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    I am a CPNP-PC with previous RN experience in NICU, pediatric home health, and only 6 months of Adult ICU. I am so disappointed on the job market for PNP's, althought I always heard that there was such a huge demand for PNP's, I've come to realize that this is not necesaarily true. Everytime I do a job search, or even contact clinics in my area, they are always looking for FNP's. After not being able to find a job in my area, I am set on wanting to go for my FNP. And yes, there are positions in the US for PNP's, but I am not in the position of being able to move..... I am trying to look for Post-master's certificate programs to start my FNP, but most programs require previous experience in the field that I would enter ( in this case, family practice). Does anybody out there know of programs where experience with adults is not a MUST? I mean, I have heard of NP's who never worked as an RN and still manages to get into FNP programs AND get awesome positions as NP's..... and here I am, unable to find a position in my specialty..... this feels so degrading.... I would really appreciate any help or advice. Thanks in advance.


    Frustrated PNP

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    Hi everyone,

    Hopefully there is someone out there to answer my question. I just passed my boards to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner (primary care) last month. I am excited to embark on this new journey as a PNP, and as always, I want to look forward to my next goal. I am currently on the wait to start my new job as a PNP, hopefully by the end of this year. I have also always been interested in the field of dermatology and want to know if it is possible to become specialized in it as a PNP? I would love to take courses to specialize in this area, but are these jobs usually only for adult of Family NPs?
    My goal is to later work in a dermatology clinic as a Nurse Practioner.

    Thanks in advance!!!

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    I had been working in the NICU for 2 years until I started looking into FNP programs. I really wanted to get some adult experience so I transferred to ICU......Well, I have been MISERBLE, I have been working there for 6 months and I think I am ready to transfer back to NICU. It's really not the "adults" that l don't like, I love the physiology, disease process, critical thinking, but the dynamics/processes/stress are what overwhelm me to the point of feeling unsafe working there. I still want to pursue the FNP route and feed defeated by the fact that I failed in ICU. Is NICU experience ok to become an FNP? I am also thinking on applying maybe to an outpatient clinic so I can work there prn and get at least a little bit of experience before applying for fall 2014.
    I am feeling stressed and and very sad that I couldn't make it in ICU and I don't want my dream of becoming an FNP slip away....

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    I have been thinking way too much about becoming a NP. I currently work in the NICU and babies are all I've ever worked with. Anyways, I am having a very tough time choosing between FNP and ACNP. I know both are very, very different. Sometimes I feel that I would be happy working with babies and children, but I am very scared to work only in the hospital setting. I originally had given thought to go the FNP route, but then, I have never worked with adults.
    I already had an interview for an FNP program in the city where I live, but I am required to find my preceptors. The problem is not finding a preceptor, but I would need to precept a pediatrician (ok, no problem), a women's health NP, and an Intensivist! How will I ever find those preceptors if I only work with neonatologists and very seldom do I see a pediatrician.....
    On another hand, the ACPNP only requires to precept with pediatricians and pnp's....but then, I would no enjoy very much having to work those 24hr, weekend, and holiday schedules....

    Is it possible for ACPNP to work in a clinic setting, maybe something like 4 10hr per week, no weekends, or holidays? That would be great, but jobs like that exist for ACPNP?

    I just feel like I am about to pull my hair out

    Comments, opinions, and thoughts are welcome...


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    I am in the process of applying to a Family NP program. I have been working in a NICU for over a year now. I love to work with neonates, however, I really want to expand my knowledge and continue to learn about all ages from neonates to adults. I am wondering if it is possible to become an FNP and later on take a post master's certification to be also certified as a Pediatric NP?

    All comments are welcome

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    Hello NPjh,

    May I ask which program you attended? I am researching schools and would like to have the best experience possible.

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    Hello emtnicu,

    The NNPs in my unit work for 24hrs straight. Sometimes it doesn't seem bad, but there's always those days when they don't get any sleep. It's not so cool when you have to report something at 4am knowing that they just went to bed 30 min earlier.

    On another note....I truly admire them for what they do, and I love the NICU...I just would like to eventually move away from the hospital setting... I'm sure that with your previous experience and passion you will become a great NICU RN and NNP later on . I wish you the best of luck!

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    Hello all ,

    So here's the deal.....I worked in the NICU for almost a year now, I absolutely love it BUT I honestly don't see myself working there my whole life. I've been feeling down lately because I've jumped from one idea, to another (you get the point). First I thought I wanted to become a NNP but working in the unit, I've come to realize that I am just not fit for that kind of job. I don't want to "live" in the hospital, and I just think that I would go crazy the first week working as a NNP....Then I thought "CRNA" (which was actually something that I had given thought to many times before, but then again waaayy too stressful and I've noticed that it's hard to get a job because the market is becoming overly saturated with programs that pump out nurse anesthetists like crazy...Anyway.... I have researched the option of FNP and it sounds really appealing to me (lifestyle, work ethics, work environment...and pay is not bad at all hehe ). I just feel that I made the wrong decision in becoming a NICU RN. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do....I just would like to eventually move away from the hospital's just not for me . I am starting to feel desperate that I am not "loving" the hospital environment and feel that I have wasted all this time instead of getting adult experience and moving on.....Would an FNP program be less than impressed if I applied with NICU experience and maybe one year of adult ICU experience (instead of it all being adult experience)?

    There are so many thoughts running through my head that it's even hard to explain it, I guess I also needed to vent...sorry if I am confusing you guys, let me know and I need to clarify anything....


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    Hello all

    I am exploring different areas in advance practice nursing. I worked as a research assisstant for about four years while in college. I am currently working as an RN (only for about 8 months now). I love my job, but I'm becoming more and more discouraged with the schedule and politics in my facility (and I hear it's not much different from other places)...Anywayyy.....I really want to go back to school, I want to become a nurse practitioner but I also would like to work in the area of clinical research. Is there something like it? Are there nurse practitioners currently working in research without a Ph.D? I have been doing some research on the web, but I can't find enough information to answer my questions.

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    I have been working as a NICU RN for 6 months now. My ultimate goal is to become a CRNA and I want to do everything possible to become a good candidate for this prestigious specialty. I know there are not many anesthesia schools that accept NICU experience, that is why I will start picking up a shift in adult ICU starting in October and eventually switch to full-time ICU while still working prn NICU. I plan on working for about 3 years before applying to any anesthesia program. My BSN gpa was not great though, core was 3.3 and nursing gpa was 3.7. While at school, I worked as a research assistant for 4 years for the school of nursing. I am also a Mexican citizen working in the US on a work visa. I plan on taking some grad level courses in chemistry and anatomy/physiology and shadowing several CRNAs within the coming years. I am wondering if being 100% bilingual, and the previous details that I talked about previously will help me to become a "decent" applicant. What else can I do? Thank you in advance for your time.