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    When you're agency and/or travel nurse the charge nurses and managers will go over your charts with a fine tooth comb looking for mistakes. It's just part of the job. I (giggle) always say to myself "they're getting to see how great charting is done"
    It is against the law to go and change someone else's charting so the nurse that does that is putting herself up for a big problem.
    Sounds like you work in kind of a hard place.

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    I've used my malpractice insurance services twice. They were great and I highly recommend it to all.

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    I agree, but I picked up a patient last night that was intubated and didn't have one. I thought that was unusual but the reporting nurse said it didn't matter.

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    Is it mandatory for every vented pt to have an OG or NGT?
    Can anyone steer me towards EBP articles?

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    I did a travel nurse contract in their ER in 2009. I loved it. For the test study up medical math, and then if you have taken CEN or TNCC etc you will do fine. I did pass it, but there is a pretty high fail rate. It's worth it, because if you have Parkland (esp ER) on your resume you can write your own ticket anywhere. At the time each nurse had between 6 and 15 or so pts. That sounds like a lot but they make it work. Parkland really respects their nurses and makes sure their doctors listen to your opinion.
    I have heard that the ratios are smaller now. Also it's a teaching hospital so the residents do a lot of our work so they get the practice. But you will see a lot. My attitude was "I gotta try this" and it worked out great for me. Only place I ever cryed when it was time for me to leave. They asked me to stay, but my husband wanted to get home.

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    I gave up a staff job I loved and still miss so I could take a travel job in the city my mom lived in so I would be there to take care of her. I have never regretted doing this and have a very clear conscious. Sometimes life throws us curve balls that are doozies. Ten years from now you won't care about the job you weren't able to go to, and you will be glad you were there for your family. Jobs come and go, but family is forever. Good luck to you and your family. Sounds like you have a wonderful one.

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    I've done quite a bit of agency and travel nursing ER. As a travel nurse you will be expected to get TNCC, ACLS, PALS etc on your own. Your travel agency is not going to help you. You are expected to hit the ground running and may only get a 4 hour orientation at each new location. Some places I got no orientation.

    You will also have to have a physical before each contract, provide immunization records and get a pee test. You will become very adept at taking care of things yourself.

    I suggest you get a copy/printer/fax machine because you are going to be sending records back and forth to agencies like crazy.

    It was very educational and I gained enormous experience. It can be fun and it can be miserable. Enjoy the ride.

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    If my patients make it to 705, warm, pink and dry.
    All the other things listed make it a great shift.

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    You did everything right. Look for a new job.

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    Can someone tell me how to block out a person that you don't want to see their postings anymore?

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    I'm so sorry you and your family had to go through this horrible experience. I hope you are able to find comfort and healing. Sharing your experience has opened up an educational discussion that will have positive impact on many. We still have so much to do to make healthcare better for all.

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    I think the patients whose lives have been saved by me, and most of my nursing friends, would say that nursing is a knowledge based job. I often forget how important our job is until something great happens with a really sick patient. The thing is, in our job we can be titrating several life saving drips, watching for lethal rhythms and checking for air leaks in chest tubes and other assorted things, while cleaning up poopy bottoms and emptying the garbage.

    I think I make pretty darn good money too.

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    Our weekends are Fri, Sat, Sun. We have to work 4 weekend days per month. We mostly do self scheduling. I'm lucky enough to fulfil my obligation by working every Fri. So my schedule is Wed, Thur, Fri. It's the best schedule I've ever had.

    Some nurses work Sun, Mon, Tues. Of course there are nurses who try to sneak out of working any weekends, but eventually they are caught and made to do it.

    Holidays are every other year off. So if I work Thanksgiving this year, I will most likely get it off next year.

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    I was at a party recently and every nurse there had a tale to tell about other nurses being mean to them. However, I don't think being mean to each other is found only in nursing. I worked at an international company for two decades and it was a mostly female department, hundreds of employees and there were several that were horrible people. It's an universal problem.

    It is possibly more evident in nursing because we rely on each other so much for help, as in changing patients, lifting patients, asking for guidance on how to take care of certain symptoms and so on.

    I was once at a seminar where the speaker said his policy is to trust and respect everyone, until they do something to lose that respect. I have tried to incorporate that idea into my personal/professional life for years now, but find it hard to do at times because I was raised to trust no one.

    I believe I have never bullied anyone and am a very helpful person, but who knows for sure. All I can say is that I have been bullied a couple of times and left jobs because of it. However, after I learned to use the coping skills and suggestions on AN I am now never in that position.

    There are more than enough suggestions on how to deal with all these issues on this forum and having finally put them into practice I can say they do work, even for very timid people like me. Your world won't change until you make it change. As far as respect, I pretty much have always felt respected by the people that matter.

    I do know some people who say they are never respected and the truth is they are respected, but they don't respect or like themselves and this is what they are really feeling. I feel so sorry for them because they actually are great nurses and good people.

    Sometimes we have to heal ourselves before our world changes. It's something I have to work on very often.