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    Hello Paradiseboundrn.
    Thank you for your useful input. Now I have an idea on what to expect and how to plan my day, and what is expected of me from my employer.
    I'm sure I will be asking you questions in the future as I go along. This is my first RN job and home health is something I know I can do based on the workload and flexibility being a Mom to three kids, one of whom is a with cerebral palsy. With 11 years under your belt, I can look up to you .
    Thank you again.

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    Hello Everyone.
    I am new here and to HH. The rate offered is US$31/hour for rn doing assessments and paperworks. My question is... when does the time start? From the time you arrive at the patient's house until you finish the paperworks (because I was thinking of doing the finalizing at home)? As for mileage reimbursement, do you always start from the office's address or your home to the first patient and then calculate from that patient's home to the next?
    The agency only has hard copy forms to fill out, no software program (I'm a faster typist than physically writing down); is there a way I can do this using a laptop (even if I'm using my own)?
    Any input, reply, comments or suggestions will be much appreciated
    Thanks and have a great day