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  • Dec 13 '17

    In my area LTC starts out around 15-16 plus night diff at a lot of places, the one hospital here that does still hire LVN's told me last year that a new grad will start out at 12. NOT for me. Agencies start aroun 20 or so. they usually want you to have 6months to a year exp though. the cost of living here is not nearly as high in dallas though.

  • Sep 1 '17

    I am so mentally drained somedays that I often wonder what in the heck i'm doing working a rehab hosp. Especially when you see your frequent flyers. It's like "why do I bother"? You know they are going to be back next month, then, I find myself not wanting to give them PRN's because I think if they actually went through detox the hard way, they might not want to put their bodies through that. Then here comes that one patient that you can see in their eyes and soul that they want to get clean. They won't even take the prescribed Norco for pain because they want off of all drugs. Then my hope is renewed. All I know is that being a Psych nurse is a whole different animal that what I'm used to.