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  • Mar 17 '16

    I just accepted a travel assignment in Oakland and will be living in SF. I decided to go with Oakland because I was sick of waiting around for a job in SF and was running low on time to get a travel contract!!! I work tele, so the story may be a little different as far as specialties. I will warn you that everyone wants to go to San Fran/Bay Area and it took me a while (about 5 months) to find a travel job there because it was my first contract. The Kaiser hospitals will hire with a little less experience and no prior travel experience. Stanford will only hire you if you have teaching hospital experience (I have 2 years of nursing experience and did clinical in a teaching hosp, they didn't care!). Not really sure about the others (California Pacific, etc). Just be patient! They are pretty seasonal too.. Jobs really didn't start opening up until October/November is what I found. I was starting to give up on finding a travel job here, but hold out!! It's definitely not a waste of time!!!!! It's a great way to live in the city, because otherwise it's SO expensive. It seems that if you take your BF with you, you can split a lot of living costs, and your housing stipend will help a lot! Speak with a recruiter or two and feel out the scene. I'm pretty sure most places want you to have at least a year experience, but you never know!

    Just a tip: Start working on getting your CA license by endorsement NOW, they take FOREVER and will find the dumbest reasons to deny/slow the process. It took me forever!!!!!!!!

    Good luck!!!!