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    Congrats on 2 yrs and knowing when it was time to nurse again! Taking time to work on yourself is very important in recovery and in general good healthy living.

    July 11, the NCBON is in control as much as you let them , REMEMBER they put there pants on just like you and breath the same air.
    1. Be respectful while respecting yourself.
    2. You are important!
    3. Love yourself, look in the mirror before you go in and say
    " I am a GREAT nurse, I love myself, I am worth being respected and loved"

    Ask to review your file before you answer any questions, if you do not agree with the outcome ask for a hearing, know your Practice act and administrative rules. The will ask about your recovery, job, sponsor and her phone number, (know it ) what step your are working on with your sponsor. The entire meeting in stressful, if you meditate put yourself in a GREAT place. Take a deep breath before you answer any questions and just answer the question do not ramble on and on and on.....

    I hope this info helps.
    NC General Statutes - Chapter 150B

    basically all of them of the NC GS
    GOOD LUCK and please keep us posted!!!



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    I would not lie about about,but inquire : is the question being ask of the doctor or the school? where are the policies pertsining to this question? Is it a "weed out" question? Do they ask is you have high b/p or diabetes or hypothyroidism? any form of drug abuse/misuse/dependency is a disease so ask the why are they singling this disease out. If the AMA acknowledges drug abuse/misuse/dependency as a disease then why does the medical community not treat it like one????

    For myself I do not disclose any history anymore to ANYONE. For the first time in 9 years I was treated like a "normal" human when I I did not mention my past to my new dentist and IT FELT GOOD TO BE TREATED NICE.

    Remember you have rights!
    Breath and really think about the question, do not be afraid to ask questions and stand up for your self with dignity!!

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    Lovess, Their are many nurses who understand the past you have experienced. I agree with [COLOR=#003366]carrimarie1010, once you have a regulatory license issue there are many other regulatory licenses you may not be able to obtain until you have the NCBON issue cleared. Can you explain more about your relapse, if do not mind was it through a prescribed medication by a MD? ETOH? street drug? or other? Having a license issue, especially in the nasty NCBON world is one of the WORST states almost worse than Texas. It is a shame in NC there is NO and I mean NO advocacy for the nurses who reside in that state. Get to know your NC Nurse Pratrice Act: Here is one of the General Statues
    Duties, powers and meetings:
    (b) Duties, powers. The Board is empowered to:

    (7) Cause the prosecution of all persons violating this Article.
    (18) Establish programs for aiding in the recovery and rehabilitation of nurses who experience chemical addiction or abuse or mental or physical disabilities and
    programs for monitoring such nurses for safe practice.
    a. Establish programs for aiding in the remediation of nurses who experience
    practice deficiencies.

    Do you feel the NCBON has held up to this rule?
    Do you feel their is a recovery program with the NCBON ?
    How has their recovery program aided you in your recovery?
    DO you feel they are punitive?

    Hold your head high, you are a compasionate, caring, knowledgable women. Do not be ashamed, many people have issues. There issues are not posted all over the internet like the nurses. Set a goal, not matter what it is and work for that goal, you can do it. Reach out and help someone else with no expectations. Give somebody an umbrella when it is raining, smile at someone and say Hello. Small acts of human kindness is what this world is missing and it feels good. When you go to work even as a food server, go beyond the the basics. Build your self confedience slowly and you will nurse again.

    I wish you well now and in the future.

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    This is the quoted from the NCBON CDDP contract "License agrees to notify the Program if planning a move to another state_ Relocating to another state may result in termination from the Program and suspension of the license."
    I wish you well in your future, Always remember to communticate with any board via paper trail and THROUGHLY get clarification if you do not understand something ask questions till you do understand. Most importantly get everything in writing. Never assume with any board............

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    I am sorry for the rambling blog, but that is ADHD at it's finest..... rambling and mre rambling.

    Basically, if I want to practice nursing again under NCBON I would have to "prove "I was NOT taking prescribed Stimulant medication for ADHD and stay completely off all stimulant medication while I was being monitored by the NCBON. Why?

    I throughly understand the abuse potential etc., ......

    The question is: Is it safer to treat the ADHD or not to treat? My quality of life, my thought process, and etc. has drastically improved and now they want me to revert to swirling the drain.
    Is this acceptable behavior for a regulatory board to demand? How can we care for other and educate the consumer on mental health when we are not permited to care for ourselves?

    The NCBON permits the use of Suboxone but not stimulants for ADHD, a DX mental health.

    I am anxiously awaiting for ALL comments and/or suggestions from everyone. Talk from your heart, your experiences and your professional knowledge!!

    thanks EB1

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    Thinking? I think it is important to "pause" and get other views. Thank you eb1

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    Hi everyone, after seeing a total of 8 (YES, 8 ) doctors, 4 with the NCBON and 4 own my own, and a complete full day $1200.00 pysch eval. I am in complete amazement!
    cliff note version:

    Tested + on random drug screen, had the "Priveldge" to start my relationship with the NCBON, which has been my longest relationship with anyone) Never been arrested, drank, diverted, or fired basically good life.
    Sept. 2004 used powder cocaine with very abusive idiot (midlife crisis) for 2 1/2 yrs, ran away from the idiot, April 2007 rehab and clean since that time, No relpase in mind or spirirt, attend all required meetings, I have had ADHD/ADD my entire life.

    After a stable clean time 3 yrs 2010, ask for help with my ADHD, told every doctor everything (honestly) did the non -stimulant TX (puked my guts out everytime I took Stratera and massive headaches) have been on stimulants since Feb. 2010. I have been very compliant and responsible with medication (Stimulant). BTW the reason for 4 non-board MD is they one MD left practice, 2nd MD I lost my insurance NO $$$, 3rd was a non prescribing professional and the 4th still seeing at a free clinic and prescribes my Ritalin 20mg QID and 5mg for breakthrough which as switched last month to Adderall 15mg TID.

    Now the big question all the boards MD's say "due to me being a "nurse" I can never take stimulants and nurse" so, NO license and be treated for a DX mental health disease or nurse and NO treatment or use only NON Stimulant meds for a DX mental health disease.
    What happened to the American disability Act? and being treated like a "semi-normal earthling?

    Comments or question from you nurses? I am looking forward to ALL responses!!

    thank EB1

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    Quote from backtowork said it well. nothing more I can add but prayers for wisdom in your decision. Take good care of yourself first and everything will happen just the way it is supposed to.
    Thank you "backtowork" Peace is a key componet, you must find it within yourself before you find it in others.

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    I understand your concerns and feel your (pain). If you think it might send a RED flag then follow you gut. It is sad to me that we cannot take care of ourselves first while we care for others because of the "policies". Talk to your sponsor and network first.
    I think the NCBON is the most unrealistic punch of *^%$^$^&%&*^%&*%!!!!
    If they could only walk in any of our shoes for one day and "feel" our mental and physical pain things might change (NOT).

    or we could all band together and take action to CHANGE the thinking of the NCBON.
    First, never go the NCBON without an attorney!

    Always talk it out first, never react and respond with grace, be proud and respect yourself.
    Also think about a holistic medicine, American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA)

    I wish you pain free blessed thoughts,