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What are my chances at the Navy Nurse Candidate Program?

JulyLeo JulyLeo (New) New

I want to be in the NNCP my last two years of nursing school. I would like to be in it in a year when I transfer from my community college to my university. I'm GPA is 3.7, I have no health problems and am within the weight and height requiremnts. I can already do the PT. The only thing I'm really concerned about is if they look at my job history tehy will see that I've had two "real" jobs and that was within a 6 month period when I was 16. I worked at a grocery store but they gaveeveryone two days a week so I switched to Mcdonalds. But after two weeks there I had to quit so I could watch my sister when she came home from school. After that I've just done babysitting and that has payed my bills. So will they see my job record and not accept me? Also is my GPA good enough?

^^sorry about some of the spelling mistakes. I type too fast and don't always check it.

I went through the NCP program and when i signed up I had only worked 2 jobs also, they are very interested in your GPA and your leadership abilities, in regards to PT you do not have to report and do any of that so it is good that you have maintained a great body shape but it is only measured when you go to MEPS and when you are about to commission.

I agree with navylynn, they are going to be more interested in the aspects of your resume like your GPA and your leadership. If you have any references that can vouch for you in these areas I would see if they wouldn't mind writing a letter for you. When I applied and got my accpetance, my recruiter said that the board had focused more on my leadership and volunteer experiences and then my GPA was secondary to that, so you should be pretty good with a 3.7.

Your job record is fine. I was accepted with prior job titles like "Party Expert" and "Nursing tutor." My first real job was as a PCT in a hospital for 6 months.

Your GPA is also excellent.

Like navylynn and zgray have stated, another boost would be any leadership experiences you have. Be involved in nursing organizations at your university.


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