nurses. I just passed the June NLE 2012, finished BLS ACLS and IVT training. Now I'm doing hospital hoppings and apparently Mandaluyong City Medical Center and Medical Center Manila are not accepting applicants at the moment. I'd really love to be a part of the PGH staff. But would it really take YEARS if ever I (hopefully) pass the exam?