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    I would like some feedback on pay for exp nurses. I am working on a spreadsheet.

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    heard its a great place to work from another traveler.

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    Quote from melissa_nurse
    I was never taught how to search for jobs, I just did it! My school also never talked us through anything about our licenses. We just knew we had to take the NCLEX and pass! Everything I am learning about my license is through here and googling things.
    I am not being snide but, something tells me you have never worked before. Have you ever had a job?

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    You are making this hard. Call the IL BON for that state or visit the website.

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    In California & NYC you can sleep. I would suggest coming up with brainstorming ideas that would allow night workers to take naps.

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    Quote from EllaBella1
    Florida is a huge state. You gotta clarify an area here if you want hospital recommendations/salary estimates.
    THANK YOU! Often important details are left out. As if we know your speciality, years of exp (although this was listed for a change) and the city you are looking to relocate to.

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    Quote from kp2016
    it goes without saying that you should list someone other than your manager as a reference from your current job, given the circumstances i'm sure they would accept a charge nurse or doctor.
    What are you talking about??? She was interviewing within the same hospital she currently works for..I don't think there was an option to not speak with her current manager.

    I have had something similar happen to me twice. I ended up quitting BOTH times. I wanted to transfer and I got written up over some foolishness just to keep me there by the manager over clocking in. I did nothing unusual. Never was warned. She gave me a write up the minute I started picking up hours outside my unit and mentioned transferring . Adios jerkface.

    A friend at a different job in a different state had the same thing happen to her. Trying to transfer from ER across town to the closer ER near her home. She was written up over clocking in late. NEVER once in 3 years she was written up for late clock in until she was trying to transfer. I found out for her she could still transfer. Don't think she ever did.

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    ^The original poster has not been active since Oct 28. Try a Private message.

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    You're welcome. My personal opinion from word of mouth. Through your own research find what you like. Also once you finish come back and post your findings after interviews and also talking with locals if you don't mind. That way others will have the information from someone else other than me.

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    look at the OR and WA forums. More than plenty recent mover threads present.

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    you're looking far far ahead. To scratch your itch for travel during nursing school work at a camp. Do it during the winter session just look for student nurse work at one of many camps around the nation.

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    ?? Through all your research, you found AMN as the only company that staffs nurses in BOSTON and San Fran, LMAO! come on nurse! I could understand if you said Forrest City, Arkansas.

    Actually search this forum. My biggest advice is to haul butt away from AMN.

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    That is fantastic, I am happy for you. I almost talked myself into an OR job a few months back. I realized I disliked LA and said forget it. I can't remember the call requirement but your requirement is easy. I had a cath lab that wanted me to stay awake for 72 hours and I said no way.

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    No, I hate to hear you are going through that. Can you trace your exposure? Sorry I really do wish you well.