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  • Oct 29 '13

    I am 2 years into a 3 year stint with TPAPN. I was forced to re-start after admitting that I was having suicidal ideation. That was a lesson learned in keeping my mouth shut! Anyway, I digress. I was like so many nurses in recovery - jobless and hopeless. However, I did find a job that has been a god send. Try applying to Austin State Supported Living Center through the Health and Human Services job portal or come to the job center on campus. There are other TPAPN nurses here and administration isn't afraid to give you a second chance. There are many positions for RN's and LVN's during all 3 shifts. After working there for 5 months I was promoted and now I have a great position Don't give up! I'm counting down the days to when I can wake-up and not log into Recovery Trek or First Lab. Getting this job was what I needed to believe in myself again.

  • Oct 27 '13

    Quote from flsux
    IPN evaluation too costly! I was to be evaled; but when I asked the women if she could give a rough estimate of the cost of the eval she said anywhere from 500-1000$. I told her I don't think I could afford that and that it's kind of hard to come up with that much when your license is suspended and you can't work. I am no angel but my incident happened almost 2.5 years before I got a certified letter that I can fill out the papers for a hearing or surrender my license. Kept all this from family went to BON hearing(very scary) after hearing a few cases decided I would accept the eval b/c my life had changed and it would be no biggie, do the eval and be probated for 2 years, I could do that I messed up and I deserved to punished, but not to the extent they went to. Job never made me take drug test DON said turn in your resignation and this will go away so I did and almost 2.5 years later after I had moved on, changed my life, and got life back on track this happens. Get the boards final decision in mail and my license is suspended, call IPN. Found cost of eval and new I would never be able to afford it with a SUSPENDED license and on some kind of national practioner's list So I never filled out paperwork or got back to them, just decided to walk away. I am pursuing another career that I will be licensed by the state. I am to expect anything of this? Arrested or Fined or somekind of criminal database? no never arrested or charged with criminal act.
    Hi! I was caught diverting at work and lost my job and with that my insurance. I talked to my state (La) boards - they told me which places they would even accept and called around. They all wanted about the same amount. One thing a nurse ahead of me in our state's program was that there was a state hospital that was on the BON's list of approved sites that would do it for free or at a very low cost if u weren't employed. I went there and decided to stay to do my 28 days inpatient I would have to undergo anyway.

    My point, doesn't hurt to ask about that - it allowed me to get the help I needed while keeping me from going in a LOT more debt than I was already under.

    Good luck to u!
    Anne, RNC

  • Jun 25 '13

    Same here want do you want the worst your medical records or to be a nurse. Sometimes you have to pick your battles. You are facing the BON, you like me are not here because of good behavior. The program will be much easier if you quit fighting it at every turnand focus on getting well, finding a job completing the program and getting on with your life.

  • Feb 27 '13

    I am sorry you are having a difficult time, but I do have some comments you may want to think about. First, you are absolutely correct that after reinstatement of your license (which isn't automatic by the way), you would have a long, difficult road. You would most definitely have to re-enroll in the KARE program, maintain compliance and still have have trouble securing employment. These are things you already know. But it is not impossible.

    What you may not know or haven't thought about is that NOT attempting to have your license reinstated can impact your future also. You may get put on the OIG list (Office of the Attorney General Exclsuion List), which means you would not be able to work IN ANY CAPACITY for any hospital/MD Office etc that received Medicaid/Medicare Funding. Example: You could not work as a unit secretary if your name is still on the list. (I have also heard that you can get put on the list for defaulting on Federal Student Loans, but you may want to research that).

    Secondly, having a suspended nursing license (and leaving it that way) would most likely impact your ability to obtain other professional licenses in the future, like teaching, Social Work, etc, if this is what you decide to do. Just something to think about.

    Please think of your future and all your options before deciding, and most of all maintain your sobriety no whatter what path you choose.

    Best of Luck to you and keep us posted!

  • Feb 27 '13

    That sounds good to me. I was tested 4x's in one month; 76.00 every test. I wish I had a flat rate.

  • Dec 30 '12

    I suspect you won't be able to be licensed in any other capacity (e.g. as a social worker or counselor) if you have surrendered another license. I strongly recommend you check into that before you send your nursing license back.


  • Jun 14 '12

    why isnt drug or alcohol addiction in the medical field protected under the americans with disabilities act which does cover it (disease, mental or otherwise) in any other profession

    [color=#333333][font=lucida grande]? i can understand for the need to regulate impaired individuals but it just seems like a contradiction and discrimination to me and i am not an impaired nurse.

  • Jun 14 '12