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  • Mar 14

    Working the nih shift always puts one in the range of seeing ghosts...or feeling them.

    I just finished reading a book by Chris Moore titled A Dirty Job. Well, the jist of the story you will have to read, but there is a charachter called Minty, and he is a 6 foot tall black man, who is a death merchant, helping souls of those who die.

    Well, I am at work 2 days after finishing the book, and one of my patients says... who is that tall black man at the desk? I look. Nobody. I say, where is he? and ask all the appropriate questions about what else he sees behind the desk. That is all normal. When he is insistant, I say, his name is Minty! He is a good guy, you can talk to him. But if he actually comes in the room, you gotta let me know.
    I tell the rest of the staff, and they are cracking up(and now want to read the book)

    Well, I have off for a few days, cant wait to get back and see... if Minty helped this man.

  • Jan 2

    I cant really say that decreased staffing has made me cut corners with infection control, because if more people get sick, I have more work to do. But alcohol gel has significantly cut down on infections.
    One of the biggest things i did to cut down in infection, was train the housekeeping staff on transmission. As a charge nurse, having never been a IC nurse, I looked for the common denominators, and taught. I did go against policy with a few cleaning methods during outbreaks of different types, but I also had the lowest rates on my unit of easliy communicable infections which were fast spreading. Housekeeping was my biggest asset. Good Luck with your new position.