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  • Apr 10

    Thank you for the information and advice. I'm RN of 6 years. I have been unsuccessful on some interviews and could not figure out why. I did dress professional however, I did not give examples and just gave simple answers like "i'm a team player" or "i'm a fast learner" etc. Also i did not show how willing i was to learn a new skill set, as you mentioned above. Thank you so much. I am going to approach interviews differently now.

    When i went on my very first interview for my first peds job as a new grad, HR did a group interview. One girl had on black stretch pants with brown uggs. I always wondered if she got the job back then.

  • Feb 14

    Hey everyone.... I sent off all my application packet items to GA BON...How long did it take for your application status to appear on the BON website?

  • Dec 26 '16

    The oldest patient i took care of was in her mid 50's who was rude and threw things a me. Also, i use to get spina bifida patients in their late 20's to mid 30's. It is frustrating when i have male adult patients that make inappropriate sexual comments. I know some of these adults have pediatric diagnoses but this is the reason i chose to do pediatrics because i cannot stand adult patients that act like this.

  • Oct 2 '16

    If they call i ignore it and let the voice mail pick it up. If they text...i text back i can't do it or just ignore the text. The worst is when they call you at 11am or 12pm after they know you just worked a night shift.

  • Aug 3 '16

    Thank you so very much for posting this......I am a firm belever in this method....At of the many places i have applied to, one place did not select me for an interview. I sent the NM an email attaching my cover letter and resume....the next day i got a call for an interview. I had my interview and she told my how impressed she was and that originally i was in her "no" pile. And the email immediately changed her mind. She said she was very hard to impress and this impressed her immensely. She couldn't stop talking about it. She also said she was placing me in the next rounds of interviews. Although i don't have solid offer yet, this method really boosted my confidence and gave me so much hope. Good luck everyone and don't give up i know i was about to..... until i read this post.