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  • Oct 12 '12

    I PASSED!! I recd my letter today from BON!!!! It took a week and day to rec letter! I PASSED!

  • Sep 28 '12

    Read maternity, Peds and safe & effective care environment on Kaplan
    Kaplan: 100 OB question 75%
    PDA: renal chapt 60%
    I'm exhausted and sick as a dog :-(

  • Sep 28 '12

    NCSBN half of Lesson 3 Health Promotion and Maintenance
    Saunders Ch 23/OB assessment 10 questions... 7 out of 10 correct
    Saunders Ch 24/Prenatal assessment 15 questions...8 out of 15 correct
    Saunders CD antepartum 173 questions....117 out of 173 correct
    LaCharity Obsterics and Maternity 24 questions.... i dont even want to admit those results

    Even though i'm not proud of my scores... I'm learning that the more and more questions I do instead going over content word for word on NCSBN, the more i see the relationship between many of the questions on a specific topic. I'm frustrated but complaining wont help me. I scheduled my test date for Oct 18th.

    We all have this!

  • Sep 28 '12


    i know how you feel. The more i start studying and doing questions the more frustrated and anxious i get. I cant sleep and i'm not very good at test taking. but i know i work better under pressure and need to believe in myself. I usually dont do well if i go in with a pessimistic attitude as cliche as it sounds. But hearing from others on this thread has been helpful for me. I feel accountable for getting things done (and i'm usually a procrastinator).

  • Sep 26 '12

    Hello! I've been out of nursing school for a year now and have studied off and on throughout the year. I'm waiting on my ATT number and hopefully will be testing by the end of next month. Right now, I'm doing Lacharity, Kaplan qbnk, and kaplan-pn strategies, practice, and review.

    I feel like I don't have enough content but sitting and reading these books (kaplan and saunders), I find it hard to retain the info needed. I'm scoring the 50's on kaplan qbank, and some 60's. I'm terrified of the SATA lol! I have therapeutic commun down, delegation, and confident with prioritization questions, but everything else..mehhh! any advice would be helpful on how to get the best content. thanks!!

  • Sep 26 '12

    Congrt's. What material did u use to study?

  • Sep 13 '12'll be honest, NCLEX was not what I expected. I think PDA helped more than Saunders. If you come to a question that there are two answers that sound great and you know one is absolutely right and the other one kind of sounds right but you don't know. Go with the one you absolutely know is right. Stay calm and know that you know more than you think you do.

    I am trying not to disclose anything that could be considered a violation of Pearson Vue/NCLEX testing rules.

  • Aug 2 '12

    i actually thought i failed (that is if i really passed lol) the exam because during the test i thought that the majority of the questions were content-type. so, if i really pass the exam, then i would say the way other people described it was overrated! if i can do it, heck anyone can do!

    i partied days before, friends kept telling i should study but at the same time they believed that i can do it! lol the night before, i was looking around this site and found an nclex study guide. i did that; it was extremely helpful, like it was right out of the saunders questions' rationales that i answered! it took me weeks to finish the 2400 questions (procrastination= biggest enemy) when i could have read the study guide for 2 hrs. nevertheless, the practice on answering questions was undoubtedly worthwhile.

    tip: if you want to start early than your testing time, do so. call them and verify if you can do that. if it wasn't for my decision to arrive on the testing area way early than my schedule, i wouldn't have been able to take the test because lol me i didn't know my driver's license was expired. so i had to get another license! can you believe that? despite all the traffic, i still got back way before my time. also, please dont get up when your done! raise your hand first. i believed that's the reason i got "on hold" pop up, waiting was torture.

  • Aug 2 '12

    uhm, i got the good pop up, not on hold anymore. I must have passed with 78 questions. not official yet, will get the quick results tomorrow. OMG!

  • Aug 2 '12

    I've only done 2400 questions on Saunders CD- that's all I've done to prepare myself for NCLEX. I'm nervous, mainly because of the lack of preparation. Shed some light

    I will certainly update you all for the result. Send some prayers and luck!