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Hello all,

Does anyone have any experience trying to move your BON agreement to another state. Here is my situation: Mississippi revocation due to violation of board order in 2015. I left treatment to move to Louisiana. Didn't get sober again and even pursue nursing license until 2016. BON just reinstated license but I haven't even lived there in four years. I have a ton of **** to do and I've been testing with Affinity for two years already. Basically, does anyone know of a person being able to endorse into another state and transfer their final orders? I have no ties to MS, no family or friends. Only moved there for a relationship. Now they expect me to work there for the next four years and in my final orders it specifically states I can only practice in Mississippi. Thoughts?

I have successfully transferred to another state's non-disciplinary program. I think it's just really dependent on the program they use and the BON itself.

I was under similar circumstances. Moved to TX from MO. Testing got too expensive and I basically dropped out from the program after suffering a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and emergency surgery where I lost a Fallopian tube and an ovary. Though I spoke with my CM they had my inpatient days of the hospital as no shows for 2 test dates. Between my nerves and the cost I just felt defeated and quit calling in. They revoked my license. I am now in a place to get it back so I called MO and spoke to my old CM. She told me that I would basically only deal now with the state I am living and be both licensed and disciplined through TX. So I'm on my way to see their stips and that. Good luck!

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I am dealing with similar set of circumstances. I was revoked in AZ, but currently live in TX. I did send my app for re-issue to AZ, but that was over one year ago and they are so far behind in all their investigations, they have not even contacted me.

So, I started working with TX. I just finished the refresher courses and am awaiting placement for the 80 clinical hours. I do need one more Hep B, as mine were outdated.

PM me or email if you want to talk. I do not know what will happen here in TX. I am assuming that I will have a permanent mark on my license, probation for at least 3 years, UDS, meetings, stips, etc. But, I do not have the final word yet.

In anticipation of the expenses, I have cut my living expenses down as far as I can and started socking away money for the testing.

I know this can be done! Hang in there!

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