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  • Dec 1 '16

    My mother is the worst when it comes to this. She will get one symptom or another, look it up online, then call me asking me what could be wrong with her. I'll go through a possible list of minor things it could be. Then she'll say, "well I read online that it could also be this, usually cancer." She does this so often that now I just agree with her own diagnosis. "Yep mom, it probably is cancer, better get your affairs in order." She is so annoying when it comes to medical issues. I also get a lot of questions from my kids. "Hey mom, my arm hurts, what could be wrong with it." I'll then ask questions about the arm, which usually reveals nothing out of the ordinary, and I'll tell them that I'm not sure why the arm is hurting. Then they will say something like this, "why don't you know whats wrong with my arm, you're a nurse - you must not be a very good nurse if you don't know why my arm hurts." My family is crazy, that dx fits the best!