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    Hi guys, I know this is a nursing website but thought some of you may have experience/know something about the Hospital Corpsman position. My question is what are the chances of getting this rate? I am female and know that it is a well sought after rate. I'm confident I can get the asvab score because I took the asvab before and did well on it. After that what are the chances of getting the job? Would there be more slots if I went to meps in the beginning of the fiscal year in October? I do not mind a long wait time. If the job is not available when I go to meps, is it possible to wait until it is open?

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    ^^sorry about some of the spelling mistakes. I type too fast and don't always check it.

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    I want to be in the NNCP my last two years of nursing school. I would like to be in it in a year when I transfer from my community college to my university. I'm GPA is 3.7, I have no health problems and am within the weight and height requiremnts. I can already do the PT. The only thing I'm really concerned about is if they look at my job history tehy will see that I've had two "real" jobs and that was within a 6 month period when I was 16. I worked at a grocery store but they gaveeveryone two days a week so I switched to Mcdonalds. But after two weeks there I had to quit so I could watch my sister when she came home from school. After that I've just done babysitting and that has payed my bills. So will they see my job record and not accept me? Also is my GPA good enough?