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  • May 27

    Quote from cjcsoon2brn
    To the OP, I agree with the other users here that you should hire an attorney to ensure that you are defended in the event that this employer seeks legal action/reports you to the state BON for possible diversion of medications. I like to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and so I will take it at face value when you say you were not stealing medications to use for yourself or otherwise do something illegal. I took work in the ED setting and know that finding someone to waste narcotics/controlled medications with is time consuming but it is necessary and I am confident that peers understand that (they have to waste these types of medications too). Regarding keeping Benadryl in your pocket, when I read your post I assumed it was because you were trying to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency such as anaphylaxis but the truth is the amount of time you will save with this is nomnial and the risks of (a) forgetting to return it to the pyxis/omnicell, (b) making an error in medical administration, or (c) being accused of diverting medications is too great. I can appreciate your attempts to critically think and save time in a high acuity setting but there are other workflows and time-saving options that will deliver better and safer results without the risk of termination or disapline from the BON.

    In the event that you are struggling with a substance abuse issue, please seek help and use this forum as a community support. You have worked hard for your license and you are responsible for the lives of other people, you don't want to jeopardize either because of an illness. Best of luck to the OP with your new job!

    What a thoughtful and kind response.

  • May 27

    My reason for writing this is also because I feel we should be proud to be LPNs and not compare. I feel it comes from insecurity or lack of knowledge and it further separates us.

  • May 27

    Quote from Nienna Celebrindal
    I was an LVN for 12 years and in general it is not a slight difference, it's a huge difference and in few cases is it really all that similar. This all comes from people thinking they understand other people's roles when they don't. Same goes for lvn or RN vs cnas. Nurses seem to believe most are crap and don't do their work. They just forget how long things can really take. It's very sad.
    Good post!

    the way I try to look at it: jobs and scopes are different. Value and importance is equal.

    I love talking to RNs who were LPNs. Soon that will be me.

  • May 27

    Although this statement may be somewhat true depending on what state you live and where you work. I see that it doesn't go lightly with RNs sometimes and I see why. They did more schooling, and those differences in scope of practice can create challenges for them. I do my own admissions and RNs co-sign. I have never written inaccurate info but I imagine if I had, it would put a lot of stress on my RN colleague. I do 95% of the same skills in LTC but when I need to do IV push I need to pull the RN from her own patients to help with mine. I am a team player so when this happens I usually go stock her cart and check her blood sugars. We work well together. We respect each other, but we don't have the same license and I can't do 100% of her job. That doesn't make me any less of a nurse but it doesn't make me an RN either.

    We are colleagues, we are nurses. We help each other. But I am in school for bsn and realize it's not the same.

    Saying that that you could do everything an RN does is not only inaccurate but it perpetuates the divide. Why not just say,you are a great nurse. You do your job well and you are needed and valued. My RNs need me and I need them.

  • May 26

    Quote from RiskManager
    Let me know how the 2 year online Master's NP does with your pituitary tumor resection.
    I have a 2.1 GPA from the University of Phoenix in English literature of the 1900 and would like to pursue this Doctor of NP surgery degree. I am looking for a program that doesn't require RN experience (eewww... poopie!), can be completed fully online because I have 3 DUI's and cannot drive to campus, and comes with virtual clinical rotations. Plz respond.

  • May 17

    You are going through the same thought processes as I was a semester ago. I thought, "NPs can teach, so why am I limiting myself to only teaching through the NE track?" I came to the conclusion that I want to be the best instructor I can be, and the Ed track will give me the education to do so. I don't want to practice as an NP. At all. I already know the pay is less as an educator, but NPs make less than I do as a registry nurse.

    At any rate, it's not the's what is gonna make me happy and good at what I do. That's why I decided to stay with education. Is I really want NP in the future, I can do a post-grad cert program.

    When it it comes down to it, it's not money that makes people's the love for the job. Education is where I eventually want to be.

  • May 17

    They bought everyone a new cardio III stethoscope.

  • May 17

    I got the gift that keeps giving.The gift of the job....

  • May 17

    My employer is having a breakfast party one day, a lunch party another, and manicures another. They are being held in the administrative buildings, so no staff nurses will have time to leave the floor and get over there and back since its a pretty good walk to get there. And they seem to have forgotten we are not allowed to wear NAIL POLISH. So like last year, we will see all the pictures on the intranet of the management enjoying the parties without us.

  • May 17

    Same as last year. An unstable cardiac in the hallway & shortstaffed.

  • May 17

    Remove this post and talk to someone who can give you specific and appropriate information for where you live. Kill your online presence completely.

  • May 17

    Internet bullying and cyber stalking are Federal Crimes and You need to take your complaint to the FBI. In addition decimation of pornographic images via internet can also be a criminal activity if the subject of the photo was under-age 18 at the time taken or if said subject did not give explicit signed release for the photo's to be viewed by third parties.

    Your restraining order can be extended to cover web activity. You need to hire a lawyer to prepare your paper work to file for a cease and desist notice with actions you are prepared to take if his actions continue.

    Yes you can change your name and go into hiding but that's no way to live. If local police aren't helping you, you need to go up the food chain to someone who can. If you live in an open carry state You could buy a gun or Taser of pepper spray. I have a concealed weapons permit and for a while after the dissolution of my first marriage I carried a gun. I had it with me everywhere. Carring a gun is not for everyone and it's cumbersome so I ultimately took up Muy Thai Ju Jitsu. Now that I have a teen in my home there is no gun here.

    Good luck


  • May 17

    Yes, aside from getting what legal assistance you are able, were I in your situation, I would change my name, move to a different location, and eschew social media. Sorry you're going through this!

  • May 17

    The others have already given you better/more advice than I would know to think of. And please forgive me if I sound horrible (but the animal lover in me absolutely must ask) how is your puppy? I hope he didn't harm him. And you of course. I hope these resources are able to give you some guidance.

    And while there are new divisions and departments popping up regarding cyber crimes, I hear ya on the 'rural' are part and local PD's being very behind the times. This is where I would focus on my dorky side and document EVERY communication with police/law enforcement etc. Sergeant/captain, name, time of day etc, what was discussed, any documents to accompany and a duplicate copy of these communication logs.

    Please let us know what happens.

  • May 17

    You are worthy. You are exactly who needs SBI stalking/cyber crimes (or federal of state lines are crossed).

    Call now they will help you:
    The National Domestic Violence Hotline | 24/7 Confidential Support

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