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  • Jul 20 '16

    Quote from A&Ox6
    (No, I am not back in school nursing, but once a school nurse always a school nurse.)
    Never a school nurse, and I'm rocking the pink today.

  • Jul 19 '16
  • Jul 15 '16

    I'm behind on congratulating folks:

    Aeris- way to go!!!

    Ladyfree- you deserve it, you've worked so hard!!

    Last, but certainly not least- OC: so many congrats on your happy news!!

    If I missed anyone else with good news- I'm sorry & Congratulations to everyone!!

  • Jul 15 '16

    What I learned this week: I'm officially an RN!!

  • Jul 13 '16

    Quote from ixchel
    This current week has not received a WILTW. I hope all can forgive me! If it's alright, lets keep this one rolling, and next week we'll pick up where we left off!
    Of course we forgive you! *hugs*

    I have some biiiiig news!!!!
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    I'm expecting! My hubby & I are so excited!!! [emoji7]

  • Jul 10 '16

    While I competely agree that alcoholism and addiction are, at least to some extent, an illness that is difficult for many patients to manage, isn't part of recovery to accept responsibility for what you've done as a result of that addiction? While my heart goes out to people with this particular struggle, I can't help but see some differences between this and the 95-year-old dementia patient.

  • Jul 10 '16

    This HA was an emergency

  • Jul 10 '16

    Quote from Jensmom7
    You do realize that this hospital is violating Federal labor laws? If you contact the Wage and Hour board, they can give you more information.

    I ran into this when I worked nights on a Gero Psych unit. Staffing was one RN and one CNA. This meant that the RN could not leave the unit to eat, and had to be available for anything during meal break.

    Because of this, I put "No lunch" on my time card each and every time I worked. I also contacted Wage and Hour, and had them sent me the rule, that if you are hourly and required to perform any job duties, or be available should any arise, then you are on the clock and must be paid that 30 minutes.

    During a staff meeting, some little pissant suit decided to get in my face and scream at me that I was NOT to ever do this again.

    I calmly handed him the statute, said "If I'm required to be available for work during my meal break, yes I will."

    Never heard another word about it.
    Pissant is a word we don't use often enough- and there are so many of them in healthcare. Wearing suits.

  • Jul 8 '16

    I'm still confused as to how you can get into an NP program without RN experience? What kind of legitimate programs are these? My program requires 2,000 hour of RN clinical hours verified by your manager as part of acceptance into the program.

  • Jul 7 '16

    Let me just say that I have been following this thread and it has came to my mind as I work. Just yesterday, I had a patient come in via ambulance for a headache . . . she was a patient who truly deserved to call an ambulance to get to the ED. She had been vomiting for over 12 hours due to the headache and couldn't keep any medications down. She arrived actively vomiting, pale, diaphoretic. Needless to say, she got the whole work up - EKG, labs, urine, CTA of head and neck, and a whole cocktail of medications. When she left, she looked better than when she came in. I have to say that one of the nice things about being an ED nurse is being able to make those with severe headaches feel a lot better!!

  • Jul 4 '16

    " Rather keep your legs closed or get on birth control, aborting a child's life over your lack of responsibility and good judgement will never be right. Accepted sure, right? never...
    Access and affordability?? Birth control is cheap and easily located throughout the world... If you don't want a child, then RESPONSIBILITY dictates that you prevent the pregnancy, not abort it because you were too lazy, irresponsible, etc to do so in the beginning..."

    Wow. Please don't ever work with sexually abused women or children. Please, this is cruel and judgmental.

  • Jul 3 '16

    Thanks for starting this week's WILTW thread, A&Ox6.

    Quote from A&Ox6
    I am short, barely over 5 feet.
    I'm another member of the ranks of the vertically challenged. I stand a whopping 5'1 and a half inches tall. Over the years I've learned that shortness has few advantages.

    Taller people are more likely to be hired than us shorties. Short people have less body surface area and slower metabolic rates than tall people. Generally, height is an indicator of a society's health. a population increases in height, it’s safe to assume that its people are either eating better, making more money, or both. If a population shows decreasing height (or stagnation, which the US is showing), we surmise that something is amiss.
    Nothing found for The Connection Between Height And Health #ixzz4DPVJlDM9

  • Jun 30 '16

    Losing 50 pounds in 90 days does not sound very "healthy" to me. It would require a drastic change of habits that is just not compatible with the human psyche. It is a "diet" that is a short term fix and almost always results in regaining the weight and then some.

    A slow sustained weight loss due to realistic changes in eating and activity is a lifestyle change people can do for the rest of their healthy life.

    This "article" sounds like a sponsored ad. The very title is distasteful. Ick.

    I have used a free on-line fitness forum to lose 40 pounds this year. A slow 1-2 pounds a week strategy is what is promoted by the most successful "losers". So many new people will comment that they are looking for the quick magical answer to their life long problem of obesity. They are quickly reminded that magic doesn't exist and quick weight loss products only work on their wallet. We don't need nurses advocating the quick weight loss nonsense.

  • Jun 30 '16

    Quote from NotAllWhoWandeRN
    The idea that overweight people lack "self control" is a really harmful one.
    I concur. Although I now fall into a normal weight range for my height (130 pounds), I have had severe insulin resistance since puberty. Those who have never dealt with insulin resistance scratch their heads and say, "If only those fatties would exhibit self-restraint! If they're not hungry, why do they keep eating?"

    Insulin resistance sets up a vicious cycle of biochemical reactions in the body that keep you feeling ravenously hungry during every waking minute. Although I'm not a diabetic, Metformin was the only thing that curbed my hunger and helped me derive some energy from the food I was eating.

    Those who have never had a weight problem can blame the fat person for his/her lack of self-control. However, the fat body habitus is often a proxy for another insidious issue transpiring within the person. Insulin resistance does not react well to a "move more, eat less, calories in, calories out" prescription, which causes the person to feel hungrier than ever.

    Milder cases of insulin resistance can see weight loss with a carbohydrate-controlled diet combined with some exercise to stimulate insulin sensitivity within the cells. Severe, longstanding insulin resistance cases will only respond to more drastic measures such as Metformin, intermittent fasting, low carb high fat (LCHF) eating, and sometimes bariatric surgery.

    By the way, 80 percent of the overweight and obese are insulin-resistant. Their bodies are trapped in a cycle that promotes fat storage. Insulin drives fat storage. Remember that before you blame the fat person for lacking willpower.

  • Jun 30 '16

    If you're going to make me wear googles and earplugs to simulate being elderly I need my cane. So I can bop you in the head.