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    Hard to believe that this type event still occurring with push for single dose meds and syringe use.

    New cases of possible hepatitis exposure emerge at heart clinic

    ..More than 2,300 clinic patients received letters from the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources in March, saying they may have been exposed to hepatitis B and C as well as HIV.

    At the time, health officials said they were investigating 12 cases of hepatitis linked to injectable medications given during cardiac stress tests at the clinic...

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    Quote from amoLucia
    To NRSKaren - Just to say I'm impressed with your skill to offer citations and general knowledge re NJ issues.

    I look forward to reading your responses when you post.
    Thanks for the kind word. Have NJ license x 20yrs so keep up to date with happenings here along with reading cover to cover NJ Nurse newsletter.

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    Your welcome...just happen to know my way around NJ Boards website.

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    Thanks for letting me hang out + educating re epipen high cost and discounts available.
    Had 1st allergic reaction to hubby's ice cream birthday cake red icing: red blotches hands+ face. throat tightening that benadryl resolved.
    Went for my weekly allergy shot for environmental trigors, given RX for pen. Pharmacy called that copay $80.00 despite Blue Cross drug plan!!

    With husband disabled + not working his med copay was ~$3,000 in 2015. So jumped on computer, typed in "epipen disccout", came up with manufacturer $0 Co-pay Offer‎ available to those not on Medicare/Medicaid/ government programs.

    Thanks for the heads up on this issue.

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    Having worked Hospice and Palliative care, it's hard enough to gain patient and family's trust after death panel commotion, sure this will spread like wildfire instilling fear of premature death. TONS of education will be needed by hospice staff to allay fears of patients living in this area and undue harm by this Hospice owner.

    Hospice Owner Told Worker to 'Make Patient Go Bye-Bye

    The owner of a North Texas medical company regularly directed nurses to give hospice patients overdoses of drugs such as morphine to speed up their deaths and maximize profits, an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit for a search warrant obtained by NBC 5....

    ..Harris instructed a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient's medication to four times the maximum allowed, the FBI said. He allegedly sent text messages like, "You need to make this patient go bye-bye."...

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    Nursing ethics failure big time along with HIPAA violation. KUDOS to her colleague that reported issue.

    From USA Today:
    Nurse surrenders license after taking picture of patient's penis

    Johnson initially faced a felony charge, but her sentence was reduced after she agreed to give up her license as part of a plea deal. She will also serve three years probation for taking the unlawful surveillance pictures, WRGB-TV reported.

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    Friends has long been considered the premier Mental Health Hospital in Philly + has outpatient services. It is still owned by UHS. Next to consider: Hall Mercer Crisis Response Center at Pennsylvania Hospital. Einstein sold Belmont Behavioral Health Center to for profit Acadia Healthcare Company-no knowledge how run today.

    Other hospitals with inpatient Psych include Temple @ Episcopal campus; Jeff, Einstein@ Germantown location, Mercy Philadelphia.
    Delaware County: Mercy Fitzgerald -Darby PA , Crozer Keystone@ Community Hospital-Chester; Montgomery County: Bryn Mawr Hospital.

    Substance abuse + dual Diagnosis: Valley Forge Medical Center

    Oupatient Drug and alcohol is another option to consider too.

    Best wishes in finding a rewarding career.

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    Come join 100's of nurses advocating for Safe Staffing in PA. Good opportunity for nursing students to see nursing activism in action + meet clinical requirement to attend a professional nursing meeting. Karen

    PSNA has issued a Code Blue Nursing Emergency: April 11

    Hospital staffing is a real and immediate emergency and our patients are suffering the consequences of the chronic, unsafe staffing levels. Pennsylvania's lawmakers have been unable to reach a final agreement spanning some six years. Because nurses love and respect our patients, a legislative solution can no longer be postponed. It's time to act. That's why we're going to Harrisburg.

    Why are nurses calling a Code Blue Safety Emergency on April 11?

    • Surgical deaths are more than 60% higher in poorly-staffed hospitals.
    • 70% of Pennsylvania nurses surveyed confirmed inadequate staffing negatively impacts their ability to serve their patients daily/weekly.
    • In 2014, a total of 240,778 "serious events and incidents" were reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System.

    What is the Safe Nurse Staffing Act (HB 476)?
    This act empowers nurses to create patient-safety staffing plans based aimed at reducing medical errors, saving lives, and confronting chronic burnout by nursing professionals. Let's make history together and win one for the health and safety of every Pennsylvanian!
    To read House Bill 476 please click here.

    About the Day: FREE to PSNA Members
    This is an urgent appeal for you to raise your voice for safe, quality care! Registration and breakfast open at 8 am in the State Museum (adjacent to the Capitol), with our first presentation kicking off at 9 am. Morning sessions include a presentation from the Safe Nurse Staffing Act Sponsor Representative Mauree Gingrich. The day includes a 12:30 PM Rotunda #CodeBlue Rally and blocks of time to meet with legislators, have lunch on your own, and tour the Capitol. The day will close with a 3:30 pm Code Blue Thunderclap at the museum. CNE awarded. Register here today!

    Cost to Attend
    PSNA Members – FREE
    Unlicensed Students – FREE
    Licensed Student – $10
    Non-PSNA Members – $20
    Bringing a group? Contact us at

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    I've moved your post to AN's Nursing Career Advice where you'll find advice and support.

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    Philadelphia Inquirer

    St. Christopher's nurses: Yes to union

    This is the second Philly Tenet Hospital to unionize in past month. Working conditions #1 reason nurses seeking some control over as positions cut to bone. Vote 311 -49.

    St Chris also suspended their pediatric Cardiac Transplant program in January 2016 due to higher than expected death rate.

    Newborn deaths at Phila. hospital raise questions

    PASNAP website: PASNAP | Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals

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    19 College Presidents voted against proposal for 2 community colleges: Union County College and Passaic County Community College to grant BSN degrees while 18 college presents voted for proposal with 2 college Presidents not present; concern is mission creep, attracting faculty and cost Bachelors programs. Karen

    Philadelphia Inquirer
    Jan. 25, 2016
    Jonathan Lai, Staff Writer

    College presidents oppose community college nursing degree

    ...The New Jersey Presidents' Council narrowly decided to send the proposals with negative recommendations to the state secretary of higher education, who will make the final call on whether to approve them.

    Union County College and Passaic County Community College, which currently offer associate's degrees in nursing, hope to create bachelor's degree completion programs for existing registered nurses. Those R.N.-to-B.S.N. programs, if approved, would be the first time community colleges in the state granted bachelor's degrees...

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    Great video!

    So far we've gotten 17 inches...with part 2 starting now 5PM Sat.
    When did my 27 + 30yo sons decide to snowblow driveway?... 4:15P.
    Winds kicken up and blowing neighbors roof snow into my yard + driveway.
    Expect schools to be closed Monday for ongoing dig out.