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    Quote from tenjuna
    you know you're a nursing *student* when you scratch your head after reading this thread and wondering "what am I getting myself into?"

    can't wait to be able to join in on the jokes.

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    Quote from BlessedShauna777
    I think many folks fail to realize what it will take to get you where you want to go. Sure LPNs can be just as great as a RN however if you plan to further your career and plan on getting a masters or PHD, an LPN license is NOT going to cut it and you will have to go back to school to obtain a bachelors. Honestly why run in circles when you can just kill two birds with one stone. Just saying.

    I plan on receiving my masters. However, I am starting in the LPN program, not because I'm "running in circles". I was in the bachelors program but I felt like the class size was to large to learn such valuable information, along with cost and no schedule flexibility. I chose to attend the LPN program so I not only gain experience through clinical but I further prepare myself for the RN program. In essence it should only take me 3 years after that to receive my bachelors - same amount of time if I stayed at my old college. so why not be a step ahead? I feel as though more people should do that route because so many spend so much time in class and not enough hands on, then what? when I'm a nurse I want to be sure of my intelligence regarding a situation as well as my skill.

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    Found out I was accepted into the nursing program(: any advice on how to prepare? I start in August...

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    Hi everyone! Just wondering what kind of hours LPNs work. I was pursuing my BSN at a state university but at this point in time due to scheduling and money I will be starting with my LPN and doing a bridge program. I have a two year old so the hours are a big concern for me, can anyone give me an overview of some possible work schedules? I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Hi everyone! I wanted to know if anyone has had experience with Gateways nursing program. I'm currently a student a state college and my goal was to get into a BSN program, however the programs are so full that they are only accepting 15 applicants and discourage you from applying. I was so down about this that I started slacking off from school, I had a 3.7 GPA, I'll probably be ending the semester with a 3.3 or so. I wanted to keep pursuing nursing so I looked into the community colleges (gateway being the closest). I would love any feedback regarding this or other ideas someone may have!

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    Hi everyone! I just joined this website in hopes to feel a little less alone. I'm currently at a 4 year state college going for my BSN. I'm taking all the pre-reqs for the program this semester and next semester, I'll be applying to the actual program Feb. of next year. The program is extremely competitive. They only accept 15 students out of the entire college and the minimum GPA they are looking for is 3.5. I currently have a 3.6 but I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm constantly worried I won't get in. I've put so much into this that I'll feel like I'm losing a part of me. I was trying to figure out back-up plans, possibly just getting my LPN? I want to go into nursing for pediatric medicine and I'm not sure if an LPN would qualify me for a job such as that. In order to apply to the community college RN program I'd have to take two classes over the summer (that are reserved for nursing majors at my college) and I'm already taking one for my current college, on top of a two year old that just isn't the ideal situation. If anyone has any feedback I'd LOVE to hear it. Thank-you all!