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    Does anyone know if we are accepted throught the EAYL program for Baycare, do we still have to do the background/drug screening for SPC that's $188? I just got an email from SPC saying it had to be completed by 12/5 but I know baycare does there own screenings so I wasnt sure if I need to do both...

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    Quote from tmcneill0524
    Ashley1120 ~ Congrats on the EAYL acceptance!! When you get assigned to a hospital to work at during school, let me know! I work at Countryside! Looking forward to meeting you whenever we do have orientation lol!
    Thank you & congrats to you too!! I'm very excited and nervous! lol, I look forward to meeting you as well! :-)

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    no im not an employee so that's probably why

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    I havent even recieved that email yet! But I havent been for my health screening yet and to sign the promisory note, ect. so I assume I will get it after that....

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    Does anyone know when the SPC orientation is? I am in the EAYL program and I havent had my health screening yet, I go in 2 weeks. Do only the people going thru the SPC program have to have their drug screen and background in by orientation. I believe their doing my drug screening when I go in 2 weeks, but I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing anything. thanks

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    Hello, I got accepted to the EAYL Program for Spring semster. I had a few questions was wondering if anybody could help answer these!

    -Does anyone know when the SPC Orientation is yet? I've been checking my emails but nothing yet...

    -I was also wondering how it works with registering classes. When I called SPC they said you need to register now because if tuition is not paid by 12/7 you will be dropped. I'm sure that doesnt apply to EAYL because I havent been told to register for classes yet. Does anybody have information regarding this?? The baycare orientation isnt until after 12/7, so I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything!

    -I was wondering if there were any RN's out there who already completed the EAYL program...if so what dept. where you placed in after graduation? I've heard most get placed in M/S, but just wanted to check. My dream/goal is to work in L&D, Mother/Baby, OR NICU eventually.

    Any information is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    Hi Everybody I also got into the EAYL day classes! Im so excited !!! Does anybody know what to expect at orientation? And I was also wondering how registration for the nursing program works? do we just wait until the SPC orientation or is there something we should be doing now? Thanks Cant wait to meet everyone!

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    Hello i currently have all my pre-reqs for the nursing program except for Microbiology which I'm taking in the Fall. My GPA is only a 3.5 so I know my chances of getting in are really low. Does anyone have any information to better my chances of getting into the program in January, Since I will be done with all my pre-reqs I really want to get in ASAP. Ive heard about EAYL but the website says they arent taking anymore applications - does anyone know how that works or if you must be a Baycare employee first?

    Also, would i have a better chance if i went to ptec first to get my LPN then apply to the LPN to RN Transition program at SPC?


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    thank you both for the information!!! I appreciate it

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    Hello, I am a pre-nursing student, I currently have all my general ed pre-reqs and all nursing pre-reqs except for A&P II (which i am currently taking) and Microbiology, which I am registered for in the Fall. My GPA is 3.7 and I plan on applying for the nursing program while i am taking Microbiology in the Fall. My questions are:

    1) do you have to have your Associates Degree in Nursing before going for your BSN. If not, what is the difference in time frame of each program and is it much of a difference between getting your Associates and Bachelors in Nursing?

    2) When you graduate from the RN program, are you able to chose which department you work into. I really want to work in Labor & Delivery, Mother/Baby, or NICU. Is it usually hard to get into the field you want.

    3) My goal is to eventually work as a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner, from what I've researched online you must have your BSN first and then you can apply for this program which is a Master's Degree. Does anyone else have any futher information regarding this.

    Thank you!!!