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    I am in an online NP program and have to find my own preceptors for each rotation. It has been a bumpy road, to say the least in trying to find preceptors and I have had to travel twice for a couple of my rotations. However, the travel expenses are outrageous. Between housing, auto rental, licensure in that state, and food I have spent $3,000 for 120 hours for an ED rotation. While the experience was great, the cost was steep!

    I am reaching out to anyone who has connections or know an NP, MD, DO in Oregon, Washington that works as a hospitalist, or in the ED, ICU please send me a message or reply to this post. I need to come up with a different plan otherwise I will have to travel again for next semester.

    Thanks all.

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    I met a friend of a friend during a trip to LA....his wife works in the OR and he was prepping through some course to get hired there....he went through an interview process and was turned down. He had mentioned that he thought it might have to do with the fact that his wife worked there and that if something happened they wouldn't want to testify against each other....or something like that....legally can an employer not hire an employee based on this? I mean i have seen married couples working together in the different units I've worked in but they met there and didn't come already married. I'm very curious to read your responses.

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    Thank you. I asked those same questions and some....I like the question on specialty requirement I didn't get that specific.

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    RN Sam I am applying to Periop 101 training program and would love some more of your interviewing tips. i have a list of questions that focus on professional development, staffing/scheduling, call schedule, training/orientation,. What other questions should I be asking?i really want to make a good impression. what questions should i be prepped for other than tell me about yourself? your strengths and weaknesses? why do you want to be an OR nurse? thanks

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    i am applying for an OR 101 training program...long distance, meaning possible phone interviews. I have a list of questions to ask, However my list is short and I want to have back up questions. Please share others questions that you have asked or would expect the interviewee to ask during an OR interview. Also what where some questions you have been asked during OR nursing interview? how did you answer it? The current questions I have surround professional development, scheduling, orientation/training, staff interaction....Thanks -M

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    Hey guys-
    if you've been accepted to another program next to Linfield I would HIGHLY recommend going to any other place but linfield. Community college get more clinical hours than linfield, OHSU get's more clinical hours than Linfield. Here's an example, OHSU senior immersion (aka senior practicum) is 6 MONTHS long people vs linfields 144 hours....they are working full shift/full time for 6 mONTHS! I couldn't believe it when I heard this. I mean that's an entire orientation and then they get 6 more months of an actual orientation once hired or maybe even less. Granted you will spend up to 1 year more in OHSU's program as it is a 3year program vs linfields 2 or accelerated 18months. But even then is it not better to graduate knowing what you're doing than to not know how to insert a catheter or better yet work a suction? Plus Most hospitals want you to have a minimum of 6 months of experience, well there you have it at the time of graduation...the hours listed above for linfields' clinicals has NOT changed. I graduated from there within the last 2 years and it's still the same. Plus the comment that someone posted about linfield being a hot mess is not a lie. There is legal actions (not their first) against them for treating a student poorly, the dean of nursing was terminated for the mess this made of the school AND she plagiarize in a piece she wrote for the schools' new paper only to be caught by one of the student. You really don't get much support from the faculty and you should probably go into the program having no opinions or prior knowledge because if you go into the program with knowledge of nursing or a brain to think for yourself faculty start to give you the evil eye because you question them when they are teaching wrong information. Here's a good example we had a PHD prepared well this instructor was in the process of a pHD progam and was teaching med-surg nephrology, had NO idea what they were saying. A student pretty much had to step in to clarify and basically teach the class the nephrology section of med surg. That's my 2 cents...If I knew then what I know today I could have saved myself a lot of money! All I can say is choose wisely. If you end up in their program you should find a way to get more clinical time in....maybe work on the side as a CNA2 or a tech on the floor or better yet a HUC (these guys see it all).