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Morning and Night

Shakespearean Sonnets are poems typically written using the same structure as Shakespeare's. They are almost always composed of three quatrains, or four line stanzas, as well as a final couplet. The lines are often written in iambic pentameter, a rhythm that is often used in English literature and poetry. In addition to the general structure of the poems, most Shakespearean Sonnets address issues of love, beauty and mortality. As such, many of these poems address romantic interests and the... Read More →

Ode to Case Managers

This is in appreciation to all of the case managers out there. Many strengthen the interdisciplinary bonds in ways that other specialties may not. These are the unsung heroes. The ones who facilitate improved care coordination for our clients across the spectrum. The ones who may not receive recognition for their myriad of client saves. The case manager often is the go-to person at a facility although they may never deserve recognition for this. How often is social work credited for many of... Read More →

I'm a Nurse and I am Stronger

I had been at the top of my class my entire life. In fact, I remember in high school contesting a 95 because I was so unused to grades below an A+. Yes, I was that student. When I was in a CNA program, other students were upset because I ruined the curve. I knew that many nursing students experience the difficulty in adjusting from the top of their class to the mediocre. As much as I tried preparing myself, I could not accept that this could happen to me. Therefore, when I failed a test... Read More →

From Living to Dying and Back

As I lay in the hospital bed, hooked up to a monitor, I wondered how long I had left. As I heard them resuscitating my roommate, I contemplated my mortality. Was it not just a month ago that I had taken my entrance exam to nursing school? I was supposed to be the one taking care of patients, and here I was on strict bed rest, not even allowed to get out of bed for a shower. And I lay here wondering how much longer I would be alive. I had been falling a lot in the weeks prior to my... Read More →