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    Quote from kidzcare
    And also with you.

    Where's my communion wafer?

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    This is only speculation, but as an advisor for CUNY SPS RN to BS program, I would like to guess. One of the components of a good college program is retention and graduation rates. Many RN to BSN programs would be able to let students take only one or two classes prior to licensure. This can slow a student's progress through said program which affects the stats.

    As an example of me, CUNY SPS will take a select number of students who are pre licensure, but they must be deemed most likely to pass NCLEX on their first try. These students also must pass the NCLEX prior to registering for a second semester.

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    Quote from ohiobobcat
    I am not wearing pink today (I'm such a rebel!!! <----- see what I did there!!), because it is Star Wars Day (May the 4th.....). So I am wearing my green Boba Fett t-shirt today.
    May the 4th be with you too.

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    Some patients are A&Ox3, some are A&Ox4.

    I am super alert and oriented (which is not necessarily a good thing)

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    Quote from imintrouble
    When pigs fly.
    I think it's the mental image more than anything.
    But as all my [emoji298]️HP[emoji298]️ fans know, pigs do in fact fly. Pig is the owl, right?

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    1. Short staffing

    2. Short staffing r/t new manager and horrible managerial tactics

    3. Short staffing r/t new manager and horrible managerial tactics as evidenced by mass resignation of all full time staff within 2 months of new manager.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    We have corners here? Are they mitered?
    Far, of course our corners are mitered, which is why we get stuck in them.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Where has NOADLS been?
    This was exactly what I thought when I saw Canigtaduate's post

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    Patient complains that they haven't had a BM in weeks. So then what was that we just cleaned this evening?

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    Crystal healing? That's not a thing...

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    As a new nurse (2 years licensed) interested in nursing education, having tutored nursing students for 4 years and currently mentoring nursing students for my alma mater, I would like to address your concerns.

    While accessing faculty test banks may be considered cheating, it is important to understand how students may access this material. Unfortunately some unscrupulous individuals have purchased these items knowingly. This would definitely be cheating. However, when students share "practice questions" from other schools, and from colleagues, they may, unwittingly, be utilizing test banks.

    There have been incidents of which I am aware in which students were dismissed for academic dishonesty even though they were unaware of the source of study materials.

    I would also like to point out that some of our faculty was in the habit of giving away their texts. Some may have been unaware that they were giving away access codes that were intended for faculty only.

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    Quote from A&Ox6
    Shape would contribute. He always does. His lecture and theory are one page 394...
    That should be Snape. AN app not letting me edit.

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    Quote from Farawyn
    Ahhh, but WWSD?
    (What Would Snape Do?)
    Shape would contribute. He always does. His lecture and theory are one page 394...

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    Quote from DeLanaHarvickWannabe

    Madame Pomfrey would never go for this crud.
    Exactly. Her class would present information and Trelawney would contribute the "divination" component.

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    Quote from TheCommuter
    Reality orientation for very demented patients does not work. If the 89-year-old lady thinks it is 1988, and her long-deceased husband is still alive, and Ronald Reagan is the president, it is better to allow her to think these things.

    Telling her it is 2016, and her husband's been dead since 1995, and Ronald Reagan's been dead since 2004 is unlikely to be therapeutic or go very well.
    And this is the reason that I have "delivered babies", "called the sitter" and "let the dog out" for my dementia patients.