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I currently work three PRN positions in NE Ohio. One in a Level 1 Trauma ED, one in a smaller local ED and lastly in the PACU at a surgery center.

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    Thank you! How did you do? Are you glad you are done?!?! lol

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    I'm thinking about starting the NP program at OU in the Fall. I have a few questions. What are the "on campus intensives"? Is this program doable with working and a family? Also do you need to find your own preceptors? Any suggestions or hints that would be helpful. I received my BSN online so I am familiar with online work.
    Thank you

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    So I am new to nursing education. I have worked in ED and hospice for my background. I was offered to teach classroom/clinicals/labs part time for a community college. My offer was much lower than I expected, much lower. Just wondering if I should negotiate, just take it for the experience or look elsewhere. Any advise appreciated.

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    That is so good to hear. I just finished my BSN and now thinking about my MSN. It's good to know there are RNs out there that have a positive thing to say about a program!

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    That sounds quite low, especially for a traveler.....and in a large city such as Boston!

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    It seems like we all have the same advise, move on to your next chapter in nursing. It does get better you just haven't found your fit yet. Keep looking! It might not be the next job you get but I feel that everything happens for a reason, so keep your head high and move on. You can do this!!!!

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    Same thing happened to me. Turns out I transferred too many credits (already had a BA, which I didn't take out any loans) and they will not OK my financial aid! (I graduate in Dec!!!) I wrote an appeal and had to fill out paperwork and they still denied me!!! I ended up getting a private loan thru Sallie Mae. Talk about being stressed out!!!! Good luck to you. PM me if you have any questions.

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    I am looking into getting liability insurance for myself for an independent RN IV job. It would be a requirement for me if I take this job, which is PRN. I live in NE Ohio. Any suggestions on what I should look for in a policy? Any companies that are more reputable than others? I appreciate any information. Thank you!

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    Go for it!!! You will be so happy you completed it.

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    Quote from kaydensmom01
    The average rent in my area is $500 for a single family home with a nice sized yard.

    1. OH
    2. 22.00/hr
    3. New grad
    4. SNF
    Where do you live in Ohio? I live in NE Ohio and $500/ month for a house seems pretty cheap.

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    Hello fellow RNs. I have been thinking about travel nursing for a couple of months and reading some of these posts. A couple questions I have: how does one get started? Are there agencies you contact? On average how long are assignments? Do travel nurses receive medical benefits?
    Thank you in advance!

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    Cleveland clinic uses this test

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    Ask questions and always be willing to jump in and help!

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    Who is this?