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    Pst...what is a 504? I know IEP's.

    always learning in this forum.

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    Previously worked in a Catholic hospital so decorating OK ..since night shift I got the honor to hang our designs in our 14 bed unit. One year I took a sleeve of plastic med cups, red ribbon and glitter and made them into bells we hung on the doorway. Yearly decorating contest, entered our theme of Christmas music round the world, blew up sheet music of songs and carols, to place on doors. Another warm holiday season, we made paper snowflakes and hung in hallways. Staff would chip in for dollar store smalls stocking's which we filled with hand cream or pair socks, small candy cane which we placed on tray table during 6AM med pass along with "Holiday Wishes" greeting card that staff signed.

    Night shift had monthly pot lucks with international cuisine as staff from around the world, outstanding in December. Hospital had dinner or deluxe breakfast for all to participate.

    Now these groups REALLY creative:



    [IMG] qNMLXpoQg70qdecY6e1[/IMG]



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    Yes when the payer is state Medicaid /Medicaid HMO

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    Philadelphia Inquirer

    Nurses at Hahnemann and St. Chris ratify labor contracts

    ...More than 90 percent of 1,375 nurses at the facilities owned by Tenet Healthcare voted in favor of the new agreements, the union said.

    Among the highlights of the contracts are the establishment of experience-based wage scales, with the top rate reaching $51.72 per hour at Hahnemann and $51.50 at St. Chris; 15 percent evening- and night-shift differentials; and a union-management committee that will examine incidents of improper reassignments of registered nurses. ..

    ...Between January and April, PASNAP organized workers at at four hospitals, involving nearly 2,800 nurses and healthcare professionals. Contract negotiations continue for 950 registered nurses at Albert Einstein Medical Center, in Philadelphia, and for 450 registered nurses and technical staff at Delaware County Memorial Hospital in Upper Darby, PASNAP said.

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    Delaware County Daily News:
    By Kevin Tustin

    DCMH nurses, techs push for contract, more staff



    .. Going almost one year without a contract since they unionized in January with the Pennsylvania Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals (PASNAP), dozens of workers were out along Lansdowne Avenue to let the community know they are still providing the same quality of care they always have while negotiating a contract with the hospital’s for-profit owner, Prospect Medical Holdings, Inc...

    ...Among their sister hospitals in the CKHS, DCMH nurses are still behind in pay said Darling, with the tech staff being paid $7-$10 less per hour, equal thousands of dollars in one year....

    Most FIRST nursing union contracts take over 1 year to negotiate. Added into the mix is the Crozer Keystone Health System was sold to FOR PROFIT Prospect Holdings effective 7/1/16.

    Recently, I've spoken to several staff . Despite CKHS prior parent company eliminating over 300 positions past several years, staffing is down to the bones. Nurses have taken downsized positions in order to keep ancillary staff --now some ancillary hours being cut to 72 per 2 wk schedule.

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    Great charts...thanks for sharing.... confirming my Dad's pink eye's due to allergy.

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    Great refresher...thanks for sharing.

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    Laughing my head off reading these.... congrats anitalaff glad members voted your top turkey caption.

    [IMG] CjSeq6FH5d0QSlD_UfnfA[/IMG]

    gotta stop peeking in during work hrs... hope all had Happy Gobble Gobble Day.

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    Found in my Advance for nursing newsletter ... multiple positions available for those with TWO years experience.

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    Found ABC News:

    Nearly 21 Million in US Have Substance Use Disorder: Surgeon General's Report

    Nearly 21 million people are grappling with substance use disorder, with only one in 10 getting treatment for the condition, according to a lengthy new report released today by the U.S. surgeon general.

    Currently, the number of people with a substance use disorder exceeds the number of people diagnosed with cancer -- any kind of cancer, according to the report. This means at least one in seven people will develop a substance use problem at some point during their lives, the report states. And, while approximately 32,744 people died from car accidents in 2014, the report found that approximately 50,000 people died from either an opioid, alcohol or other drug overdose that year. In an emotional forward, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy wrote about nurses at his hospital asking him to step up on fighting addiction when he left to work as surgeon general.

    "The nurses had one parting request for me. If you can only do one thing as Surgeon General, they said, please do something about the addiction crisis in America," Murthy wrote. "I have not forgotten their words."
    Full report:
    Facing Addiction in America: The Surgeon General’s Report on Alcohol, Drugs, and Health

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    Thanks for your comments...agree 100%. Have 2 family members with chronic pain..... when your having 40th kidney stone at age 30, Advil 800mg as one ER suggested not gonna work but IV Toradol + Dilaudid 2 mg got pain under control until lithotrypsy arranged.

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    Changes in beds.....

    Iron lungs phased out in 60's. Had to be at least 100 times I bumped my foot/ankles on foot of bed manual cranks, still see them in homecare.

    Learned to use Stryker frame:


    Then Circo-electric bed:


    Advanced to air fluidized bed with TONS of beads -- "Clinitron bed" major supplier
    "A bed consisting of a mattress filled with tiny glass or ceramic spheres that are suspended by a continuous flow of warm air. The patient “floats” on the mattress with only minimal penetration".... worked well for pressure ulcers until tiny glass spears made their way to top surface and stuck to to skin.


    Modern rotating Roto-Proton bed:


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    Found at ABC news:

    Trump Willing to Keep Parts of Obamacare

    In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Trump acknowledged there are aspects of President Obama’s signature health care plan that he wants to maintain, like protecting patients with pre-existing conditions and allowing parents to keep their children on their own plans until age 26.

    “I like those very much,” he said, according to the newspaper.

    Most congressional Republicans would agree that in order to craft a viable alternative to the president’s law, they need to include at least those two aspects, which appear to be very popular with participants in the Affordable Care Act.
    Both of the items Trump mentioned are included in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Better Way” health care agenda, although he has not yet offered actionable legislation to achieve them.
    More than 100,000 people selected ACA plans on Wednesday per news reports.

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    Found at Crains Business newsletter
    From Philadelphia Inquirer
    by Harold Brubaker
    Nov. 8, 2016

    Analysis: Trump presidency could impact Philly hospitals

    Philadelphia's modern economy is built on the back of the region's meds-and-eds – its health systems and universities. But with the election of Donald Trump as the nation's next president, some say hospitals could face major financial challenges

    .... On the trade front, life could get harder for Philadelphia firms that manufacture products abroad for U.S. consumption. Trump has said he would rip up international trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement.

    Trump cannot do that without Congress, but if he got his way, that could unleash a trade war, plunge the U.S. economy into recession, and cost more than four million private-sector jobs, a September report by the Peterson Institute for International Economics said

    For profit hospital corporations stock took nose dive: HCA, Universal Health Services Inc, Tenet, Community Health Systems while drug manufactures stock rose due to potential reversal of ACA cost controls.

    Only 1 company Independence Blue Cross has plans in Philly areas healthcare exchange with rates increased 26%. IBC affects lives of 10million persons, 2.5 million just in my 5 county Philadelphia area.

    IBC 2015 report: How your premium dollar is spent

    We spent 83.3 cents of each premium dollar to pay for our customers’ health care in 2015. We used 12.1 cents to run our business and invest for the future. We used 5 cents to pay taxes — a total of $695 million in federal, state, and local nonpayroll taxes. For taxes and fees related to the ACA alone, we paid $263 million — nearly 30 percent above what we paid last year. We made no profit in 2015. The medical services used by individual members increased significantly, as did the amount we spent on specialty and high-cost, brand name prescription drugs, resulting in a -0.4 margin.
    My spouse has been high utilizer of healthcare with IBC paying bills. Thankfully, my health system buying power has no increase in premiums for 2017. Expect TRUMP changes to hit in 2018. Very worried what helathcare will look like in 2022 when I retire.

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    DELCO Times
    By Kathleen E. Carey
    300 nurses at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital ratify new contract

    ... The four-year contract includes annual salary increases of 3 percent in addition to experience-based wage adjustments. According to the union, the raises would translate to 14 percent or more as of November 2019 with some new nurses receiving almost 20 percent increases by that time.

    The new deal would outline a weekend program that pays $56 an hour for days and $62 for nights to incentivize working on weekends.

    Each year, nurses will have the opportunity to negotiate over a staffing grid for each unit. There will also be a Joint Staffing committee that includes nurses and will meet monthly to address improving patient care....