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  • Mar 17

    Hello everyone on this thread I would just like to share my experience with the NCLEX and the different review products out there. First of all, TO GOD BE THE GLORY!! The product I heavily used was UWORLD, which I thought was essential to my success on the NCLEX. I was also taught the decision tree from a friend that took KAPLAN. I would have to say that the decision tree helped me to critically think the questions through with different strategies, and ultimately arrive at an answer that I felt comfortable with. My school also switched from Kaplan to ATI on my last semester of nursing school. My school provided the ATI live review, which I thought was okay. It wasn't the greatest but I did get informational packets and a pink RN-comprehensive book, which I skimmed over for the maternity and pediatric section.

    UWORLD, on the other hand, greatly helped me with content that I lacked. Some of the content in UWORLD was very foreign to me and the others were things that I learned in school but did not explore since my first couple semesters (fundamentals and medical-surgical I). The price of UWORLD is a bit steep for a broke nursing school graduate. What I bought was was the 30 day subscription that cost $79.99, which came with a Qbank of 1,959 questions and 2 sim assessment predictors. For the qbank, I did 75 questions daily and read most of the rationale on questions that I got wrong and felt very weak on. The UWORLD rationales are amazing! I highly suggest reading and understanding each and every one of the sentences in the rationales. UWORLD lines the steps to different procedures and signs and symptoms to different diseases very well. It helped me to gain better insight as to WHY I got the question wrong. The UWORLD select all that apply (SATA) questions were very tough but totally boosted my confidence. When I took the NCLEX and saw a SATA question with the options, I didn't stress out or feel the need to panic (hehe). I think the UWORLD SATA questions were a bit harder.

    The 2 sim assessments for UWORLD worked great for me
    Each assessment consist of 75 questions, which they advise you to treat like the real NCLEX, meaning NO skipping or going back to the previous question because you second guessed yourself. Oh, and it is a timed assessment (around 1 hour 30-40 minutes). The results at the end of the assessment were either "very high", "high", "borderline", or "low." The results only reflected those among the UWORLD users, because they were the only folks that took the assessments When taking the sim assessments, I highly recommend taking it seriously, which I mean keeping away from any and all distractions for about an hour and a half. Turn off your cell-phone, close unused tabs on your internet browser, and put on noise cancelling head phones or ear plugs. Really immerse yourself into the assessment and treat it like how you would taking the NCLEX. Afterwards, UWORLD will give you your result along with the rationales. Read those rationales and understand how and why you got that particular question right. I wrote down the information that I got wrong and really thought about why I answered it this way, and how I could better formulate a plan to get the correct answer, if I saw this on the NCLEX.

    I tested on March 9 for about 2 hours and 101 questions. I got SATAs after every 1-2 priority questions, 1 drag and drop, 1 math question, 1 recognizing an image, and 1 ekg with delegation to UAP and LVN/LPN. Did the PVT about 8-12 hours after taking the exam with the good pop up or "Our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time." Searched all over the internet about accuracy of the PVT for about 2 days
    which I believe WORKS because I got my unofficial results this morning that said "Passed". I initially got down to my knees, broke down into tears, and prayed to God. I thanked God for his unwavering waves of blessings into my life.

    I shall be praying for all of the student nurses currently in the struggle, graduate nurses who will be taking the NCLEX for the first time, and those who will be taking the NCLEX after multiple attempts. God Bless Allnurses peeps!

  • Mar 17

    So I took my NCLEX 2pm today for about 2 hours. Shut off around 98. Had about 25 SATA, mostly pedia and maternal, 5-10 meds, 1 ECG, NO delegation which I was really hoping Id get a lot on. I really dont know how I feel RN. Im scared to do the PVT. I hope Florida BON post it tomorrow so I dont have to wait longer. ANXIETY IS KILLING MEEEE!

  • Mar 7

    Read the 35-page study guide. Good luck and share with us the good news ok?

  • Mar 7

    i always try 50 questions and i always got average score. never tried the self assessment yet. im scared im not gonna make it

  • Feb 11

    I've been in this cite so many times and I promised myself once I passed I will share my story. theres so many things i want to say so if you want to skip to how I did it/ study routine please find********

    Background: graduated may 2013 and to be honest I was an ok student, the school i went to as well I felt like didnt prepare me or guide me enough for the nclex, but my biggest mistake really is not taking my nclex earlier. When youve just finished school everything is still fresh in your mind so youll have more content information. Another big mistake is really not understanding nclex style questions. If i were to go back, i would have enrolled already or bought books for nclex review in my last semester of nursing.

    Anyways, I know what your thinking... I took the nclex 10times. YES IT IS ALOT! Im lucky that i live in a state where they allow you to take it as many time but in a span of 8 years i believe. First let me start off by saying i know its a lot of money, time wasted, and energy draining... BUT IF ITS YOUR DREAM ISNT IT WORTH IT IN THE END? there were countless times where i really questioned if this is really right for me...and it is. this is my dream and if i had failed again, I would have studied harder and wouldnt stop until i became an RN.

    This cite was very helpful throughout my journey, there were many helpful tips, and success stories, however this cite also brought me to tears many times. There are so many people that are so negative, saying things like "maybe nursing isnt for you" or "even if you passed already i still wouldnt want myself or any of my family members to be cared for by you since you failed so many times." I know people are going to say they are just being real or why give someone false hope. I understand where you are coming from, but truth is if nursing is really what you want you have every right to fight for it. Noone can stop you from achieving your dreams!

    There is so much negativity going on around us that is it really necessary to put someone down when they are already down? false hope is when there is absolutely no way for them, but if they still have the opportunity why not take it? can you imagine telling your child, your parent, your bestfriend, that even if they worked so hard and failed but still want to try again to just find something else to do? find a new dream? so many times Ive failed i've always looked at it as negative, but its a chance for me to rise up and become stronger. I think that was the hardest part in this journey, picking up the piece and trying again, because for those who dont know the feeling of giving it your all and in the end its still not enough, taking a chance to do it again takes so much out of you. its is not only mentally and physically draining, but very EMOTIONALLY draining as well.

    Everytime I saw that fail word in the quickresults, its was mindshattering heartbreak. It took me several weeks even to pick up any book and at times reading made me so sick or just even answering a question made me throw up. But I refuse to give up! AND YOU SHOULDNT AS WELL! i think the reason more people fail after the first time is because our confidence in ourselves really go down. IF WE DONT BELIVE IT HOW CAN WE BECOME IT? And for those who still have a negative outlook on multiple times nclex takers, think of it like a drivers license. your permit is graduating from your school but to be a safe nurse or in this case "safe driver" you need to pass the road test. Once you pass the road test the first time are you automatically the safest driver? there have been many people who got into accidents the next day after passing their road test. Same with nursing, passing the nclex the first time wont make you the safest nurse, it just makes you safer than the one who didnt pass yet. But being a nurse is not a race its a journey. what if when you were taking your road test, its was pouring so much rain or there were accidents on the road test site.

    Im not making excuses for failing but in life there are many parts in our lives that affect us and its not just going from one end of your destination to the next in a straight line, sometimes we have to stop for pedestrians walking, sometimes there are ambulances that we need to pull over to let them through, sometimes we run out of gas, but if you give it your all, even if you get a flat tire, or you engine dies out on you, and you get to your destination, applaud yourself because you deserve it.

    Also, for those who have said "I've tried it all", unless you have done EVERYTHING, READ EVERY BOOK, ANSWERED ALL THE QUESTIONS, TRIED ALL THE RESOURCES... YOU HAVENT DONE IT ALL. PUSH YOURSELF, THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING ELSE TO BE DONE! IF NURSING IS WHAT YOU WANT DO IT! DO IT! DO IIIITTTTT! DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU MAYBE ITS NOT FOR YOU. Surround yourself with positivity, Law of attraction! I was blessed enough that i have my family, friends and a partner with their continued support. Dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it, dont let pride and embarassment get the best of you. i had 2 jobs and quit one because i want focused enough. to cover my other finances my parents and partner helped me so much, so if you have people who are willing to help take it!

    Another big change when I took it this time is Praying, I prayed that I would have a clear mind and open heart that no matter what I will still fight for this dream. God will not be taking the test for you so dont pray just to say let me pass. Do your work put in the effort and if you fail again dont give up. take it as soon as you can. you will have more knowledge than the previous test, you will be an inch, if not, a mile closer to your destination. Finally I really want to say is dont be afraid of failing, failing is not a sign of weakness, or the end. Not getting back up and quiting is when youve really failed.
    this time around i was not afraid of failing because I know as long as there is air in my lungs, a mind to critically think, and an opportunity to take it again, possibilities are endless.

    ************** ncelx 1st-3rd time i was taking it:
    studied ncsbn learning extention, kaplan qbank did not finish, previous notes from school
    didnt really focus, was not motivated after failing the 1st time

    Nlcex 4th-7th time took hurst live review but didnt finish online questions, purchase ncsbn again and still didnt complete
    had 2 jobs 6 days a week, nclex was not priority just taking it to see maybe i can pass

    Nclex 8th time- quit other job, read suanders, studied 6-8hs a day answered 50-100 questions a day. would read for endless hours but found out the hard way i wasnt retaining information. did not really apply critical thinking.

    nclex 9th time- thought this was it! purchased uworld finished i think 900 questions 53% average. Amazing resource detailed rationales but its just a qbank and feels like your taking the nclex with the style of the site.

    Jan 28 2017 10th time taking the nclex. I waited 3 months after test 9.
    enrolled in self passed kaplan. watched the videos multiple times, finished qtrainers except QT7.
    diagnostic- 62%
    QT2- 63%
    QT3- 50%
    QT4- 58%
    LESSON 7 75%
    i would do qbank questions 75 questions average 57-67%
    finished the rest of qbank for uworld
    did not read any specific books, rather i watched alot of youtube explanations and videos here are some of the channels:
    nrsng- also go to websites for free study guides
    nclex tudy guide
    tootrn, LLC
    anneliese garrison
    podcast library

    also with the labvalues kaplan decision tree, maslows, infection control, nursing diagnosis and scope of practice, i printed them up and hung is next to my bed, atleast once a day i would ready every single one it took about 5 mins of my time every day but it really helped me remember the information.

    The biggest thing about this time around is I made this as my number one priority, and for the days i did not feel the strength to do questions, i watched alot of those youtube videos.

    Also my BIGGEST mistake in the past was not really using critical thinking, and what is the nclex ? CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS! Kaplan played a huge part because it really dissects the questions and how you should train your mind to think. I know most of you are thinking, why didnt i do kaplan first, well, when i was researching on which resources to use the had so many negative comments, and many people told me not to aswell because it didnt work for them. Everyone is different, you just have to see what works and what doesnt, and yes it is expensive but this is an investment for you.

    And now finally, after my long journey i can call myself an RN! and my journey is still not over, i will do my best to be the best nurse i can be! And for those who are still not accepting of multiple times nclex takers, and see them unfit, and still think they are unsafe, please ask your doctor how many times they have taken their mcat, or usmile or ask that restaurant how many time they passed their food test or your accountant how many time they took theirs or that taxi driver whos driving you around how many times they passed their road tests? the point is, it is just a test, it doesnt define who you are or who'll you become, its takes trail and error and expierences to mold the person you can be. GOODLUCK TO ALL FIRST TIME TEST TAKERS AND MOST OF ALL FOR THE PERSON WHO JUST FAILED, I BELIEVE IN YOU! TAKE A DAY TO BE SAD, BUT IF ITS YOUR DREAM DONT GIVE UP!
    also here are some people who've failed:

    Oprah Winfrey was publicly fired from her first television job as an anchor in Baltimore for getting "too emotionally invested in her stories."

    Steven Spielberg was rejected by the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts multiple times.

    Colonel Harland David Sanders was fired from dozens of jobs before founding a fried chicken empire. (KFC)

    Lady Gaga got dropped by her record label, Island Def Jam, after 3 months. Upon receiving the news, she "cried so hard she couldn't talk"

    ALSO if your curious here is a link of some nurses who have passed the nclex:
    1 Serial-Killing Nurses - Listverse
    +++ this link is just to show, its just not just about getting the license, its what you do after you get the license is what counts.

  • Feb 11

    Quote from shelbym01
    how do you the check the bon for your name?
    Well I'm from CA so I went on the Breeze website to search my name under "Look up License" and also verified by logging into my own Breeze account as well and it was labeled "Registered Nurse" with my application no longer being at pending.

  • Feb 11

    HI EVERYONE I WANTED TO SHARE MY GOOD NEWS, I GOT MY RESULTS THIS MORNING THAT I PASSED MY NCLEX. I have been reading all nurses forums since my first attempt/failure and this forum really helped me. I wanted to share my journey with you guys.

    FOR MY FIRST ATTEMPT, I did the full 265 questions and, when only took 1 break. I went to the bathroom and took a drink of water and came back. I literally studied 5 days a week and occasionally took Saturdays and Sundays off. For my first attempt I did the NSBCN course and uworld. Not to knock down those two resources, but I did not learn much from them mainly because I am a visual learner. So if you are someone who learns by reading and taking their own notes then those resources are for you.

    FOR MY 2ND ATTEMPT... I started studying 2 days i got my big fat FAILURE email from my nursing body. I don;t recommend that, I recommend to take at least a week to two weeks off to really recuperate, and take a break.Anyhow, I started using hurst, AWESOME RESOURCE if you feel you struggled on content, and then I bought the kaplan in class review which was extremely helpful because they help you with strategies. The nclex is 50% content, and 50% strategies!! so kaplan helped, and the inclass bootcamp comes with a qbank, which is A LOT HARDER than uworld in my opinion and harder than the nclex itself because it's quite wordy HOWEVER, uworld had the best rationales, kaplan had really short and crappy explanations.

    ANYhow I studied everyday, even on christmas and new years I studied at least 20 mins by doing small mock exams.

    So the day before the exam, hurst recommens u don't study, but I studied anyway, I only studied for 4 hours, and then called it a day, went for dinner with my boyfriend to enjoy myself. The morning of the exam, I woke up early, had some breakfast and packed a snack and my water. I drove to the testing place, blasing some hillsongs music to really pump myself up.

    I got there at an early time around 7:15 am and they let me go in right away, i was the only person inside the testing room. when I hit 75 questions I started to get defeated and asked for an early break. I went out, stretched, drank water, went to the washroom and looked in the mirror and told myself "you are passing today, and you are gonna burn all your nclex notes". As soon as I got back, I did a couple more questions, I stopped counting at 115, and a little over than the computer shut off. I smiled, because I knew I was kicking ass (although the questions were hard and rally didn't know for sure if I was even getting them right), I must have because I passed.

    I drove home, hugged my dog and my dad and then binged watched netflix. Then bam, this morning I got my results and BAM I passed.

    I felt so lonely during this journey and honestly its such a heart breaking experience to fail and I understand anyone who is struggling with this. SO please email me if you guys need any support. I love you all nurses!! I am still very much against this exam, but I am glad I passed and it is over. GOD BLESS YOU ALL! KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

  • Dec 22 '16

    Thank you so much everyone, everyones response has been overwhelmingly kind!! I will keep everyone posted! 12 more days!

  • Dec 9 '16
  • Dec 6 '16

    Quote from Anoetos
    all i did was take the Kaplan course and did all the testbank questions. Averaged about 60%, passed NCLEX on 75 questions in about 45 minutes.

    II didn't "study" anything. There's nothing on the test that you haven't seen or heard if you were paying attention in school.

    It's a MINIMUM competency exam.
    This. This this this. I don't understand the draw of studying for months. What's on the test that you didn't already learn in nursing school? In my opinion, pick ONE review book/class, take some practice tests, and take the real exam ASAP. My degree was stamped on May 30th, and I tested on June 14th. I read the Saunders book on the beach for two or three days, took a few practice tests on the included CD and felt comfortable. I feel like, if you're studying for weeks and months, you're just getting farther away from when you actually learned the material and are more likely to do poorly. Obviously, your mileage may vary.

  • Nov 16 '16

    Quote from OrganizedChaos
    But why do it at all? None of what you said justifies it. I would rather wait 2 days to make 100% sure I passed rather than do a trick & then still be stressed. But to each their own.
    I agree with you 100%. I waited the 48 hours and didn't bother with PVT. I knew I'd never be able to trust it either way. Was it a long wait? Yes. But I lived

    I had 2 classmates take NCLEX on the same day. One finished in 170 questions and the other in 78. Both did PVT the same day. One got the "good" pop up (170 questions) and the other got the "bad" (79 questions). Both of them failed the exam. I don't put much stock in PVT. It doesn't relieve any anxiety because you'll sit there and doubt it's true. Either you'll be devastated with the "bad" pop-up or not feel secure with the "good" one. It's just not worth it, even if you use an invalid card.

    OP: Wait 48 hours and pay the $7.95 to know 100% for sure that you passed. It's the best $7.95 you'll ever spend when you find out you passed. Stop torturing yourself with PVT.

  • Nov 2 '16

    Quote from NurseGirl525
    I guess I don't understand. The screen looks the same??? What does that mean?? I dos Uworld on both the app and laptop and I'm struggling to understand. The screen should not mean a thing. Maybe that's why I never noticed it.

    And yes, Uworld is ridiculously hard and focuses too much on content. They go for very small, nitpicky things. As does Saunders, ATI, and Kaplan. Content is not what the NCLEX is about. It's about the bare minimum practicing safely. I honestly think people miss that point. I know I did.

    But I don't understand how people who have taken it come back with, Uworld is all you need!!! No it's not. Looking back, as long as I don't d some types of questions everyday to keep my mind in that mode, I would have been fine. If somebody can't afford the expense of Uworld, they are still going to be fine if all they have access to is Kaplan. That is, if they correctly understood and safety and how to determine who their sickest patient is.

    I wont get into my questions but it was nothing that I had studied. It was hard to explain. I'm sure there was small amount of content, but not much. Uworld focused on how to zero art lines and the difference in the water seal on chest tubes. That's not even close to NCLEX.
    Ths screen looks the same means that UWorld has the same screen format as NCLEX with the blue and white background. If you took the NCLEX you should definitely have noticed that similarity.
    That feeling of familiarity gives comfort to some people in that they feel they are looking at something they have been using already when taking the NCLEX exam. This can be a benefit for some people since they might not be as nervous.

  • Nov 1 '16

    MY STORY: I finished my undergraduate degree from Penn State in May 2014. In January 2015, I went back to an accelerated 15 month (4 semester) accelerated nursing program at Rutgers University, which is a new program as Rutgers bought out UMDNJ (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey). With the merging of curriculum and teachers, it was most definitely a little unorganized and difficult to keep track of things as we were the first year of students.

    I graduated my Nursing Program in May 2016, and took it easy that month. I had family parties, and went to Ireland end of May/early June. Living life! When I came back, I started to study, but still didn't have my ATI number. By the time I got my ATI number it was Mid July.

    STUDY PLAN: During this Time, I was using the 1) Saunders book to study. At first I was reading each chapter and doing the questions, but many of my friends said that was a waste of time. So after doing that for about half the book, I started just doing the questions at the end of every chapter then going back and reading what needed clarification. I also checked out books from the Library: 2) LaCharity Prioritization, Delegation, and Management---which I did a few questions from each chapter and the exam at the end. 3) Kaplan---I did the practice exam at the end of the book. And Lastly, 4) Lippincott book that had 6 Practice exams. I also used my NCLEX mastery app, and made Index cards for labs and various mnemonics. I did questions everyday, and then about 1-2 weeks before my test date, I did a practice exam a day.

    During this time while I studied, I secured a job on a Med Surg/Telemetry floor. HR at this hospital wanted me to take my exam ASAP so it was scheduled for 8/17

    DAY OF THE EXAM: I was nervous and tired. I was working up till my exam and volunteering. I also received news from one of my friends she failed before I took my exam, which made me a little more nervous. After 5 and half hours, my exam shut off at 265 questions and I was DRAINED!!

    OUTCOME: I finished my exam around 7pm, I tried the PVT at 12am, and it took my money, I was devastated. I kept thinking maybe it was a mistake? I read and read all day on about how some people passed even though their credit card was charged. Well, much to my disbelief I really did fail. I found out via quick results and I thought my life was over. I had to call my job and tell them I failed.. I couldn’t imagine feeling worse.

    After going through the stages of grief, I did my research on again. I bought NCBSN course, and after about 2 weeks I found it to be too content based. So After more research, I decided to use UWORLD. UWORLD was the best thing that has ever happened to me!! UWORLD has an educational objective with rationales for each question; and why each multiple-choice answer is incorrect. I also quit my current job and spent all my time focused on the exam with no distractions.

    STUDY PLAN/take 2: I used UWORLD, and even learned things I never learned in my accelerated program. At first I had a hard time figuring out how many questions to do every day. I found that with the rationales being more in depth, I couldn’t do 265 questions a day as I would be too drained. Instead I did three 25 question exams and read the rationales for each question whether it be right or wrong. I set it to where I would get the rationale after answering each question, as opposed to getting all the rationales after taking the exam. It is completely preference based. I would go to the library and do 75 questions a day total, in three intervals of 25 questions. I would also research some procedures I was unfamiliar with and take notes on things I knew I would forget. As my date 10/11, got closer, I would read my notes and index cards and started redoing some of my wrong questions on UWORLD in addition to my 75 questions a day. 2 days before the exam I read the 35 page study guide that has been floating around on all I read half on 10/9 and half on 10/10. I also DID do some questions the day before the exam, but that’s only because my friend was late to meet me for lunch. I was happy I read the guide right before the exam, because there were about 2-3 questions from it. At the end of UWORLD, I had about 615 questions left and I think my average was around a 50-51%. I mostly made sure my exam scores were within 5% of the average score. The closer I got to my exam, my scores increased tremendously, and I believe a large part of that Is NERVES.

    DAY OF THE EXAM/take 2: I woke up, got my wawa coffee and was well on my way to the testing center. I got there early and they weren’t opened yet. So I sat in the hallway thinking… OMG I FORGOT EVERYTHING! I FORGOT MY ACID-BASE IMBALANCES! As I was googling it, I realized there is NO turning back now. I checked in, waited my turn… got sat in my station and began my exam. I felt SO CALM compared to last time. I didn’t even use my earplugs. I sat there and I took my exam as if I were taking another UWORLD exam…whispering the rationales to myself, still anxious that it may turn off at 75. AND IT DID! IT TURNED OFF AT 75 QUESTIONS!

    POST 2ND EXAM: I walked out of the testing center after about an hour and 40 minutes, and I had no idea how to feel. In my mind I thought it was easy, but almost too easy. I got mostly priority, ~6-7 SATA questions. No strips, hardly any meds, no ABGS (my arch enemy), no Fetal Monitoring strips. I thought I must’ve failed! But then I thought, could I REALLY fail at 265 with “near passing standard” in every category, and then fail AGAIN at 75 questions? There’s no way. So I carried on my day as per usual, I went to the gym around 3:30pm and around 5pm I decided to check the NJ License Verification website… I put in my info and THERE IT WAS! MY LICENSE NUMBER AND THE WORD “ACTIVE”. I could not have been more happy.

    I took out the time to type this because even in my darkest times, I came to this forum to lift my spirits and give me hope. I was starting to feel like a failure. But now I realize, it’s all mental. There really is no way you could know everything. You need to go into that exam confident and calm. I also believe it isn’t HOW many questions you answer a day, its about understanding the rationales for all right and wrong answers.

    I hope that this post helps someone else in need and brightens his or her day

  • Nov 1 '16


  • Sep 7 '16

    I am a graduate of ITT Tech and I can tell you my classmates and I had no trouble finding employment within the healthcare system. Yes I agree it is a scam school but once you have take your NCLEX hospitals really don't care where you got your ADN from. The only issue I ran into was trying to transfer my credits to a University when I went to complete my BSN.