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    Quote from Swellz
    So, I went on to the VA's website and they have their own travel nursing program. Would you think it would be better to work directly with the VA, or go through another company? I did call the VA's recruiter, but I haven't heard back yet.
    A few years back I looked at working for the VA in house travel. I was sent a massive email with forms and where their assignments were at. I unfortunately no longer have that email. The pay would have been a lot less working directly for the VA but with benefits such as PTO, diasbility etc.. I can't remember how their housing worked.

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    From my understand the agencies that were doing to VA contracts have all been canceled. Can't say I am shocked because like I said in previous post the VA has their own in house travel agency.

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    The 1.5x after 8 hours is not only facility dependent but, I even heard that certain units in the same hospital voted NO or Yes to it. Ex ICU at a Kaiser Hospital in Wine Country does straight 12s but all the other units do 8 hours shifts. Those who are scheduled for 8 hours qualify for 1.5 their rate after 8. I have verified this with someone at that facility.

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    Quote from EastCoastLiving
    It's so hard for me to imagine anything more difficult than learning how to manage the ED. I went straight from nursing school to a large level 1 teaching hospital in MA. It involved a cross country move and I knew no one. It's one of the most difficult things I have ever done. I realize I don't know much about anything regarding other departments, but the idea of only having one patient at a time seems like a breath of fresh air compared to multiple unit players, confused nana with explosive diarrhea, the super chill patient with the overbearing family member, and the psych patient that needs a 5 and 2 and some restraints stat. I've actually thought about going to the OR. Do you think it's harder than the ED or just more technical?
    Your post made me laugh, but seriously explore other areas. There are plenty of other areas that are harder than level 1 ED. Do you circulate in the trauma bay? That will help with transitioning to the OR. If you are referring to hard as in stress... Peds anything(the parents), Rehab, LTACH, Psych, High risk OB, and Neuro ICU (crazy confused patients, nutty families, no meds to sedate, patients in the bed out the bed, I could go on and on)...

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    Facebook is very helpful. For general info, no jobs posting, Travel Nurse Network - The Gypsy Nurse, For jobs....Travel Nursing: The Premium Job Board & Travel Nurse Jobs - The Gypsy Nurse, . There is also a housing group, housing pet group & short term group(useless IMO)

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    Quote from pjsrav
    That was not my question! I already have a license and a ICU job offer in CA. I just wanted to know how's a ICU nurses day in the USA as I never worked there.
    Well you probably should have stated that in your original post. Plenty of foreign nurses thinking they are just waltzing in the USA.

    ICU nurses shift depends on what type of hospital you work at. Private hospital for profit, not for profit, city/state/county, teaching, federal, or military all have different can's and dont's.

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    yes, it sucks for exp nurses. Most of the jobs are 8hrs not 12s.

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    Quote from loveofrn
    New grad BSN
    Experience:4 months
    $34/hr basepay + 10% differential for night and additional 10% for weekends with full time benefits
    In 2 years, I'll be making $40 with all the differentials.
    Facility:Large hospital, unionized
    Vacation: 2 weeks vacation per year
    COL: $600 for 1br/ba,Live in suburbs
    Philadelphia best cost for living in terms of nurse pay and bang for your buck.

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    Internal Medicine RNs are needed on a US Base in South Korea!
    $2,200 WEEKLY
    $55.00/hour non taxable ( Overseas contracts are non taxable for the first $100,800 /year )
    8 hours/day
    40 hours/week
    52 weeks, with opportunity to extend for 5 YEARS
    Housing & Airfare Provided by the Government
    - BSN from Accredited College
    - Active BLS Certification
    - Any State License in Good Standing
    - Min 1 Year Experience in Internal Medicine within Last 5 Years

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    I don't know much about this topic. I see a few jobs posted from time to time. A big draw appears to be tax free money.

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    Quote from EastCoastLiving
    I've been researching travel nursing for over a year now and keep seeing people mention how low the current pay is. I'm so close to taking an assignment, or would be if I could just find one that pays well. Some recruiters recommend that I just take "whatever" to get an assignment under my belt, but honestly, I don't want to take just anything. I have a few years in at a large teaching hospital (level 1) and I'll be honest, I'm cool with going to a small community hospital if needed. I want a reasonable paycheck though. It has to be a lucrative situation if I am going to be paying bills in two locations. I recently applied for my CA license and realize it will take awhile to actually be approved. That's okay, no issues there. I am, however, a bit confused with the pay there. I'm in a few of the Facebook groups for travel nurses and when I see recruiters post new contracts, some of the net weekly checks are under $1500 in CA (some way under). It's so bad that I'm actually considering just applying for a staff job instead of a travel contract once I get my license. A quick Google search will bring up the union contracts and pay scale. UCSF legit pays over $73/hr base at my experience level...and I'm only a few years in. Recruiters are a whole different ballgame as well. I've been talking to a few and even went as far as to complete all the paperwork, skills checklists, references, etc. One recruiter specifically was trying to push me to take a position in MA where my net weekly pay would be less than $1200 a week. I was pretty clear from the beginning regarding income requirements. It's insulting and I feel like I'm dealing with a car salesman. What is everyone's take on those FB groups? Is that where bottom of the barrel recruiters and positions are posted? Am I coming at this from the wrong angle? Is this the wrong time to get into travel nursing? I've seen a lot of experienced travel nurses express that the pay packages go up and down based on needs, which makes sense. A lot say we are at a low point and that it will eventually go back up, but I have been watching for over a year and do not see any improvement. How long do these low points typically last for and is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

    Go with a perm job if you can get it. It will take a few months. UCSF does not offer relocation. San Fran apt studio 2800-3100k. ER nursing is not going to get you 3-4k weekly gross for 36 hours (L&D, OR, PICU get that kind of money year round). You will be less stressed with a California ER job than anything on the East Coast. I love the East Coast as that is where I grew up. Since everyone wants to be on the East Coast the pay and RN duties are crap.

    Make sure to read my Thread about travel nurse licensing. Once you have a California RN license it is going to suck your pockets going forward.

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    Quote from RN>20yr
    Hi People

    I'm trying to get some feedback on Sutter and Mercy General and it is slow going. Looking into working per diem at one of them while I relocate.

    I have done a couple travel assignments, so I know travelers are good sources of information!

    Any experiences in the PICU, Adult Cardiac ICU/Cath lab or PACU would be welcome.

    Thanks so much!

    I only know dignity icu travel nurses kept renewing because the pay was high. I guess they like it too.

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    Quote from joee99
    I was a traveler for 10 years and then spent 7 years doing sales. For the last six months, I've worked in the PACU at an ambulatory plastic surgery center. Are there are any agencies who will work with me? So far, they are all sticklers and are not budging on me not being in a hospital, despite my lengthy previous experience. I am doomed to go back on staff somewhere before traveling again?
    Very few assignments for ambulatory PACUs. I would not trust you in a inpatient hospital setting either. Are you really ready to get an ICU post op patient after doing plastic surgery ambulatory center work?

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    Yep, they are one of the worst. Glad you are choosing to voice your frustrations out.

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    10-12 LOL try 18 patients.