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    Can't wait to feel "semi-normal" again! Im nowhere near; only 6 weeks on the floor and just graduated in Dec. My wonderfully fair and subtly brilliant teacher said if I had any desire to keep on RN-BSN track that the night shift on our med-surg floor will be the best experience EVER! At the time I almost laughed in her face. WHAT: me, new grad Lpn on 4TH floor?! Med-Surg @ rural 168 bed facility that's quite known "very unwell", with Lucifer charging(23 yrs same spot &running Ms LucyRN but 45 total).....To top it off my father calls it Kvorkian Central after bad HX. Many in town concur. Most avoid if all possible and drive two hours north....So long story long: I respect her and wish success in my nursing career so I took the grossly underpaid position over an LTC and couldn't be prouder of myself and confirmed of my passion for this profession. I have ultimate respect for ALL nurses especially those whose #yrs on the floor equals my age. You really can't begin to see what/where/why/how/when NURSING is until you're in the thick it, caring for 4-6, sometimes 7 and lord help us all 8-9 patients with NO unit clerks or CNA's. The nursing profession is everything I ever wanted and nothing I ever expected along with endless opportunities. I look forward to a lot of myself dreaming the above stated. Goodnight to all fellow new grads. Challenge yourself and you really may be surprised! Like my mentor tells me, "you can do anything for six months..."and that was over a year ago.

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    Quote from girlmeetsworld
    I dream about work all the time. Im glad to know Im not the only crazy one. It went away after about five months, but our unit has been so hectic and stressful lately the nightmares are back. The other night I actually got out of bed when I thought I heard a vent alarm.
    I have terrible sleep habits anyway but now I work 7p - 7a on a not so."well known" med-surg floor. Night before my first shift I was up every hr convinced I was late. The last sequence was too real,haha, cuz my mom called my charge RN begging for mercy to keep my job by offering $1000! LOL still hear IV pumps, call lights and elevator doors. Worst part is my insomnia pre nursing hasn't benefited nights so I rarely get in 4-6 and wouldn't be functioning period w/out my prescribtions and caffeine. I love it most days, cry some and never stop learning all the vets different tricks of the trade. Slowly Im coming up with my own system and as long as I stay on same rotation, I may survive and even enjoy following six months. RN fast track in near future NOT IN South Arkansas!!! It's amazing how much I learned my first week orienting, literally the equivalent of an entire year of Lpn clinical. I try to give report to students and instruct basic nursing if needed. Up until a week ago I was hanging new TUBING & Fluids. My precept happened to catch & as usual instructed right way. I have ZERO qualms asking any & all ? B/c she is a godsend as well as the most kind-hearted, hardest working, knowledgeable

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    In less than 12 hours I will be taking my NCLEX-PN for the first (and LAST) time! I don't know if it's a good or very bad thing but I am not nervous nor have I even considered the fact that I may not pass. Truthfully, the really bad thing is that I have not even studied since I graduated December 7th. I've glanced and read a bit but not really dived in to a review whatsoever. So, here I am, in a hotel room, full of caffiene and a big ass reality check. Now, I'm nervous. So I plan to go through the ATI book we were given during our three day review, re-memorize lab values and meds, focus on my weak spots according to my ATI Predictor exit exam and probably take another ATI test. My poor Saunders book has been more of an accessory then a study guide. But, it is a great book and I wish I had gotten it at the beginning of my program because bless her heart my instructor was a hot mess who steadily got more crazy and less effective through the year. I'll say it again: "Just because you are a nurse with several years of experience (hers being a school nurse for ten years in a small town), this DOES NOT make you a teacher." And no my program is not accredited nor is the RN transition program. So....thankfully from the advice and articles I've read on here I am resolute in attending anywhere but there. Sadly, our director basically begs the LPN students to apply and attend and do not mention furthering their education (i.e. BSN) because she knows that there is a huge possibility the curriculum will not transfer. So all the ^^^^ has nothing to do with NCLEX...I'm just incredibly nervous but like I said before, not terrified. Hopefully I'll come out knowing why....

    Good luck and best wishes to all!

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    Hello I'm a new nurse graduate (pending my ATT & passing the NCLEX) and love to learn about anything in the medical field. I'm only a LPN but plan to continue on to a BSN and have no preference to any specialty at the moment. Mostly due to the fact that I just want a job wherever I can get one. But I also know most acute care settings are filtering out LPNs and, in my opinion, looking to start hiring mostly BSN grads. That being said, a handful of nursing specialties interest me the most; with oncology being one I would gratefully and humbly practice. I am watching a documentary called "Burzynski" and can't finish it until I posted this. Its intriguing content has me wondered if any of you wonderful, dedicated nurses have ever heard of this doc and his TX? Like I said, still watching it and don't know how it will end but had to do this before I forgot!

    PS the documentary is a little biased but in no way undermines the great work the NURSES do!

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    Thanks for your help! I guess never checked back on this, mostly because I didn't want to deal with it and still don't! It is kind of irrelevant now because I'm moving back to New Orleans and LA isn't a compact state therefore even if I have my temp AR license I will probably be unable to practice in LA until I pass my boards. I'm sure it's a whole other, wonderful process I will stress over and I'm prepared to write a personal statement. I also have my instructors, director of my program and several licensed professionals who are more then willing to recommend me. Hopefully it won't take too long and keep me from applying into LPN-RN programs.

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    Thank you both for your help. I hear TX is very strict with boards but thankfully I'm in AR and I do plan to initiate payment plans. At best, they will demonstrate my ability to resolve conflict, haha.

    I understand where my LPN PROGRAM IS coming from and it's really not my issue because we also started with 30 and now have 23. I've grown to care for most and would love to carry on our friendships but the libertarian in me comes out when all of my personal business is on display at all times, i.e. forms our instructors request when we are all perfectly capable of applying for the NCLEX ourselves. I'm also worried about previous my psych dx. I struggled with bulimia for 13 years and was in a treatment program at age 19 for it and drug abuse. I wasn't and am not an addict, however I was young (19 now almost 29) and severely sick. In hindsight, all of my issues lead me to the nursing profession and allowed me an ability to connect and empathize with a diverse crowd. My anxiety is also preventing me from seeking professional help for my ED through the local health dept. Can an eating disorder with accompanying issues also prevent a timely approval to test? I KNOW I SOUND CRAZY BUT I'VE WORKED SO HARD AND PLAN ON GRADUATING WITH ABOVE A 3.5 GPA,SOCIAL COMMITTEE CHAIR AND MEMBER OF MY LOCAL JAYCEES WHO TRULY LOVES HELPING PEOPLE BUT WASNT ALWAYS THE BIGGEST FAN OF RULES OR SMART DECISIONS IN MY PAST LIFE AND PRAY IT DOESN'T COME BACK TO HAUNT ME.

    Rebel with regrets...

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    I'm graduating in December and am terrified that I won't be approved to test for very insignificant reasons. I have no felonies or even a DUI but I have many speeding tickets and a few that turned into warrants, one still in Texas that costs over $600. I've also lived in 3 different states and have over 15 addresses that show up on background checks. My credit isn't the best either. Will this prevent me from approval and take months for them to finally realize I was just irresponsible and not a felon. It really irks me and I don't believe it shows the character of a person if they have speeding tickets some for which weren't paid in a timely manner especially during cross country moves. Can anyone offer advice? Also I'm in a very small program in a small town (which I will not stay in) so our teachers hound their previous students after graduation demanding they know if they passed in order for the program to stay afloat and assure their relevance. 2011 classes had almost 90% pass rates. They also help to gather all of the information and probably will have folders to where we keep our info regarding the costs and entries and I just feel like in nursing school we have no privacy and they know everything about our lives. It makes me feel uncomfortable and I just want to be able to be approved as fast as possible so I can move out of my small hometown and on to a bigger, brighter future.

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    First day 2nd semester. 3 weeks felt like almost too long, almost. Dived right nto IV therapy and surprise, surprise: exam tomorrow. Besides the usual insanity, we got our clinical schedules today! We rotate btw 2 hospitals within at least 4 units. So clearly all 24 students won't see all of them but while comparing mine to my classmates I noticed I'm on Rehab twice. Noone else has two of the same sites either. So unless it's part of my instructor's grand design, what unit/floor should I request? It's btw Recovery, GI Endoscopy, Same day surgery and a pediatric practice. Request meaning in the slightest chance they care, but it never hurts right? I want them to really see how hard I can work and how much I care. Basically, I'd like to carry the A in clinicals first semester on till graduation.

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    Quote from Night Owl RN
    Having spent the last 5 yrs earning my LPN, RN, and now, my BSN, I'd choose this field again.....if it was actally possible to get a nursing job. At the moment, I'm considering "retiring" because my self esteem can't withstand much more callous rejection from the cold-hearted HR professionals.
    I'm only in the very first half of your above journey and don't have much experience to share but the fact that you went and have made it do far just shows how much you do really care and enjoy the work!! It's a mess that the profession is touted as it is, shortage and all but if worse situation happens then try as an LPN applying if you already haven't! They suck yes, but you've worked your booty off to get this far. I'm sitting here boo-hooing over my first LPN semester and how I'm so glad I'm done and I don't know if I'm made for it but seeing your thoughts just make me realize how much work is ahead and it's not always going to have the best ending. You have helped me, so think about how many more ppl you will help in a more profound way. Have faith, get out of your head and keep up your positivity from maybe your fellow or past classmates and their struggles and triumphs!

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    Congratulations- in the home stretch! I am one check off away from completing my first semester and I have to say that like you, I've cried and am currently, haha, a lot, but will never give up. I think a lot of my frustration is like you said, thinking critically!!!!! I'm 28 too and probably a semi- above average student. What has really ****** me off is how close I came to A's (91 and 90) and then how one class-not usually a challenger (Geriatrics, made an 80) could have caused me to be kicked out of the program. I completely understand our grading scale but what I don't understand is how our clinical instructors can grade us when they don't even freaking see us (in passing) but twice in a 6 hour day. I guess the roller coaster of emotions over the past four months, spending sooooo much time w/ your classmates and learning your own place and study habits have just gotten the best of me. Im lucky to have great instructors that challenge us but I guess the constructive criticism has been harder then imagined b/c I thought I had a tough exterior. Bottom line- its all about making us better nurses but my god these last four months have been no like no other! I've had 3 different majors and 2 schools and I never had the drive or true satisfaction I have as LPN school has given me. I hope you make it into an RN program and take it all the way!

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    I think you are my future self and classmates. We are a diverse group of 22 ladies and two very funny and patient young guys. I don't work and I do live with my parents and the ego blow alone nearly prevented me from finally doing this. But after my first clinical week I knew I was doing the right thing, maybe need to go about it better ways, but now I know. You can not procrasinate reading or cram for nursing exams, do NOT tell yourself "I'll just get up at 5am and study until class", which starts @ 8 and you've maybe slept a few hours or crashed 14 straight hours-it won't happen! We are just wrapping up our first semester and had our last clinical day as a class outing to a science exhibit. I already feel like we were "working for free" as well. I started my program 1/11/12 and just knew I'd get all A's. I'm just counting the hours to my last two finals and Pharm 1 check-offs and will take a 3.0 and run!

    I should be working on my clinical data collection/concept map/Pt assessments but there's also an ATI practice assessment I have to finish with a 95%. Yup this week was an easy load too.

    There are also quite a few commuters in my day class as well so when we had to be @ a site for 6:30 am, some were having to get up at 3 to get their kids together and drive the 90 minutes one way. And yes, most of the mamas have high grades.

    Short story long, you've confirmed my fears for 2nd semester. I know what to expect but I know my fellow classmates who ******* and whined about A&P2 being so hard will have a rude awakening come Pharm II med cards, Med-Surg and clinicals begin. Which is like the the 3rd hour in first day returning, haha.

    I've also heard Peds and OB can be challenging but I am ready to get past fundamentals. I should prob have done this earlier since I just wrote an essay but guess I didn't realize how much I had to say. Thx.

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    Our class went to an exhibit called "Bodies Revealed." They use donor bodies and inject inter/extracellular spaces with silicon then chemically remove all epidermis and expose body systems. I found the diseased organs and affected systems incredibly interesting. There was a heart that literally could have been enlarged to four times the size of a healthy one. I like the how but love to know why. We came to the conclusion that an autopsy is next.