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    Staying fit and healthy is definitely important. I do try to keep up. Whether it's eating healthy foods or taking the 5 flights of stairs instead of the elevator. Take a dance class twice a week. I would like to start taking a strength building class too.

    Start small and build yourself up.

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    I can see myself as an ophthalmologist. I've always had this obsession with eyes and I definitely enjoyed the ophthalmology section of the special senses chapter in A&P.

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    If she does get compensated, I hope it's only for the amount of her medical bills/furnishing her apartment and future medical expenses (I read somewhere that her medical expenses from THR/NIH were taken care of & she didn't have to pay for anything). It doesn't surprise me that THR was not ready. With the exception of a few hospitals, the US was not prepared for Ebola. Nina needs to understand that outside of Emory & the NIH, THR was the first hospital to handle an Ebola case. They gave her the best care possible and then was sent to the NIH for further treatment. The CDC is more at fault here than THR. They're the ones who set the guidelines we have to follow. She should be going after the CDC for not prepping THR or any other hospital for Ebola.

    I'm pretty sure it is her lawyer, Charla Aldous, who contacted her first and not Nina. It's payday for Charla and her firm. If they do go to court and Nina wins great. If they lose, what's Nina going to do without a job? No hospital in the area would want her for fear of a lawsuit. I hope they settle this outside of court.

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    I found out I got in on Feb. 16, the BEST Valentines gift ever! I live in Dallas uptown-downtown area, so it will definitely be quite a commute! Anyone else live in the area? I am very excited, Congrats to everyone else!

    Does anyone know when the deposit is due?

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    Did anyone use this book to study?

    Clinical Microbiology Made Ridiculously Simple: Mark Gladwin, William Trattler: 9781935660033: Books

    I feel that this book is more helpful to med students as it has info that we don't even cover in class... suggestions? I'm reading the PDF version and I'm following a little better than my book since it's broken down.

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    If I were in it for the money, I'd go to law school. Nurses make a nice a living, CRNA is better but neither is worth going in to purely for financial.

    What I really like about nursing is the 3 day work week (it's pretty much what sold me to nursing), I prefer to work during the day vs night, rollover vacation time, the scrubs. Flexibility is definitely the best. Doing volunteer work around the world. IMO, nursing can take you as far as you want to go.

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    Aside from the differences in the titles, I'm assuming that the function will still be the same regardless of the degree title? I understand that by 2025 AANA wants us all to have DNPA instead of MSNA/CRNA meaning it would be more competitive than it is now. This my perfect job because of the flexibility and I can have my own practice but with the new requirements it makes it a little discouraging but I'm still up for the challenge regardless of how difficult it's going to be.

    Any thoughts for those who are considering this route?

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    So today in Micro lab, I learned about simple, acid-fast and gram stains. It all went over my head and it didn't help that I didn't pick up on it right away like the rest of my lab group. I was definitely struggling the whole time and am definitely going to have to go to open lab this week to practice on my gram stains because I have a practical on it next week. It was definitely a frustrating four hours. Any tips, hints or suggestions are welcome. I love the lecture but the lab, not so much.

    On a happy note, I'm doing well in the lecture and I am confident that I will do well on my first exam next week. Crossing my fingers for an A!!!!

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    Thanks!! I've been studying and reviewing a little bit every day so I'm hoping that will help me. I really want to get an A in this class! Cross your fingers!

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    Mine is in 2 weeks! Microbiology!! I've been reviewing and going over notes each day.

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    My first test is Feb 12 - so far we're learning the History of Micro, Chemistry of Micro and the Tools of the lab. There's so much info, my plan is to read & review at least 2 hours per day just to make sure it's all sinking in! I am aiming for an A in this course!

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    Slow & steady wins the race.

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    Why not just stay in Oregon? It'll be easier transitioning once school is done and not have to worry about relocation + moving costs.

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    Thanks you guys!!! My class started today and my lab starts on the 28th. My professor seems to be pretty cool and I'm excited. She mentioned that there's usually 12% - 18% of her students that get A's and I plan on being in that percentage.

    Wish me luck and thanks again! Good luck to you all on your classes/clinicals!

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    ICU nurse... Cardiac or Neuro ICU then hopefully the CRNA.