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    I am in Oklahoma and I actually met the requirements to sit for the PN boards after my 3rd semester out of my 5 semester program. I only failed the last semester before being dismissed. I actually decided to sit for my LPN boards and just go to work for a little while as an LPN (if I pass my boards!) and then I am giving myself a year of working as a nurse before I decide whether to continue pursuing my nursing education and complete a bridge program or start a teaching career. I'm sure it will probably be nursing though, I do love caring for people and I'm sure that if I ever left it, I would miss it.

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    I am studying for my boards and am having trouble with pharm. It seems as if nothing is sinking in and it's all running together in my head! What was your best method for learning drugs classification and all that need to know info in each classification? I had trouble with it through school also and I did ask for help but it didn't seem to help much and I passed my pharm class with a B and I don't know how because I feel so lost with drug classification.
    Thank you!!

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    Thank you for posting your journey to achieving your dream as nursing has been my dream since I was a little girl. I was supposed to graduate in May of 2012 from my ADN program but I failed the last semester by 1 point and I felt like my world had ended and am still pulling myself out of a rut. So, it's inspiring to me to hear that it happened to someone else and they pulled out of it just fine and still achieved their goals. What makes it worse for me is that I also didn't know that my nursing program was on probation as well and they are closing the doors on the program so I can't go back. I will be applying to take my PN nclex soon though and then I will find a bridge program to continue my nursing education. Thank you so much for posting this. It has helped to motivate me.

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    Here's my situation, I have been in school for 4 years and was supposed to graduate in May 2012 but I didn't because I failed my last semester of my ADN program by 1 point and now, my schools nursing program is closing so I cannot finish my nursing education there which is only a 4 hour class! No other school takes my schools nursing credits for transfer either, I have checked. My options are to get my LPN and then do a bridge program which is another 15 months of school for my RN or I can change my major and be a teacher which is what I was considering before nursing school. I had a passion for nursing before I started school and all the way through my first year but now with all the problems that I have dealt with my school, it has really left me with a sour taste for nursing and I'm not sure if it's the school that has left me bitter or if I continue in nursing, if I can get that passion back. I do love helping people and I absolutely love the rush and the teamwork involved in saving someone's life but I also love kids and teaching and the look of pride in a kids face when they have achieved something new. Along with teaching, I love the hours and days of work. I know they work a lot more hours than most people think but I don't mind grading papers after school hours and attending all the school functions and parent teacher conferences......I do some of those things already with my own kids and if I work at a hospital, I can't do all those things with my kids because 12 hour shifts are not very kind to people with kids. It seems that there are a lot of pro's and con's with both professions and I am feeling very conflicted as to whether I should stay in nursing or change my major to teaching elementary school. Also, I am 28 years old, I have kids and am married. It will take me another 3 years to get a teaching degree. I am going to take my PN nclex to be able to go to work and I have been noticing that there aren't very many jobs out there for LPN's anymore. I guess what I'm looking for here is just some input on both professions and maybe some advice as to what I should do......stay in nursing or change to teaching? Thanks in advance