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  • Jun 17

    Quote from ljds
    Sure enough, I could get heart tones. I looked over at Amelie and said, "Are you going to have a little sister or brother?" And that kid, all 1 1/2 years of age, said, "Baby - Me!" I looked at D and she said, "She's saying, the baby is a girl like her."

    We did an US this time for unsure dates; sure enough, that baby is a girl.

    I have never experienced anything like that. It wasn't scary or creepy, and I don't get an odd feel from Amelie; but there is no doubt something special about that little girl.
    Well, i have really enjoyed these stories. I work in LTC, and started on teh unit I returned to just a few months ago. A few of my 'old' residents who passed are still here.. Peek-a-boo Gus still pops out of his room and looks around the door, waving us down. Gus had passed in 99. Charlie used to clang that darn oxygen could hear it down the hall, and still do. Residents who are ill, and in stages of passing, there is a considerate 'person' in their room, packing their belongings...and when you look in the closet,the items are on the floor, off the hangar. Many times it is easy to see the relatives who come for the dying person. Vic had 6 male relatives come for him, and he said thats cuz he let himself go a bit(he was really big) and they needed all the wings they could muster to lift him up. They only visited on my shift(days at that time) and he passed on my shift.

    Personally...Nana.. My gramma..she was a nurse too. She visits to tell me when things will happen, and I have just come to accept that she is my guardian angel. She told me when I was pregnant, and what I would have. She let me know that my other gram was passing, and keeps me intuned with my kids. I guess she feels she owes it to me, since she died the day before my wedding.
    I couldnt imagine a world without the ability to speak to her still, and therein seats my deep belief that we need to help them pass, and lead them to THEIR angels. Keep that window open, just enuff to let the spirit out, they need to be drawn to the light, and opening the window will aid in that.

    What I wanted to comment on was this.. My son would often play with his "sister' before I was even pregnant. He even gave his description. Now we are waiting to see if Little Ana grows up to look like the image he described. Children know...and there is something to be said for "The 7th son of the 7th son"(or daughter).
    Blessed in the Light with the knowledge of Heaven.

  • Mar 14

    Working the nih shift always puts one in the range of seeing ghosts...or feeling them.

    I just finished reading a book by Chris Moore titled A Dirty Job. Well, the jist of the story you will have to read, but there is a charachter called Minty, and he is a 6 foot tall black man, who is a death merchant, helping souls of those who die.

    Well, I am at work 2 days after finishing the book, and one of my patients says... who is that tall black man at the desk? I look. Nobody. I say, where is he? and ask all the appropriate questions about what else he sees behind the desk. That is all normal. When he is insistant, I say, his name is Minty! He is a good guy, you can talk to him. But if he actually comes in the room, you gotta let me know.
    I tell the rest of the staff, and they are cracking up(and now want to read the book)

    Well, I have off for a few days, cant wait to get back and see... if Minty helped this man.

  • Jan 2

    I cant really say that decreased staffing has made me cut corners with infection control, because if more people get sick, I have more work to do. But alcohol gel has significantly cut down on infections.
    One of the biggest things i did to cut down in infection, was train the housekeeping staff on transmission. As a charge nurse, having never been a IC nurse, I looked for the common denominators, and taught. I did go against policy with a few cleaning methods during outbreaks of different types, but I also had the lowest rates on my unit of easliy communicable infections which were fast spreading. Housekeeping was my biggest asset. Good Luck with your new position.