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  • Jan 3

    I took both, didn't study for either (don't recommend that!). I scored an over 79 on the Kaplan and an 82 on the TEAS V. Out of my school and the other people I talked to, I scored higher than average and I was accepted into that program. On the teas, I was told that it was above average and I was accepted into that program as well.

    I felt both tests were similar, but the kaplan seemed more specific. There were more A&P questions on my Kaplan and more physical science questions on my TEAS. The math portion on the teas was harder than kaplan, but a calc was not allowed. At my school, we could use it for the kaplan. I felt the vocab was easier on the teas. Overall, they were pretty similar.

  • May 5 '16

    I, too, am planning to become a CNM/FNP and looked into getting my DONA cert. Do you need to work and make money while in NS? If so, it may be a good idea to get your CNA. Also, you will need to work as an RN to get some experience before and maybe while you're in grad school. A CNA will help you achieve this. Another thing to think about is you will need to find a doula who can mentor you. I don't think this is exactly necessary, but it would help you. Before you can be certified as a doula, you will need to attend so many live births. If you offer your services free of charge, I don't see that being an issue. Another thing, it will be very difficult to work as a doula while you are in NS because women go into labor at all times. You will need to be there. This could mean at 3am the morning of a major test or right in the middle of your clinical. You could do it during the summer This is the reason I haven't yet gotten my doula cert.

    I would say get your CNA and try to get hired in labor and delivery. Try volunteering there first so the nurse manger gets to know you a little. Then, work towards getting your DONA cert. This way you have a better chance of getting the RN job you will need.