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    Quote from suni
    I am doing a psych clinical psychologist n the fall for the first time. Any suggestions for activities for the students would be appreciated
    Can you clarify?

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    I am not a nurse educator, but I work for a foster care agency that has a large number of medically fragile cases. I can imagine it being a great experience for pediatric experience because it combines family process, abuse detection, congenital and a wired pediatric disorders, and a lot of education.

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    Quote from RNperdiem
    Once, long ago someone here broke the nomenclature down for me.
    Client = outpatient, home health, clinic
    Patient = inpatients in hospitals
    Resident= residential long term care
    I also heard this with the addition of

    Consumer = MRDD, congregate housing, supportive housing and services

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    A nice suit for interviews, networking and conferences. You can also give a gift card to a store that sells these.

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    Quote from SassyTachyRN
    I am still on box number 1 of saltines, I bet they are nice and stale by now!
    I'm sure that the degree of staleness=the degree of potency.

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    Quote from Alex Egan
    How many on camp at any given time? 2000 sounds crazy but if your doing one week seasons than that's only like 350ish on camp at once. Either way that pay is crazy low if your not bartering tuition.
    2000 campers at a time. Most of the nurses do barter tuition. For me, I was a school nurse, had the summer off, and I don't do well with boredom. I actually had a lot of fun. I was lucky because I had a paycheck coming in all summer (12 month pay schedule) and I sublet my apartment so I actually made more per month than when I was working. Also, I had free food, utilities, entertainment...

    I thought of it as a money making vacation instead of a low pay job.

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    I saw this headline on the NY Post on my way to work. I did my pediatric rotation at Coney Island (until Sandy).

    While the hospital is not a good one, even among the city hospitals, I think that the nurses that I met were all competent and skilled. Some items in the "article" stand out. If he was in a pediatric clinic, it is possible that some of the nurses do not really know how to start an IV. In NY, many nursing students never practice IVs. A nurse in an outpatient clinic may have never done this or have not done it for a long time. Also, clinic nurses are not always ACLS/PALS certified.

    Also, the writing makes it seem that the resident was upset that "staff" was going for breaks and naps. Who is this staff? If in fact it is referring to nurses, aides and allied health, they are allocated breaks which should be taken.

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    Last summer, I was a nurse at a camp in PA with over 2000 campers/staff on campus. There were five nurses, 3 EMTs (1 hired for infirmary the rest on call at times) and three administrative personnel. Pay was $3000 for 9 weeks. We worked rotating shifts depending on the time of day. We also rotated night call. We had med pass multiple times a day for over 100 campers, 50 campers on growth hormone, Doctor call a few hours each day, 12 beds in the infirmary and 3 isolation rooms.

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    Quote from Conqueror+
    Well I have worked IP psych. It doesn't get any realer than a 6'5" 350 pound guy with psychosis threatening to kill you and MEANING IT. Just my .02 cents.
    Especially when they just fired all security in the hospital except the one in ED.

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    I learned that handing in my ID and keys on my last day at a crazy job is awesome.

    I learned that getting a job offer on the way out of said ex-job is even more awesome.

    I learned that I will have friends at graduation, which is especially nice when no family will come.

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    Quote from Praiser
    Half the kids who come to me complaining of a stomach ache, really only need to take a dump. BUT WHY OH WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HAVE TO BE DONE IN MY CLINIC !!! THE PLACE SMELLS TO HIGH HEAVEN RIGHT NOW !
    The kids always laugh because the first question I ask is "did you poo today". Next is "did you have a saltine" of course.

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    Wasn't there someone else who said he/she was accepted?

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    For all of those students who will be starting the MS PMHNP program this month to graduate in 2019, I hope that we can use this space to get to know each other. Some of us may have met at orientation, but overall it may he helpful to get to know each other here.

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    Heroin, alcohol and benzodiazepines. Just a disclaimer, I work inpatient psych.

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    Quote from jax777
    I introduced my wife to Star Wars the same way; we binged watched the first six in two days. She did enjoy it, but I am still the bigger sci-fi nerd
    I read all seven Harry Potter books and watched all eight movies in one week in 2012.