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  • Oct 23

    Quote from ljds
    Sure enough, I could get heart tones. I looked over at Amelie and said, "Are you going to have a little sister or brother?" And that kid, all 1 1/2 years of age, said, "Baby - Me!" I looked at D and she said, "She's saying, the baby is a girl like her."

    We did an US this time for unsure dates; sure enough, that baby is a girl.

    I have never experienced anything like that. It wasn't scary or creepy, and I don't get an odd feel from Amelie; but there is no doubt something special about that little girl.
    Well, i have really enjoyed these stories. I work in LTC, and started on teh unit I returned to just a few months ago. A few of my 'old' residents who passed are still here.. Peek-a-boo Gus still pops out of his room and looks around the door, waving us down. Gus had passed in 99. Charlie used to clang that darn oxygen could hear it down the hall, and still do. Residents who are ill, and in stages of passing, there is a considerate 'person' in their room, packing their belongings...and when you look in the closet,the items are on the floor, off the hangar. Many times it is easy to see the relatives who come for the dying person. Vic had 6 male relatives come for him, and he said thats cuz he let himself go a bit(he was really big) and they needed all the wings they could muster to lift him up. They only visited on my shift(days at that time) and he passed on my shift.

    Personally...Nana.. My gramma..she was a nurse too. She visits to tell me when things will happen, and I have just come to accept that she is my guardian angel. She told me when I was pregnant, and what I would have. She let me know that my other gram was passing, and keeps me intuned with my kids. I guess she feels she owes it to me, since she died the day before my wedding.
    I couldnt imagine a world without the ability to speak to her still, and therein seats my deep belief that we need to help them pass, and lead them to THEIR angels. Keep that window open, just enuff to let the spirit out, they need to be drawn to the light, and opening the window will aid in that.

    What I wanted to comment on was this.. My son would often play with his "sister' before I was even pregnant. He even gave his description. Now we are waiting to see if Little Ana grows up to look like the image he described. Children know...and there is something to be said for "The 7th son of the 7th son"(or daughter).
    Blessed in the Light with the knowledge of Heaven.

  • Mar 24

    I love this topic, and recetly attended a seminar by Susan Luparell on this. You all here make many many good points, and I am in agreement with your actions, and ideas. I am just seeking my masters, and will be keeping an eye out for situations lilke this, as I am sure it is not just in the preliminary educative years that it occurs. People think they are the boss in all kinds of situations.

    Being loud dosent make you right, it just make you loud. Talking over me dosent make you right, it makes you obnoxious. Calling my superior dosent scare me, I have already been to that office and anticipated your "I'm telling mom!" behavior. We are on the same page, my boss and I. The next appointment I have is next month to discuss this. Feel free to come back then, or discuss it now, calmly.

    When we did a little role play on it, an experienced educator who has been through this many time with multiple bahaviors was actually backing down from my calm even tone, distinct answers, and directness.
    I hope I can still apply these lessons you have here to my charm bag!

    Definatley a topic Id love to know more about too!

  • Mar 4

    Morning report on 30 people(average number), You will either do the meds for the day, all 30 people, or you will run the desk.
    Meds have 2 hours to get completed, and it can be done.
    But never think you are just doing meds, being the front line eyes for the nurse at the desk(if you are on days) eves or nights you are usually the only nurse.
    GT set ups/ running time. ( calc by dietary)

    If you run the desk:
    Report, get from nights, and give to your CNAs.
    Treatments and dressing changes.
    MDS completion
    Care plans(on computer - much easier)
    IDT meetings
    pre-screening all bumps bruises scratches and falls doe the MD ( so you know what to report)
    Charting for medicare, medicaid,
    Pick up all md orders,
    run admissions and discharges
    oversee the entire staff on the unit.
    PICC lines, & their care
    Tracheostomy care
    and so much more.

    Ther eis little difference between a med Surg Unit and a Geriatric Unit, those differences are pronounced..but of you too away the "ouliers" for each type of job, theya re the same
    We run codes, We start IV's, we dischrge people to homes.
    Now this all seems daunting, but if you have organizational skills...not the ones you think you have, but the ones people tell you that you have.... then it can all be done.

    I have been doing it for 17 years, started in a Nursing Home, did evenings and nights, then days, then back to eves and nights, back to days. I think the only thing I missed was doing open heart massage.

    Its not a slow job by any means, and we hav new grads here who could tell you the same thing. You stay busy and need all of your assessment skills.

    good Luck.

  • Dec 14 '16

    If you have been in geriatrics, then you should be fine. Its what we do everyday, working in this population, and being prepared for every contingency that applies to geriatrics. there were a few questions on culture change and enviornmental factors affecting the overall wellbeing of a person, but it looks like you have a pretty comprehensive study program already! Good luck!