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My Backpack

My backpack now sits in the corner of my room, stethoscope, thermometer, blank nurses notes for multiple agencies that my agency did cases for. Time slips....don't need them anymore. Pens.....I always was running them out of ink because we still used narrative notes for the most part. A clipboard.....needed it to write on, couch arms don't work. Hair ties... never could find any to put little girls hair up for school. A few magazines....was always going to read them. Hand lotion, hand... Read More →

Sometimes You Just Don't See It Coming

I remember going to the Peds floor, to meet my new little patient. My first look at the tiny little one will be forever in my mind. She was so small, and my heart melted when I looked into those beautiful dark eyes. Her mother came into the room and shook my hand. I remember thinking this is going to be a great mom, something about her just made me smile. A few days later my patient was discharged to home. The first shift I spent putting the phlethora of equipment together that was needed at... Read More →