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  • Feb 7 '15

    Quote from Amcanarn
    I just got my job offer! Does anyone know how much is base pay? I'm guessing it's around $22/hr. Also, loan repayment? I would like to know before I look at apartments, but I didn't want to ask and sound greedy
    Nothing wrong with asking

  • Feb 7 '15

    Its 4.25 for evenings (2nd shift), 4.50 for nights (3rd shift) and 3.25 for weekends

  • Feb 6 '15

    I think so thats what happened to me and I got a call the next day

  • Jan 28 '15

    Seriously, take pre-requisites at community college. That extra $70k of debt will haunt you for years.

  • Sep 28 '13

    People dont seem to see any of the large problems with the whole notion of the "Affordable Care Act". The true problem is the government is trying to rule the private market. Without a Federal based healthcare insurance policy for the people, we can NEVER have a system that will work (this is not something I want).

    We are using private "for profit" companies to fund the healthcare system. If we look back at Romneycare and the effects it had we can see that private for profit companies cannot make a profit under the system. BCBS I believe went non-profit in their state to find out they would lose money all together. They tried to stop selling insurance in the state when the state sued them to force them to sell insurance.

    The government has offered a solution of forcing people to enter into a contract between a person and a private company or pay a tax. These companies are here to make a profit. Many people have NO understanding of "pre-existing conditions" and until they do, they will never understand what is going on. The law under I believe HIPAA states an insurance company may deny coverage for a pre-existing condition up to I believe 18 months for every month of coverage they did not have prior to acceptance into a new program after a lapse of 62 days without credible coverage. So let me give a better example as this happened to my fiance:

    My fiance is diabetic type 1 and depends on insulin. When changing jobs, she had a lapse of coverage of 1 month. Since she had a lapse of less than 62 days, she was not denied any coverage for her pre-existing condition (she was forced to show a letter of credible coverage). Had she had a lapse of coverage for 62 days or more, then new company could have denied her short term. So if her lapse of coverage was 62 days, they can deny covering her medications for 62 days. If she had a lapse of one year, they can deny her coverage for insulin and appointments for 1 year. I believe the cap is 18 months on denial of coverage.

    This makes perfect sense. I would not be fair for someone to not have coverage for 5 years, get diagnosed with cancer and jump on a plan. The plan could deny him for up to 18 months of coverage for the cancer treatment. If they did not do this, all insurance companies would go bankrupt. It is very simple math. A single person can easily wipe out the monthly premiums received from a whole office of people.

    Also, until we see the reality of pharmaceutical companies, we will never get it. Have you seen the drug shortages lately? There is not enough profit to make some of these generic medicines such as morphine, versed, etc. By increasing taxes on pharm companies this will reduce the incentive for companies to make these medicines even more. But we will do what we always do and subsidize certain companies and medications. The government already has a hard time getting companies to research and develop vaccines. Great idea, lets tax them too. Technological advancement slows when you reduce incentive to produce and thrive. A pharm company totally deserves the money they make on a medication. If you do not believe they do, why dont you start your own company? Many people do not see the MILLIONS of dollars invested into medications that are not passed by the FDA or are passed and later taken off the market. Then you have people who sue to issues related to the medications for decades after the drug was pulled. They have lots of risk with a hope of coming up with a new revolutionary medication. With risk comes reward...when you take away part of this reward, people risk less.

    This goes on and on. The true problem is ignorant people with ideals that are in the clouds.

  • Jun 2 '13

    Its a lot warmer in Tenessee lol

  • Apr 12 '13

    My fiancÚ said the same thing when he was moving here but after we looked at 5 or 6 in that range he realized that nothing in this area for that price that we would feel 100% safe at! Check out ! It has a lot of reviews from people who actually live(d) in some of the apartments around here! It'll give you a better idea! I would definitely recommend finding a roommate and splitting the rent! My number one concern when looking for an apartment was safety! You really have to watch your back in some places!

  • Apr 9 '13

    That's awesome combs! I just looked at Belmont's program for you. There's is set up by semesters and Union's is set up by terms. This is a hard decision... I like how Belmont's program is set up with regular semesters, but I like how Union's is paced. I understand how you feel though! I had to decide between the University of Memphis and Union, and I am still waiting for University of Tennessee (UTHSC and they announce in May). I recommend analyzing the courses/curriculum and researching any info you can get on AN. Check and see what Belmont's passing rate was like for the nclex rn exam. I know Union's was 100% in 2012. That is one big reason I choose Union. Go with your gut! Either way you will be getting a fabulous education!!! Good luck and keep us updated on your choice!

  • Mar 25 '13

    Just depends on what kind of position you would like to have.. There are a TON of nurse researcher positions at the teaching hospitals that I have seen..for both BS and MS prepared nurses. You learn the basics of research and evidence-based practice with a bachelors degree, heaved focus with a masters, and a doctorate is loaded with it! So many possibilities with nursing - your options are endless. Best of luck!

  • Mar 16 '13

    Why don't you withdraw and take a "W" instead of the D or F if you don't think you'd pass with higher than a C?

  • Mar 8 '13

    I just received a letter with my transfer credits!!! They are accepting my micro and lab, psychology, lifespan, and a&p 1/2! So I won't have to take PSY 219 and BIO 201. Yay!!! Less money to spend
    Combs- thanks for the link! I appreciate it! I'm glad I found this site! It's nice to talk with others about the program and share the excitement!

  • Mar 7 '13

    I've found that the electronic ones can be way off. I have one but spent so much time rechecking wonky readings manually that it really isn't a time saver for me.

  • Mar 7 '13

    Working on a cardiac step down it is essential that I can take an accurate manual bp. Majority of the time a crazy abnormal reading on the monitor was actually very different manually. I always double check off readings or readings that are abnormal for the patient. I would prefer to do manual bps on all my patients but time restraints are definitely in place. I suggest purchasing a good stethoscope and a standard manual cuff. Practice on everyone.

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  • Mar 7 '13

    Here is a link to the academic calendar for Union U. if you are interested. (Again, just to confirm for our program it could be different, but I don't think so).

  • Mar 7 '13

    Tinker, yes it was the Adult Student Application for Financial Assistance Form.[FONT=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif] Honestly, I have no idea if it is required, but I stumbled across it on Union's Financial Aid section of the website and it was listed as the first step... so I thought well OK then I guess I better complete this and submit it.
    And I know nothing more than this....
    Guess it is just wait and see )
    At least we all have each other to bounce ideas and thoughts of, instead of us all being alone in the dark.
    GeorgiaPeach: I think classes start August 20. I only think this because I looked up Union's Academic Calendar. I think our schedule coincides with the rest of the school, but I do not know this for sure. I think we are supposed to have an orientation in June or July right? And no idea on CPR cert, but think I may have heard this is due before clinicals so I am kinda thinking may not be required until Jan. 14 session starts, but again I am not confident on that. And honestly I think I should tackle any of those type of misc. this summer before the August session even starts. I know it will be easy in comparison to what all of 2014 will bring us, but with Patho and Pharm and up to 18 credit hours I certainly do not anticipate it reflection a walk in the park either.