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    Student membership for undergrads is possible for $50.00 fee to verify undergrad status:

    •Student Membership: Open to matriculating undergraduate students.

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    Check out Aaron's Tracheostomy Page for up to date info on trach care along with the resources section: Surgical Procedures
    Critical pointers: Tracheostomies

    AN's Pulmonary Nursing sectionhas many resources too.

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    LaSalle Achieve Program Fall 2017 has 3 pages of info about program.

    This link will take you to multiple discussions about program over the years:

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    I've been a nurse now 40yrs, last 15yrs in non-bedside position in Home Health. Started planning my retirement 2yrs ago with plans to decrease from FT to 2days wk in about 4 years. Reading allnurses one would assume no one wants bedside positions. In Philly area, BSN push has been on for about 5 years with glut of graduating nurses and not enough hospital/SNF bedside positions available. Five new BSN grads I'd hired into Home Health Central Intake roles all left after that magical first year as able to obtain hospital bedside positions.

    As part of retirement planning, I increased 403b contribution to 10% salary 3 years ago to take advantage of health system match for those over 16years employment getting $.60 for every $1.00 up to 6% salary if making less than $100,000. Paid off all credit cards; use just 1 debit card with monies out of checking account. I rarely go to Starbucks/ Dunkin Donuts/Wawa for Chai tea, instead buy individual sealed Chai + Constant Comment tea bags (my stress relievers) along with Truvia carrying them in separate area in my handbag to cut down on spending. My work pension is anticipated @ $900/mo now --just enough to pay PA state and school Taxes.

    One of my friends continues to work 2days week at age 82 as "keeping her sharp". I would like to volunteer at local library or assisted living activity center as something to keep me busy, rather than have deadlines to meet. All depends on how health insurance plays out over next few years as might need to keep working to pay for insurance cost.

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    A Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) is a qualification for forensic nurses who have received special training to conduct sexual assault evidentiary exams for rape victims. Not all, but many SANE programs are coordinated by rape crisis centers rather than hospitals.

    CAREER INFO: Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners

    Police Laboratory Analysts process the kits
    How are rape kits processed?

    Oregon State Police analysts are working to resolve the growing backlog of rape kits, which has quadrupled since the state shipped kits to a private Utah laboratory in 2016.

    It takes between 8 and 16 hours to analyze a sexual assault forensic evidence kit, or SAFE kit, and each kit passes through the hands of forensic scientists who specialize in biology and DNA analysis.

    The lengthy testing period paired with a limited number of scientists who juggle other casework may have contributed to the growing backlog.

    At the Oregon State Police Forensics Services Division at the Portland Metropolitan Forensic Laboratory in Clackamas, each SAFE kit is passed through several analysts, including biologists who analyze hairs and fibers, and scientists who analyze human DNA like saliva, semen and any other swabs taken from a victim.

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    In most states, the Department of Health regulates Skilled Nursing Facilities, not board of nursing. Have you notified SNF administrator of these issues.... if they have not been concerned, there should be a corporate DON you should notify. It's not unusual for cash strapped corporations to be late paying bills, especially if reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid late. If these persons appear unconcerned or hushing up issue, you can file a whistleblower complaint with Dept of Health or state Inspector General hotlines.

    Excellent advice here:
    Preparing to Blow the Whistle: A Survival Guide for Nurses - Medscape requires free registration

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    PA approved medical marijuana sales last year, at contract stage now. With 75+ kidney stones, my son is hoping this might be of benefit instead of narcotics for renal colic + chronic neuropathic pain he has.

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    Found at ABC News
    Nurses honor tiny 'graduates' leaving the NICU

    A North Carolina hospital is celebrating babies who are ending their stay in the neonatal intensive care unit.
    The staff at CaroMont Health in Gastonia, North Carolina, honor their tiny patients with a special photo shoot and a graduation cap.
    About six months ago, Nurse Melissa Jordan began the "graduation ceremonies" after she helped care for an infant who spent 62 days in the NICU.
    On the day he was leaving, the baby's parents dressed him up in a "NICU Grad" onesie, which inspired Jordan to continue the tradition.
    "It's an emotional roller coaster for a preemie," Jordan, 28, told ABC News. "One day could be really happy and then another day there can be several setbacks. You have to be there emotionally for the parents and celebrate every single, teeny milestone."


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    There is a lot of information re healthcare workers + drug diversion.
    After literature review, determining best practices, With buy-in from current employer, could look at reviewing current employers practice and modeling a project similar to Mayo clinic...or look at education campaign within a facility.

    Mayo Clinic efforts:
    10 Ways to Halt Drug Diversion by Healthcare Workers

    ANA: American Nurse Today

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    Found PR Newswire:
    News provided by American Association of Nurse Practitioners
    06 Jun, 2017,

    More than 234,000 licensed nurse practitioners in the United States

    More than 234,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) are licensed in the United States, according to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), which today released its latest count. The workforce has nearly doubled since 2007 when there were an estimated 120,000 NPs....

    ...The NP workforce is growing at a fast rate. An additional 23,000 new NPs graduated from programs in the 2015 – 2016 academic year, up 3,000 graduates, or 15.5%, from the 2014 – 2015 academic year. An estimated 85.5% of new graduates have been trained in primary care. Nearly two out of three new graduates will graduate from family NP programs. By 2024, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the NP profession will have grown by 35% compared to 30% for physician assistants and 13% for physicians (this excludes anesthesiologists and surgeons).

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    Guidelines for Safety in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit - NCBI - NIH
    Guidelines for Safety in the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit


    Cleaning and Disinfection of Endoscopes Policy and Procedures

    I'd focus on PATIENT SAFETY aspect of checking equipment prior to use.... avoid procedure delay, sedation time etc.

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    Search for " Timex Indiglo Womens " or "Women's Timex Easy Reader® Expansion Band T2H491" Watch < $40 at Walmart and Target.

    I've had mine >15yrs...just got battery replaced for 2nd time last week for $10. Worked great on night shift as Indiglo feature illuminates watch face, minimally disturbing clients when counting respirations.

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    Found at ABC News:
    By Dake Kang, Associated Press
    CLEVELAND — May 28, 2017, 1:06 PM E

    Friends recall only nurse killed by hostile fire in Vietnam

    Minutes before 6 a.m., Army nurse Martha Green woke with a jolt to a thunderous explosion half a mile away. It was the steamy morning of June 8, 1969, and she was in her bed at Chu Lai base at the height of the Vietnam War
    Green's husband returned with tragic news: A Soviet-built rocket had struck the hospital, and Sharon Lane, 25, a fellow nurse from Ohio, had been killed instantly.
    "The news struck me like lightning," said Green, who'd chat with Lane while stationed on the same shift. "She was a very sweet, quiet young woman. The sadness was really palpable."
    Today, Lane is immortalized in books and statues, and she even helped inspire characters in a television show. Among the roughly 11,000 American women stationed in Vietnam, Lane was the only one killed by hostile fire during the decadeslong war. Seven other women died in accidents and illnesses.
    Her biographer, Philip Bigler, calls her "a symbol" of nurses at war. Lynda Van Devanter, the nurse whose memoir inspired "China Beach," a late 1980s drama about women in Vietnam, recalled the searing shock of Lane's death the very day she arrived in Vietnam.
    "I suddenly became very aware that women could in fact be in danger, and that this was no game anymore," Van Devanter said in a documentary interview. ...