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  • 12:25 am

    Please discuss your concern re concentration + inattentiveness with your primary care provider. There re varying meds that can work for this issue.. Nursing school requires lots for reading and paying attention to details.

    That's why my son became a chef as it was more hands on, and could fix up a recipie compared to baking with exact measurements. He went off Ritalin at age 16; by 23 was asking our PCP for medication again as having difficulty working as line cook keeping food orders straight. 3 years later he is assistant kitchen manager.

    Good luck in school. There are several threads about school + ADHD in General Nursing Student forum that may be of help to you.

  • May 12

    Change article title to "Staff" as person clearly licensed in New Mexico X30 yrs as PA. I would have thought law office would have complaint labeled properly as to type of health care provider AND newspaper reporter would chek the facts---took me all of 30 seconds to perform a name search.

    Reading the reporting also strikes me as:
    a. Deliberately done
    B. Facility staff aware
    c. Patient coming into ofice for purspose of getting IUD string shortaened should NOT have been assigned to this staff

    My Manager crystal ball also thinks one of those "office staff knew but did not rat out colleague" type issue. If lawyers can prove Admin knew about staffers care and did not document PA's performance and corrective action taken, clinic owner also can be sued for failure to properly supervise staff.

  • May 10

    Private Duty Homecare is an entirely different sort of nursing care.

    It is about caring for a totally dependent person AND their suroundings: preparing meals + feeding them if not tube fed, helping with ALL ADL activities, PT/OT exercises, maintaining organized bedroom environment re medical supplies. Changing the bed linens/clothes when soiled and doing their personal wash, provoding emotional and social stimulation, etc.

    You are the RELIEF NURSE + CAREGIVER during the hours contracted by insurance company. It is about keeping a child AT HOME out of institutional environment. As such, routine caregiving tasks that are parent does, may become part of the job.

    I've even helped trached almost blind 19yo wc bound client build crafts that he sold as part of his therapy to promote independece. Took him for WC walks around his block in the sunshine to enhance his life. Also taught him to make sandwiches + cut up fruit --smile was priceless.

  • May 5

    In the good ole days, one of our introductory classes on Professional Nursing we were provided a copy of BON regulations and major aspects reviewed in class.
    I highly recommend to first year nursing students to visit their states Boards of Nursing website and review LPN and RN "rules and regulations". BON link found bottom every allnurses page in black toolbar.

    Link to: Ohio Board of Nursing
    Chapter 4723-4 Standards of Practice Relative to Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse

    Especially see Ohio's Chapter 4723-13 Delegation of Nursing Tasks

    4723-13-05 Criteria and standards for a licensed nurse delegating to an unlicensed person.

    (A) A registered nurse may delegate a nursing task to an unlicensed person if all the conditions for delegation set forth in this chapter are met.
    (B) A licensed practical nurse may delegate to an unlicensed person only at the direction of the registered nurse and if all the conditions for delegation set forth in this chapter are met.
    (C) Except as otherwise authorized by law or this chapter, a licensed nurse may delegate to an unlicensed person the administration of only the following medications:
    (1) Over-the-counter topical medications to be applied to intact skin for the purpose of improving a skin condition or providing a barrier; and
    (2) Over-the-counter eye drop, ear drop, and suppository medications, foot soak treatments, and enemas.
    (D) Prior to delegating a nursing task to an unlicensed person, the delegating nurse shall determine each of the following:
    (1) That the nursing task is within the scope of practice of the delegating nurse as set forth in section 4723.01 of the Revised Code.
    (2) That the nursing task is within the knowledge, skill, and ability of the nurse delegating the nursing task;
    (3) That the nursing task is within the training, ability, and skill of the unlicensed person who will be performing the delegated nursing task;
    (4) That appropriate resources and support are available for the performance of the task and management of the outcome; and
    (5) That adequate and appropriate supervision by a licensed nurse of the performance of the nursing task is available in accordance with rule 4732-13-07 of the Administrative Code.
    (6) That:
    (a) The nursing task requires no judgment based on nursing knowledge and expertise on the part of the unlicensed person performing the task;

    (b) The results of the nursing task are reasonably predictable;
    (c) The nursing task can be safely performed according to exact, unchanging directions, with no need to alter the standard procedures for performing the task;
    (d) The performance of the nursing task does not require that complex observations or critical decisions be made with respect to the nursing task;

    (e) The nursing task does not require repeated performance of nursing assessments; and
    (f) The consequences of performing the nursing task improperly are minimal and not life-threatening.

    (E) Prior to delegating a nursing task, the delegating nurse shall:
    (1) Identify:
    (a) The individual on whom the nursing task may be performed; and
    (b) A specific time frame during which the delegated nursing task may be performed.
    (2) Complete an evaluation of the conditions that relate to the delegation of the nursing task to be performed, including:
    (a) An evaluation of the individual who needs nursing care;
    (b) The types of nursing care the individual requires;
    (c) The complexity and frequency of the nursing care needed;
    (d) The stability of the individual who needs nursing care; and
    (e) A review of the evaluations performed by other licensed health care professionals.
    (F) The delegating nurse shall be accountable for the decision to delegate nursing tasks to an unlicensed person.

    (G) If a licensed nurse determines that an unlicensed person is not correctly performing a delegated nursing task, the licensed nurse shall immediately intervene.
    Both the nursing supervisor and RN were wrong in directing you to perform this task.
    ALL employees should be given copy of their job description. Our health system has the employees sign off that they received and reviewed their job description as part of hiring process and included with job offer.

    All three parties involved: Supervisor, RN and yourself should have been counseled over this situation. Firing--depends on your job performance, patient outcome and event report. Be aware one can ALWAYS write a rebuttal to any disciplinary event addressed to HR to be kept in your personnel file ---- so that future HR staff could review event, especially if reference requested.

    Let this be a lesson to AN members: Nursing students working as PCT should only perform tasks within PCT role unless they are hired as NURSE EXTERN. Sorry your employeer came down hard on you. May this firing lead you to be a stronger nurse and hopefully protective of nursing students you work with in the future.

    Wishing you better days ahead and smooth sailing in the remainder of your nursing program.

  • Apr 28

    I can email you copies of forms used in several HC agencies if you are able to read Windows 95/6.0 and know how to open/accept attachments.

  • Apr 26

    Quote from amoLucia
    To NRSKaren - Just to say I'm impressed with your skill to offer citations and general knowledge re NJ issues.

    I look forward to reading your responses when you post.
    Thanks for the kind word. Have NJ license x 20yrs so keep up to date with happenings here along with reading cover to cover NJ Nurse newsletter.

  • Apr 23

    Your welcome...just happen to know my way around NJ Boards website.

  • Apr 20
  • Apr 13

    Pittsburgh area, Central/NE PA's Geisinger Health System, South Central Lancaster General, South East Reading Hospital and Lehigh Valley all seem to have positions available.

  • Apr 12

    Philly area: I'd look at Lasalle, Temple, Holy Family, Neumann, Immaculata, Widener

    PA List of Board Approved Registered Nursing Programs

    NCLEX Exam Pass Rates of Prelicensure Programs: RN Programs

    Several diploma programs remain with Abington and Aria having strong articulation agreements with BSN completion programs--just need a few credits post graduation.

    Best wishes on your journey,

  • Apr 1

    Having worked Hospice and Palliative care, it's hard enough to gain patient and family's trust after death panel commotion, sure this will spread like wildfire instilling fear of premature death. TONS of education will be needed by hospice staff to allay fears of patients living in this area and undue harm by this Hospice owner.

    Hospice Owner Told Worker to 'Make Patient Go Bye-Bye

    The owner of a North Texas medical company regularly directed nurses to give hospice patients overdoses of drugs such as morphine to speed up their deaths and maximize profits, an FBI agent wrote in an affidavit for a search warrant obtained by NBC 5....

    ..Harris instructed a nurse to administer overdoses to three patients and directed another employee to increase a patient's medication to four times the maximum allowed, the FBI said. He allegedly sent text messages like, "You need to make this patient go bye-bye."...

  • Apr 1

    Come join 100's of nurses advocating for Safe Staffing in PA. Good opportunity for nursing students to see nursing activism in action + meet clinical requirement to attend a professional nursing meeting. Karen

    PSNA has issued a Code Blue Nursing Emergency: April 11

    Hospital staffing is a real and immediate emergency and our patients are suffering the consequences of the chronic, unsafe staffing levels. Pennsylvania's lawmakers have been unable to reach a final agreement spanning some six years. Because nurses love and respect our patients, a legislative solution can no longer be postponed. It's time to act. That's why we're going to Harrisburg.

    Why are nurses calling a Code Blue Safety Emergency on April 11?

    • Surgical deaths are more than 60% higher in poorly-staffed hospitals.
    • 70% of Pennsylvania nurses surveyed confirmed inadequate staffing negatively impacts their ability to serve their patients daily/weekly.
    • In 2014, a total of 240,778 "serious events and incidents" were reported to the Pennsylvania Patient Safety Reporting System.

    What is the Safe Nurse Staffing Act (HB 476)?
    This act empowers nurses to create patient-safety staffing plans based aimed at reducing medical errors, saving lives, and confronting chronic burnout by nursing professionals. Let's make history together and win one for the health and safety of every Pennsylvanian!
    To read House Bill 476 please click here.

    About the Day: FREE to PSNA Members
    This is an urgent appeal for you to raise your voice for safe, quality care! Registration and breakfast open at 8 am in the State Museum (adjacent to the Capitol), with our first presentation kicking off at 9 am. Morning sessions include a presentation from the Safe Nurse Staffing Act Sponsor Representative Mauree Gingrich. The day includes a 12:30 PM Rotunda #CodeBlue Rally and blocks of time to meet with legislators, have lunch on your own, and tour the Capitol. The day will close with a 3:30 pm Code Blue Thunderclap at the museum. CNE awarded. Register here today!

    Cost to Attend
    PSNA Members – FREE
    Unlicensed Students – FREE
    Licensed Student – $10
    Non-PSNA Members – $20
    Bringing a group? Contact us at

  • Mar 31

    Moved to AN's Home Health Nursing.

    One needs to have experience in home health to effectively assign ICD10 codes and understand OASIS required documentation nuances.
    Home Care experience + certification in OASIS + ICD10 = desired Home Health employee at least in Philadelphia PA area.
    Pay may be less "you don't have to do any driving" -- saw report average salary ~ $60,000 across US.

    Our Utilization Review/Coders have at least 2yrs experience --many with 10+ and have to work one weekend/month to review admits.
    Cast Management in Home Health different than Hospital Case Management. With your yrs of experience, working in a home health agency intake office can prepare one to transtion to hospital Case Mgmt. more easily---2 of my staff with 3+ yrs intake transitioned to hospital with ease and make higher salary.

  • Mar 29
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