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  • Jul 26

    Employer penalties vary often s thorough investigation must take place so initial suspension is often the first step. Depending on the investigation results the nurse could be reinstated, terminated, reported to the BoN, named to HHS when alerting of a patient information breach. Monetary fines are generally assessed to institutions not individuals.

    Did the patient file a formal complaint with the HIPAA compliance officer/risk management?

  • Jul 25

    "I'm sorry. I found a better opportunity that I can not just pass on. It has been very beneficial for me to have worked here and .... My last day will be ....." No, another shift will not be better for me than the new position I have just been offered, but I appreciate your effort......"

  • Jul 25

    You applied 10 days ago. Background checks take 3-4 weeks to be processed because of the level required. Has proof of your current nursing license been forwarded? Is your checklist complete save for the background check. Aside from checking your application the BoN will not move forward without the results of the comprehensive fingerprint/background check.

    Regardless if you think you sent everything, it doesn't matter if it's not processed hence access to the applicant checklist online.

    If you applied 10 days ago going to the BoN is useless. The fastest I've seen was 4-6 weeks post application. Any delays in license verification or background = more like 8-12 weeks.

    Have you completed the fingerprinting for the background check yet?

  • Jul 25

    At least 3-4 weeks after you do the fingerprinting as that's how long the report takes. It's an SBI/FBI background check.

    Their 8 week timeline probably was on point.

  • Jul 25

    Most recent endorsement time was 6 weeks. If you check out this in the NJ forum:

    If your original state uses nursys it helps as opposed to waiting for paper license verification (most do).

  • Jul 25

    Quote from wknurse
    I see on the other post that NJ does now in fact issue temps? I wonder if that is something I should go ahead and apply for.
    You can only apply at the time of initial application. Generally issued to military/spouses. No state lets you add on a temp application after your licensing application is submitted for review/processing.

  • Jul 24

    Delaney- you've stumbled onto a topic that's been debated hotly, & extensively, on this site! Accidentally it seems. Since you're in nursing school, I'd like to give you a different perspective on this. And possibly explain why we (nurses) get so upset when this topic comes up.

    In previous posts here, it's been brought up that MAs (usually in an MD's office) or CNAs (in a hospital setting) have been heard telling patients that they are the nurse & then giving medical advice.

    The problem with that is that when a person puts themselves forth as a nurse, a patient usually trusts what that person tells them because they assume if you're a 'nurse' you have the education of a nurse. Many here have heard poor & outright wrong advice given to patients or even gotten it ourselves from MAs at doctor's offices calling themselves nurses. I myself have had to re-educate pts in the hospital because a CNA gave them wrong information.

    In school they will tell you how important ethics & integrity are in the nursing profession. We have standards of practice & nurse practice acts to guide us and if we violate those, our license would be in jeopardy. We study hard to be licensed & practice ethically to stay licensed.

    So my problem with non licensed people calling themselves nurses is more with the harm they can do with the general public.

    If you are a MA or CNA, be proud of your accomplishments & the good job you do! But please don't practice beyond the scope of your duties. Peoples lives may depend on it

  • Jul 24

    It's both against the terms of service and against the law to present yourself (through name, username, introduction, etc) as having healthcare credentials that you do not have. That's the big deal.

  • Jul 24

    It's a recurring theme because some posters do not know that 'nurse' is a legally protected title and some do not read allnurses terms of service before agreeing to them.

  • Jul 24

    The only reason for someone to be admitted to a hospital is for nursing care.

  • Jul 21

    When I think about all the horrible injustices which are perpetrated across the world on a daily basis, I just cannot get worked up about something like this.

    Yes, I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill. I don't believe for a moment that the physician believes or is implying that the nurse is a "piece of (his) property." Seems like just looking for offense.

  • Jul 20

    The relationship might not work out. The job might not work out. Live in the moment, go for it.

  • Jul 20

    Quote from sevensonnets
    The cooing and holding hands in the breakroom soon gets old and so you move to less public areas of the hospital thinking you'll have some privacy there to avoid being talked about and being scrutinized. But you will be and at least one of you will be counselled about your behavior and somebody loses their job because they're neglecting it. I have seen it happen more than once. It's never a good idea to date someone from work.
    Professionals do not coo and hold hands in the breakroom, or move the relationship to a private area. Professionals keep their private life and work life separate.
    I met a DH at work ( during a code no less). We dated, and eventually married. No counseling or job loss was required!

  • Jul 17

    In the past I've dealt with dramatic coworkers by mentally blocking them out and not really dealing with them. You cannot change dramatic people, but you can refuse to react to their drama and shenanigans.

  • Jul 16

    BSNbDONE- I share your opinion on that!!

    Ihome- I don't have an answer for you. I would be so angry & frustrated if it were my mother! I hope you are able to find a doctor to treat your mother with the compassion & dignity she deserves.

    The new laws aren't going to affect heroin/opiate epidemic they're intended to stop. They're going to mostly affect the patients that legitimately require narcotics to control pain to have a decent quality of life.

    I recently had a HH pt, post op joint replacement, that was having terrible pain with therapy- so much that she couldn't participate properly. The physician cut off the pain medication completely, telling her they give more than 2 rx after sx because 'no one needs it.'

    I might agree that in most cases that is probably true. But there are mitigating factors that need to be taken into consideration. A 'rule' such as that, doesn't fit every case- and it didn't fit in hers. And she is suffering needlessly.

    The same goes for the new laws. Politicians do not need to be making the decisions regarding who gets medication or not. Those decisions need to be left up to doctors, who actually evaluate the patient. They need to be free to prescribe- or not- based on their findings not out of fear of Press Ganey scores, or now, out of fear of the government taking their license!