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    Sunrise has a horrible rep, just horrible. Why ICU? All you stated was you would like to get into ICU and your nerdy.

    1000 post in.

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    USC keck will probably have an opening. Also USC has a CRNA program. Kaiser will be difficult to get into.

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    Quote from lemood712
    BART "bay area rapid transit" provides cheap and fast transportation all around the SF area. I personally went from San Jose to San Francisco for $6 and in under 45 minutes.
    You were on Cal Train...just trying to clear up any confusion for those reading.
    Bart only goes as far south as SFO.

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    They don't test on hire.

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    20 dollar an hour difference.

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    If your moving from Albany NY to Albany CA than yes, it will be a very expensive move.

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    CM& F and Mercer(Proliability)

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    Event Details: Thursday, February 22, 2018 from 5:00pm to 6:00pm at Scripps Mercy Hospital San Diego's West Auditorium. Upon entering the main entrance of Mercy San Diego, there will be numerous signs that will point to the Auditorium's location which is located on the lower level. Take the elevator to the lower level and follow the signs.

    We will hold a brief presentation covering nursing opportunities with Scripps Health, and then break out afterwards to allow you a chance to speak with our recruitment staff about what types of opportunities may be the best fit for you.

    If you can't make it keep an eye out for the next Scripps Nursing Career Open House on Thursday, May 24, 2018.

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    The USA does not discriminate against an HIV positive worker. However doing healthcare places you at greater risk for infection.

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    What is your speciality? ICU, OR, Cath lab or L&D i so, you got royally screwed. If it was Med surg, dialysis, rehab, or home health you did probably slightly below average.

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    Can someone tell me what this unit is like? The above post by Vana21 was accurate.
    What's the patient population? see Vana21
    Is it high-acuity and would you consider it "stepdown."? No
    What kinds of things do nurses to do on this unit? see Vana21
    Would it be a good stepping stone to get into the ICU? Not really because these patients are stable. Any unstable patient would be sent to ICU. I would think there would be very few meds on this unit. I don't see this as something that will helping developing time management. A job is a job and that's all you need to start.

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    Having been trained on both machines. The Next Stage is easier and less involved. Prismaflex is way more manual labor due to the lack of waste line. Who wants to dump a heavy bag every hour or whenever it fills up. That sucks royally. Prismaflex is used more in CVICU's.

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    Quote from /username
    If you have ECMO, why the balloon pump and VAD?
    If On ECMO can cause increased left ventricular load, the opening of the aortic valve gets restricted and IABP may be needed

    IABP can be used first but if unable to maintain adequate circulation then ECMO along with that can help.

    Please correct if wrong.

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    ^Inland empire is really hot.

    Quote from smxp
    thanks. what about CNA's contract with the UC system? know anything about how those negotiations are going?
    Yeah it's online too. Just google it.

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    Quote from smxp
    What kind of changes are happening with the union contracts?
    Page 4 – For the Record


    kaiser keeps a very public record