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  • Aug 4 '17

    as long as youh don't do anything stooopid, you'll get hired on. like 240zRN said its all related to accounting and shuffling costs around to make it look like the state is saving money.

  • May 16 '17

    believe it or not, the law allows for certain disclosures :

    I. Permitted Disclosures
    A hospital providing prison health care may disclose PHI to a “correctional institution” or a
    law enforcement official having lawful custody of an inmate if the correctional institution or law
    enforcement official represents that such protected health information is necessary for:
    A) the provision of health care to such individuals;
    B) the health and safety of such individual or other inmates;
    C) the health and safety of officers or employees or others at the correctional institution;

    courts give prisons quite a bit of leway, for example, if an inmate becomes psychotic when of his meds, or is on "heat" meds, it is covered under "B) health and safety of such individuals or other inmates." Also, inmates are in the "custody" of the government, like children (big children). It is understandable why we may be hesitant to release info these days, but if you can justify the release of information under the law, you are covered. Just make sure you document thouroughly.