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    Hi Everyone! I just found this forum but I am still waiting for my call also! I interviewed on Halloween for CV acute and I have been glued to my phone ever since! Please let me know if you get a call

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    thanks guys for your advice! vwgirl...i know im a little behind, ive been working on my resume and studying for school and i didn't even start looking for new grad programs until it was too late for some most girls in my classes aren't even looking for jobs yet, which is kinda scary but i just need to stay optimistic and stay on the ball to not miss any important deadlines! but thank you for your help!

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    So I am graduating with my BSN in about 30 days and have been studying for NCLEX all semester (So I plan to take it right away) and I have been trying to find where the new grad programs are in California. I have been going off of word of mouth from friends at school or at other universities, but its frustrating not knowing where this info is coming from. Is there some sort of website out there that lists all the residency programs for new grads for this upcoming summer? help!!! I'm kind of freaking out about being unemployed.