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  • Oct 24 '12

    Sadly in New York State IIRC the first three months are considered probation status and thus one can be terminated for any or no reason. The important thing is you weren't let go for cause and while this doesn't lessen the sting it is good for you in the long run.

    Not a good fit is a catch-all phrase that can mean anything from someone didn't like the looks of you to your training/education/experience just wasn't working for the employer and all that falls in between.

    Assuming the hospital will give you a good reference just get back out there and start looking for another gig. Not being a good fit is not something to be ashamed of nor can your now previous employer tell you one thing but potential ones another when or if contacted to check references. Also ask your previous hospital if they will keep you in mind for other positions that may open up. Just because one NM didn't think you'd work out in her department does not mean everyone else will feel the same way.

    Huggs and Good Luck!

  • Oct 24 '12

    Quote from sserrn
    ^^ I'll bear that in soon as pts. stop presenting to the ER during shift change. IJS.
    What is IJS?

  • Jul 27 '12

    I do not post a lot but, aside from the hilarious joke of the day post that started this conversation, I can't restrain myself. The endless war of egos between nursing specialties - especially ICU vs ER -drives me nuts! Esme12, I totally appreciate your post describing the objective, unique characteristics of each specialty.
    I find it incredibly disrespectful individually and to the profession as a whole for any specialty to claim superiority. Each of our specialties has a particular, interdependent role to play in caring for patients. I have the utmost respect for ICU nurses because of their focused, detail oriented knowledge. I have respect for the med/surg nurses for their ability to juggle 7-8 patients with varying diagnoses plus the mountain of required charting they do. Etc, etc. soapbox rant.
    As for Johnny1414...don't start your career with such as narrow, judgmental, and misguided set of priorities. We don't do it for the money or for bragging rights in an ego competition. Learn the real meaning and purpose of nursing then maybe you will find your niche.