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    Quote from KinshasaS RN
    Thank you so much
    no problem goodluck. Most offer between $42-48 hour for contract + diffs.

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    Quote from DRZmaui
    I feel your pain,
    I’m in the process of getting California to verify my license for Oregon. It’s a 2 month process. Just check today, they are now at middle of March requests.

    Make is difficult for us with Calf RN's to get an out of state license in a timely matter. Don’t think walking paperwork would be any faster.
    Most states understand California pitiful pace. NY issued my license in less than two weeks without the CA verification. They simply did not want to hold me up because of California is SLOW.

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    you can get any BON to pick up the phone if you hit the correct prompt for lets say you want to report a violation. You get a live person the next ring. That person will then direct your phone call to someone that can actually help you. It worked for me in three different states. Get creative people

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    Travel nurses at Stanford are going through the same thing you are as of Friday. I know Fast Staff, places nurses there also.

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    Quote from ierland
    I currently am on Assignment at an HCA hospital in Kansas and have a very hansom rate as well as good staffing on my unit, however 1/3 the hospital is travelers which I find weird but other than the charting system being very difficult I don't see any big red flag issues here. Been here over 4 months and have been treated very well. Just offering my incite. FYI did the fore mentioned modules on my house-wide days, boring and tedious but I didn't break a nail and I got paid.
    Interesting. Supplemental Health told me no pay for modules.

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    Quote from KinshasaS LPN
    Can you give me the names? this would be great for me since I'm only 3 hrs away from Dallas
    Walnut Hill Medical Center
    Methodist for Surgery Center in Addison
    All of the Baylors have direct contracts. Usually winter.

    THR did and then stopped and I think restarted after that ebola fiasco.

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    Nurses need to put the brakes on these travel companies. They need US, WE DO NOT NEED THEM. Without US, there is NO Agency. Without Agency, There is still US. I can tell you a 5 Hospitals in Dallas that offer direct contracts. They also provide shift diff for nights, eves, and weekends and a higher rate than the agency due to No middleman.

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    Quote from Lisa.fnp
    I was a ICU Travel Nurse. Your opening sentence says it all and you should just honor it. Why? You are working as a travel nurse under contract with your agency and in turn the hospital.
    Screw that. LBMMC recently had a EMR conversion right? The hospital should had been upfront about things and they were not. It is not as if the contract issue between the Union nurses and Hospital happened within the last two months. These things take many many months of negotiations. Hospital knew things had soured and used the EMR conversion as a coverup to the real back story.

    Since you have strong feelings about the messiness that is occurring I would say follow your gut and bow out. CRNA school is around the corner, be stress and worry free.

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    Faststaff set you up. There will be less positions US Nursing(also Faststaff) will need to fill for the impending strike. That is my two cents.

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    I have worked strikes and currently also in Long Beach, so thanks for the headsup. I was just talking to a recruiter about Long Beach Memorial. I will cross them out for sure. I will see what Saint Mary's has available.

    My friend who is an OR tech did a contract in DC before the strike took place in Dec 2014. She kept working. Apparently it was not just the RN's that were striking.

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    Quote from Sunshine94031
    I got a quote from Medical Staffing Solutions of $660 gross for Texas with them covering housing. Is that the norm?
    You will need to take the housing stipend. What area in Texas? why do you want to do Texas?... shivers

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    Huffmaster. Huffmaster's travel division Blue Force run away from.

    US Nursing I did not care for.

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    Quote from ICUman
    It seems like HCA would supply many travel assignments in the travel industry. Do they make up a significant portion?
    Yes, they do. I personally won't bother working for them. If you are not in California adequate staffing will never happen.

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    Quote from ICUman
    For what reasons?
    HCA won't pay you ish...unless you are in California where they have to be competitive with the other hospitals. A recruiter from Supplemental Health told me I needed to do 40 hours of modules that was going to be UNPAID. Shut the front door. I dismissed every HCA from then on.

    I would not even work PRN with that company.

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    I would stay away from Cross Country and AMN. Giving the max stipends is not something they are known for. As they simply put it "the bill rate wont allow for it"...... I have NEVER heard anything positive from AMN. Recruiters are not trained well. Many horror stories I have read and heard. Just avoid AMN. Cross Country pays you a biweekly paycheck, No bueno! I am going to need that weekly.

    Expedient medstaff. MGA Healthcare. Medical Staffing Solutions. Those are who you want to start with.

    Avoid HCA hospital assignments.