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    Quote from k0k0kabana
    Let's see...the last time I was at a hospital and wanted to punch someone in the face was when a lazy, careless nurse administered a dose of Ativan to my 9 year old son through his PICC line - which was supposed to be slowly titrated over 2 minutes - she pushed it in over 15 seconds, and almost killed my son in front of my face...then to cover it up, reported to CPS that I had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy and had both of my children removed from my care. Of course, Nurse Sloppy still has a job, God only knows home many kids she's killed since then...

    Sorry parents p*ss you off so much, but negligent nurses also get my goat.
    You sound like like so many borderline personalities I've known. Get help, and get a life.

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    Quote from Kooky Korky
    Prayer helps a lot. It also helps to realize and accept that God is in charge ultimately. That has made it easier to let all people live their
    roles - police, prosecutors, defenders, us nurses, docs, even the innocent victims. Doesn't mean I don't share your pain and anger, only that I have learned that there isn't always something I can do to change it, so I pray for the victims and the perpetrators and do my level best to give tender, loving, expert care.

    With a lot of people I just have to figure they live what they were shown by whoever brought them up. They might very well have been maltreated themselves. And take the example you gave, OP, of the mother whose child just died and she was yelling and cursing at another child, I think you said, to be nice to her because her baby had just died. Imagine the lack of true love and value she must feel in her own existence. God alone knows why.

    It helps to believe in Heaven and that these innocents, these precious, defenseless angels will be so happy up there. Why do we have to pass through this earthly existence first? I don't know but have learned to accept that we just don't get all of the answers in this realm.

    Don't judge a book by its cover. Try to accept that each of us is going to show pain, grief, fear, and other emotions differently. We aren't all going to cry or scream or tear our hair out or be grateful to staff. That doesn't mean each person isn't dying a thousand deaths inside, punishing ourselves for not doing more or better, etc.

    You don't have to avenge wrongs. Leave that to God, who promises that He will repay. His timing and His ways are just different than ours. Give excellent care while you can. That is, apparently, your calling, at least for now. Perhaps you are being led to a career in law enforcement, law, or social work. Whatever the case, I wish you all the best. Thank you for being one of the good guys.

    Another thought - try journaling, keep coming back here to vent. Look into volunteering with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate for kids in foster care). As others have suggested, learn to compartmentalize. God bless you.
    Well then, your god allows some pretty nasty things to happen to innocent children.

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    oooooh, this one is rough. I met a 12 y/o who cut up her face with a soda can lid, so that she would be so ugly that her father would stop having sex with her. She was also pregnant by him. There is no god.

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    With all due respect, crying all day and freaking out like that is a terrible trait. Put your big girl pants on and handle yourself like an adult, or at least like a professional. Im sorry to rant like this, but for goodness sake, you sound like a baby. Can you imagine seeing a Doctor breaking down inconsolably over a minor accident like that.

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    In the same way that there are cultural differences that we are taught to embrace, there are also gender differences that shouldn't be ignored. Personally, L&D was the worst part of school, I never really felt welcome on the unit, and it was the attitude of the female nurses that made me feel unwelcome. We are not the same, and trying to force our patients and society to accept that is silly. Its better to be understanding and flexible, in my humble opinion.

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    I think you get the picture by now, I have my job and you have yours. The best course of action is to understand this and do the best you can, there's a lot you can learn by watching.

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    I view "forbidden words" immature mythology that too many nurses live by.
    (The jury is still out on the full moon thing; if the moon can affect tides, and animal behavior, who's to say it cant affect sensitive human physiology?)

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    I'm biting my tongue here because patients do have the absolute right to refuse care for whatever reason, BUT its impossible to move towards an equal society if we treat "preferences" as anything other than sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. The practice should be frowned upon unashamedly.

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    Quote from icuRNmaggie
    I would not even refer to a dying pet as a super goner or describe the dying process as eerily cool.
    Well, Thats you.

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    Ativan bro.......

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    WAY less drama. I'll take working with the guys anyday.

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    I just start talking with a lisp and they calm right down.......

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    F That! I'd bounce as fast as possible, we don't need that kind of abuse.

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    Quote from studentnurse245
    When we go over the test after, I wonder to myself WHY I answered things the way I did when the answer is so obvious.
    you're probably overthinking the questions if the above is true.

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    In order to leave a well thought out response, Im gonna have to see Pictures. Please post so that I can respond "appropriately" ;-)