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  • Dec 11 '12

    Get A's in the rest, and then retake classes that you got a C and get an A if you must. Get it done.

    You want that good job? It's time to start making sacrifices. It's called read the textbook and then read it again. Quit partying, quit your part-time job, take out loans, and do your job. Your job is to get A's and beat everyone else out of that nursing school spot.

    No complaints, no regrets. Nursing is like the marines of college majors, toughen up and overcome.

  • Nov 12 '12

    Wow, at some of the comments..I mean seriously ! I'd rather read about someone being this passionate about the nursing field anyday..I wish they could've offered this for me, it would've gave me a great sense before taking pre- req's and to know what you are really getting yourself into..this is great! Good Luck! && have FUN =)

  • Nov 12 '12

    You definitely have too much time on your hands if you're reading the post just to make fun of it. Get a life. To PacMac10, hope you had fun. Sounds like a good resource for a beginner. Good luck.

  • Nov 12 '12


    I really like your enthusiasm and your excitement to enter nursing. We need people like you! Please ignore the rude and unnecessary comments that people feel the need to make, and do not apologize for your positive attitude, EVER. The camp sounds wonderful, and I wish you the best of luck there and in your journey to/through nursing school!

  • Nov 12 '12

    i cant believe these grown as$ women being so rude to a young student excited about getting into the nursing profession. i'd rather hear this than the sob stories on here like "i have 6 kids and 3 jobs i just know i cant go to school to be a nurse" or "ive taken this or that pre req 8 times and still have some low gpa will i get accepted to ns'" or some other problem they have that they could solve on their own but choose to ask ppl who dont know them or their situation sad just sad

  • Nov 12 '12

    I don't understand some of the people on this board sometimes. I don't even get while some of them come on here.

    Anyway PatMac it sounds really cool and I wish they did things like that around here. I think some students really go into school not knowing what to expect and you really don't get much information while you're just a pre-nursing student sometimes.

    Also to Vegas2009 a simple google search of pre nursing camps or nurse camp and you will see quite a few summer programs pop up. Guess some schools really do want to prepare even their pre-nursing students for what is to come, unlike other schools.

    Here's one for you to take for the road

  • Nov 12 '12

    Quote from Intern67
    Here's to hoping they cover paragraphs!
    Really?!?! He shows that much excitement over learning about nursing, and that's the first thing anybody says? Way to be a buzz kill!

    PatMac10, I can't believe all the 'negativity' and teasing you've gotten in response to your excitement! I think Nurse Camp sounds like a really awesome program, and it's something I'm going to keep in mind for when I design my own nursing program someday. How many pre-nursing (or even nursing) students sound this excited to learn nursing?? Any program that gets students this revved up over the profession of nursing gets an A+ from me. It's a welcome change from the sob stories I commonly hear from pre-nursing and nursing students who feel beat down and hopeless. And I'll bet the nursing students coming out of this program are benefiting greatly, too. They've been given the opportunity to mentor nurses-to-be, teach nursing skills, and work in leadership roles. Do you think those nurse graduates are going to be likely to "eat their young" after they've actually learned how to teach students who are less experienced? These are the kinds of skills and experiences that will make nursing as a profession that much better in the future. Let's there anything else I can add...because I want to make this paragraph as long as possible, without splitting it up, just on principle!

  • Sep 1 '12

    Canada Winter is my fave so far.....oh and Marijuana!

    I was wondering when Renesmee would pop up. Poor kid.

  • Sep 1 '12

    Quote from futurehomebirthcnm
    I find this thread completely unprofessional.
    Says the person whose avatar states: "Midwives do it in any position"