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    I am EXTREME introvert as well (we seriously need to form an introverted nursing club LOL) and here are my words of wisdom to you which I hope you keep in mind: If you posted on this website because you were hoping for support, that means you are willing to accept our opinions as advice. So why not accept your own advice? You can go ahead and make your own "rules" about this. At the end of the day, introverted, extroverted, whatever it may be, people will dislike you. You will not make everyone happy, someone will always dislike you. So do whatever you feel comfortable doing (without hurting anyone), and if it works, it works, if it doesn't..then either change the rules you set for yourself, or keep searching for your niche!

    Honestly, no one can tell you what is right or wrong for a situation like this, where our type of personality is so vastly different from our coworkers...(I work in Imagine the loudness of that floor!). So since there is no right or wrong, just muster up that confidence to do your own thing, and see how it works for you. You can force yourself to be an extrovert (not recommended), or you can stay true to yourself, orrrrr find some sort of middle ground, where yes, you will push yourself to uncomfortable lengths just to fit in... Totally UP TO YOU.

    I feel your pain! I just started working, and it is such an annoying see-saw personality I'm developing...I'm talking at times when I just want to sit and be left alone. I feel the need to fill in silence because I feel guilty if I'm the one who is being silent! Ugh, not fun. But I'm still trying to find my own path of happiness, just liek you. It will take time and patience. And people who are not introverts just don't understand yeah, I totally see where you are coming from.

    Hang in there fellow nursing buddy!!

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    I'm starting the job in a week, and I would like to use the parking garage. But when I called during the daytime (if it even was the correct number....). Do you happen to know about that parking garage that is right next to the hospital? I have no idea how I could maybe pay ahead of time (NOW), so I could have a month of parking for myself. That is the only thing I'm worried about with this job, the commute/parking. I have night shift :0 so I especially would not like to park on the streets.

    I know you mentioned the subway would be useful but do you happen to know about the parkign garage too? Thanks I wouldn't mind using the subway though..

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    I looked up the elmhurst hospital website and saw the nurse recruiter's name (******, but make sure you check the spelling). I emailed her, because that's all the website said to do if you're seeking employment. She surprisingly replied within a week of me emailing her. I was hired same it all happened so fast, not sure why they hired me that quickly when I don't even have experience. I am a new grad and just recently got licensed (last month)...I think perhaps I wrote a professional email to her and I think maybe that's why she called me back. My resume honestly offers that's all I can say. Thanks for your help!!

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    Hi, I'm new to this site!! I would like to know if anyone here works at Elmhurst Hospital Center, and if so, what floor?

    I am starting work there in a little more than week, and the commute/parking/overall atmosphere of the place is overwhelming. I am also going to work on the Labor and Delivery Unit (I'm a new grad!! am I anxious), any help? Any tips, any experience you would like to share? Anything would be great to read!!

    Thank you! <-- wth is that smiley face..LOL

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    hey, I would liek to private message you, but my account won't allow this shall do for now....I am not excited about starting work ina few weeks because like you, nursing was just a stable option for me. It's great pay, I have good benefits, and nursing will always be a needed profession. question to you is, how did you feel being in this profession knowing you just do not enjoy it? For me, it is a struggle because I feel pressured to plaster a smile on my face and "I LOVE NURSING!!" when n reality, I do not. My interview for this job was complete bullcrap because again, it's just a job to me, it will pay the bills and that's about it. I had to act like I just absolutely love nursing.

    Did you ever feel that way? Did you ever feel that pressure to pretend to love this career, even though...well, it's not the funnest job in the world. You can private message me if you like.

    Any response would be appreciated! I feel like I can't openly talk about this (not the best idea to let people know you hate being a certainly won't get recommendations that way!) that's why I'm using an intenet forum. I feel kind of alone because of that...

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    I actually just got hired, and I'm starting in 2 weeks. I wanted to know if you happened to get a job there...If so, what did you think of the environment/facilities/etc.? I've been there a few times, and the commute is...not fun...Queeens Blvd is no joke!!...and since it's a city hospital, I hear that they get a lot of difficult patients because apparently some patients are from riker's island :0 ....overall, im a little intimidated and anxious about working there.