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  • Apr 10

    Like the others have pointed out, I question whether the bagging was done properly. And that isn't a fault of yours alone...the RT, other nurses, etc. should be able to all do this. Sometimes it is hard to get a good seal, but if you can't and have already removed any prongs, etc. that may be blocking your seal, get someone to help. You can have someone focus on just holding the mask on correctly, while someone else bags. Someone should be able to do all of this alone, but in a pinch you can.

    If the bagging was done correctly and just not enough for the baby, the baby should've been intubated way before the NP finally was reached and came down. In a lifesaving situation, you don't need an order to intubate. The RT (should) knows that and should be capable of doing so. Do you only have one RT available? We always have at least 3 that are in our NICU and the NICU alone. They don't round in any other units for the night.

    I'm sorry you had such a terrifying experience, but you did what you knew to do. You got help instead of just watching it. And it really is different when it's your baby verses watching it happen to others' too. It's easier to freeze or feel put on the spot. Part of it is just something that comes with experience.

  • Oct 17 '17

    Congrats! I don't have much advice for you, as I have only been in the NICU about a month myself, but I agree with a previous poster to go ahead and start researching things you see frequently in the NICU. I came from adults, but something I have found that applied to me on my adult unit and in the NICU, is that it helps to have a type of "brain sheet" to help organize your day. There are some great examples of some on this website, and sometimes units have their own too.

    As for shoes, everyone really is different...I know tons of nurses who love their Danskos. For me, not so much. I have tried tons of different kinds of shoes since I became a nurse, and I've found that Nike running shoes work best for me! It'll be trial and error.

    I'm not sure how your orientation process is gonna be, but I was given a notebook that we are filling with notes from each class. I will still be on orientation for a few months, but I already have so much info in my notebook! I have also been coming home and writing down the stuff that each baby I cared for that day/week had, and then looking up info about it. If you don't have classes/papers given to you(and even if you do), I think that will be a good way to help you learn everything.

    Good luck to you and congrats again! Like I said, it's only been a month for me, but so far, I LOVE it, and I really can't imagine going back to anything else!