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    i just saw this on AN homepage and i thought it was perfect for you.

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    you should get him on the ground asap. since he has a pulse start rescue breathing. tell aide to call 911 and get vitals. you don't have time to listen to apical pulse, check the carotid! do you have a bag mask on your floor? if not i don't think your facility is well prepared for emergencies....

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    air 13". i got refurbished with top of the line specs for as much as the new with low specs. it came with 1 yr warranty. works perfectly and sooo light. my friend had 11" and it gets hard when u have multiple windows and have to go back and forth between them

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    I use erin condren. She breaks up the week by morning, day, and night, but I organize mine as work, school, and misc./social

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    nope new grad at a different hospital... in riverside-corona area... i dont know if she is pm shift. but she is er. thank you everyone

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    I think it may also be that my friend was hired in ER. But yes she is getting almost $40. I am not sure if she is night though.

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    Hi I don't mind. It was $31.74 + benefits. FT Day Shift

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    Thank you everyone for bringing me back to reality. I am so fortunate to have found a job so I am crazy for even contemplating a negotiation. Haha. It was that my friends got hired and are getting $5+ more than me so I thought maybe I should have negotiated.

    I got in a new grad program for Med-Surg floor. However, they said after 6 months on M/S, they will train me for ICU which is what I wanted in the first place. And its day shift so I got very lucky!


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    Thank you all so much!

    You are absolutely right, I am very thankful to have a job. I just thought I would ask (:


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    Hi everyone,

    I am a new grad RN and I was recently hired as a new grad RN. I accepted and I signed all the paperwork. I am just waiting to start on June 1st.

    I was wondering, is it too late for me to negotiate salary? Also, if I do negotiate salary how many dollars increase can I ask? Is $5 too much?

    Thank you so much.

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    when i was in nursing school, esp during clinicals, i was so focused on my patients that i would not have even noticed a unicorn flying around in the room... unless that unicorn was flying over my patient of course X)

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    haha sorry for multiple posts, for some reason my phone skipped thru your post. the kaplan decision-making tree only confused me and i did not use that method. it works for some but not me and it seems like not for u either. use kaplan qbank, and search thru hurst for things u think u need to absolutely memorize (like the isolation types for what diseases & diagnosis) because hurst seems to have easy mnemonic for memorizing those

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    and dont change ur study method no matter what ppl say. if ure the type to study right before entering the building, do that. if u need a full day of rest before a test, do that. if you have passed nursing school, your method of studying has worked for u well (:

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    dont concentrate on pharm. dont study content separately. do questions over and over again and read the rationales for all of your answer questions. that is content review for you. nothing else. questions over and over and read up on rationals. i had 75q, 2 psych med questions i had no idea on, and most delegation and priority. i used kaplan qbank only. good luck.