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  • Sep 23

    WOW. Still a student and asking for the highest paid, lowest stress job. Perhaps you should obtain your licensure and work in a few areas while you figure that out.


  • Sep 22

    I think not.done.yet's post should be a sticky somewhere on this site, preferably in multiple areas. Very astute and wise......I think it is the best post I have read.

  • Sep 22

    Please read the previous post by not.done.yet multiple times. It is incredible. Print it out and read it at least once each week for a long time. It is that great.

    Successful and satisfying careers are made -- built bit by bit. They don't rush into you and fill you up with joy automatically. As not.yet.done pointed out, you are tired and burned out by the all the stress you have gone through over the past couple of years as you have tried to master 2 complex specialties while simultaneously going to school. You need a break in the stress level!

    Back off a bit, chill out, solidify your compentence, and focus on developing a well-rounded healthy lifestyle that includes a healthy work/life balance and fun stuff. Give your career (and your adult life) a little time to gel before making any big decisions.

    Because there are some people who are "gushy" in their emotional committment to nursing, I find that a lot of new nurses expect to feel "special" when they become a nurse. It's as if they expected there to be a glow surrounding them and to have this rush of chemicals inside that makes them "know" that this is their passion for life. It's like the shows where the women buy wedding dresses ... they all want a magic moment when they cry and "just know" this is the dress for them. That's not how real life usually works. In real life, most of find work we can live with believing that it is a good thing -- with no magical rush of emotions about it. We build a successful and satisfying career over time, having set-backs as well as triumphs, bad days as well as good ones. Gradually, over time, we realize that we HAVE a good career ... and if we are lucky, we find a few things to be passionate about along the way.

    Relax a bit and enjoy the journey.

  • Sep 11


    I ran into this when I was a travel nurse. It never bothered me. I guess it can be looked at as bad manners but, it just didn't grab my attention. The lazy aid sleeping in the lounge was what got my ire.

    To be honest, I figured, even if they've talking about me or complaining about me, I don't know. That works for me lol Everyone's a winner. I guess I'm weird like that.

  • Sep 11

    Quote from NieuwSEHverpleegster
    From the other side of things, I was my mother's caregiver (before I was a nurse). She was being admitted through the ED and I overheard the ED nurse give report to the unit. She said "the daughter's with her and she knows what she's talking about... really, she'll be able to answer any questions you have." On the unit, the nurse that was doing the admission took all the information from me, and we set her up together. My mom was confused at that point so I had to give her history and really all information that wasn't subjective. It made me feel a lot better about her care that they listened to me and respected me, even when I was "just" a layperson.
    I think it's all in the approach. As an ED RN, I love to have a good historian in the room! I have seen patients with obscure illnesses and I look to the family members for their knowledge and experience every time. They live that stuff! I had a patient with an LVAD, which was rare in our ED, and the spouse taught me all about the battery pack, troubleshooting, etc. I was clueless!

  • Sep 10

    It's the highest levels of Bloom's taxonomy: synthesis and analysis. I forgot evaluation.

    It's actually a buzz word that gets on my nerves. It's not unique to nursing, it's not anything fantastic: it's just higher level thinking. Engineers do it, teachers do it, everyone does it. All it is is synthesis and analysis, followed by evaluation. Look at a situation from all angles, consider possible outcomes from one's actions, make a decision based on all available information. Higher level thinking, plain and simple. You don't need a nursing license to do it.

  • Sep 10

    I had a crappy, laid-up-in-bed-for-3 days reaction to the flu shot last year. First time that happened. Since I don't like drama, I'll take some Benadryl and get my shot. Vaccine reactions suck, but being unemployed is worse!

  • Sep 10

    Quote from martymoose
    Remaining Clam.

    We shell all remain clam this flu season.

  • Sep 10

    We had one jump into the side of our MICU. Can you imagine the sight as we pulled into the sending hospital's ambulance bay with an enormous dent in the box and tons of blood and fur smeared all down the side!!

  • Sep 10

    Quote from Here.I.Stand
    Two minutes (7:18 vs 7:20) isn't going to make a bit of difference. My hometown is in rural WI. Deer dart out into the road when they get spooked, such as by a car. Not very smart, but hey. Otherwise they cross the street at a leisurely pace. They do, however, total cars. One totaled mine driving hone from a 3-11 CNA shift, one totaled my grandma's car. I even had an ICU pt from a deer vs motorcycle collision last year.

    They're much safer than hitchhiking though -- don't give that option another thought!
    Many, many years ago, I sheared off a telephone pole with my parents' Volvo station wagon. That did not total the car.

    A few years later, my mother hit a deer. That​ totaled the car.

  • Sep 10

    If I might put the deers problem into perspective for a moment.....

    Moose on the loose in Westminster

    Mooses. I think that mooses would make me nervous.

    And yes, I know it's not mooses. Obviously it's meese.

  • Sep 10

    Quote from MunoRN
    Are you under the impression that deer are aggressive predators of humans?
    By "deer", we're both referring to this, right?

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This was the funniest post I read to date on AN. LMAO.

  • Sep 10

    Are you under the impression that deer are aggressive predators of humans?
    By "deer", we're both referring to this, right?

  • Sep 10

    I sing. Like, legit sing - I get pulled for the National Anthem all the time. I'm only waving my own flag here (no pun intended!) because it's the one thing that I know I can do well and I think everyone is entitled a bit of a pat on their own back now and again.

    I also write. I've been toiling away at a novel for the last billion years or so and I can't decide if it's not finished because I either don't want it to end (I do love these characters) or because I'm too chicken to end it. I KNOW how it's going to end, I just can't seem to finish it. I've been told it's decent stuff but I'm my own worst critic. Perhaps I'm just chicken.

    Not many people know that last one about me!

    I love to read - anything and everything, from true crime and trash novels to penny dreadfuls and legit lit.

    Hiking - yes yes please! And travel - I love to travel, love airports, love seeing new things. I'm only missing three states in the US (Michigan, Wisconsin, and Alaska) so I need to get busy. Currently stationed in Asia so I have some great possibilities for scratching my travel itch.

    I also love history - ours, theirs, anyone's really.

    Huge Anglophile (and no, I didn't marry a Brit on purpose - that really was an accident) and Titanic buff. Love the Edwardians for all their quirks and faults.

    My primary goal for this year is to get through this one year remote tour without buying a car. I'm embracing being car free and am patiently waiting for my household goods to arrive so my bike will get here. I'm clocking over four miles a day on foot and my waistline is the better for it. Haven't quite worked out what I'm going to do when I get home....LOL. I also plan on seeing as much of the country I'm in and the surrounding region as I can and get hot on the local language, which I've been told really isn't as difficult as it seems. Jury's out on that one so far.

    My family (the Brit and my dog, the other love of my life) has had to stay stateside, so this is a good time - and a good point in my life - for some introspection and personal growth.

  • Sep 10

    I am a run-streaker. This is not as scintillating as it might sound, lol. I run every day, a minimum of one mile, but I like to run 5Ks (3.1 miles). I injured my hip while deployed, so I am going slower/shorter distances right now, but at least a mile daily. Today is Day 649.

    I am also a voracious reader. Always have been. Reading for pleasure but also for school, second MSN in progress.

    I also did bellydance for a long time. Now that my schedule is kind of predictable, I would like to find a bellydance class where I live now.