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Hello All! I was recently accepted into Stanly Community College's ADN program. I'm definitely considered a non traditional student. I'm a married mother of two, I have a BA in Exercise and Sports Science from UNC-Chapel,and after working in healthcare for over 12 years, and having a preemie, it dawned on me that my calling is to be a NURSE!

I attended UNC Chapel Hill where I received my BA in EXSS. After working in clinical research for 5 years, getting married, having a beautiful baby girl and a handsome little man who was 2 months premature, I decided I wanted to become a NICU nurse. The nurses at CMC-NE were AWESOME with my son and I can't imagine a better profession. I only wish that I had known sooner that becoming an RN was my true calling. I'm completing my pre-requisites this semester and I'm hoping to be admitted into the ADN program at SCC or RCCC for Fall 2013. Good luck to everyone pursuing your dreams!!!

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