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    Quote from Koroll
    I make 42.00/hr in Tampa Florida on days. I work in Pacu.
    are you in need of quality insurance? if so I would stay at my job. the extra money can easily fly out your pocket due to health care cost, trust me.

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    I have been asked to list the agency on perm job applications this year.

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    nothing wrong with pcu.

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    222 post....can we close this thread...I have seen other topics that are actually good get passed on because of this... time to close.

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    better know your lethal rhythms. chest pain management. st elevation management. what orders to expect for afib rvr. Rapid sequence intubation. cardioversion remember to place defib in synch.

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    BSN is not a joke. Someone should have told you not to waste your time with an associate's degree. Get the BSN and move on with your life. A lot of classroom work does not directly apply to many many professions. Ex introduction to music for a information technology degree. We all have been doing classes that are either boring or something you can never see applying in your daily life since grade school. If you don't want to get it, find a job that does not require a BSN. However they probably will sooner than later.

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    Quote from gigles713
    Relocating due to a relationship. Also, 1k for a one bedroom that does not include utilities is very cheap for me considering what I am used to where I live now.

    I've heard conflicting information on cost of living in VA Beach, and VA in general, and am looking for as much input as I can collect.

    I'm definitely looking more into the Baltimore area as of right now.
    i discussed what's included for 1k .
    It's not cheap when they are paying you 4500 a month. Meaning take home after insurance cost 3k net. 1k for rent. 200 for utilities. Food 400. Student loan & Car payment for me is 900 right there. Leaving you with 500 for cellphone,gas,eating out, tolls, entertainment, travel, savings, 401k retirement.

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    What makes you pick those places? Cost of living in Virginia Beach is high. Pay is very low. With five years of ICU experience I was offered a salary staff position of 61k with the government. I declined because I made that when I started out in another state 5 years back where the cost of living was much much lower. An apartment in a decent area of Va Beach is going to run you 1k on average unfurnished no utilities for a 1br 1bth no garage or carport. The apartment will not be updated. Virginia has an annual car tax and if you drive a Benz you pay luxury car tax.

    The DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia please use DMV when asking about the area. Its much easier for you) area cost of living is very high. Nurses salary does not go far unless you commute. The traffic is insane. I would try Baltimore better pay, less traffic, and cost of living is reasonable. Richmond, VA or Philly (might be hard to break into those hospitals as a new grad.). Even with exp I got two calls out of many applications.

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    I would ask for 50 minimum.

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    I wouldn't. Depends on the area of nursing you want to do as an NP?

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    Quote from mrsboots87
    As a mother, your options do not suit me in the slightest. So no, all mothers and fathers will not agree. No, your suggestions do not suit the day shift better and still benefit them. I have worked both day and night. 7-7 is ideal even if there are slight complaints from both shifts.

    I could go on, but no, this is a terrible idea. And anyone who wants alternate hours should find a job offering them. Not seek change in the current hours. NOC shifters know the hours when they accept a job. There is choice. Same for day shift.
    sigh....Just a suggestion/poll question. Never said anything about ALL parents. Thanks for your contribution.

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    The director is a moron and I would fill out the incident report and squarely place her dumbass in the front of the fall.