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    The USA does not discriminate against an HIV positive worker. However doing healthcare places you at greater risk for infection.

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    What is your speciality? ICU, OR, Cath lab or L&D i so, you got royally screwed. If it was Med surg, dialysis, rehab, or home health you did probably slightly below average.

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    Can someone tell me what this unit is like? The above post by Vana21 was accurate.
    What's the patient population? see Vana21
    Is it high-acuity and would you consider it "stepdown."? No
    What kinds of things do nurses to do on this unit? see Vana21
    Would it be a good stepping stone to get into the ICU? Not really because these patients are stable. Any unstable patient would be sent to ICU. I would think there would be very few meds on this unit. I don't see this as something that will helping developing time management. A job is a job and that's all you need to start.

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    Having been trained on both machines. The Next Stage is easier and less involved. Prismaflex is way more manual labor due to the lack of waste line. Who wants to dump a heavy bag every hour or whenever it fills up. That sucks royally. Prismaflex is used more in CVICU's.

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    Quote from /username
    If you have ECMO, why the balloon pump and VAD?
    If On ECMO can cause increased left ventricular load, the opening of the aortic valve gets restricted and IABP may be needed

    IABP can be used first but if unable to maintain adequate circulation then ECMO along with that can help.

    Please correct if wrong.

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    ^Inland empire is really hot.

    Quote from smxp
    thanks. what about CNA's contract with the UC system? know anything about how those negotiations are going?
    Yeah it's online too. Just google it.

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    Quote from smxp
    What kind of changes are happening with the union contracts?
    Page 4 – For the Record


    kaiser keeps a very public record

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    It might be lack of experience. A year of tele not appealing to get into that job market. I applied for a job with UC Davis and got quick call backs. Even got HR to reach out to me asking if I might be interested in some of their other open positions. I have also worked at a Level 1 trauma hospital in the past. Sounds like you need more exp.

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    Inland places like Fresno and Roseville are on the Kaiser Northern California Contract. You can get a home or condo for less than 100k in Fresno and still get paid like you work in San Francisco. That is not right. My friend that works in a wine country Kaiser says they (not the union but the nurses within the union) want those who live in lower cost of living places to get off the Kaiser Nor Cal contract. However overtime more people are going to the capital for the lower housing cost and will eventually drive up prices just like Oakland. Might be better to stay united than divided. Best scenario would be to give premium area pay diff for working in the Bay cities.

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    Not convinced you have a job without pay detailed. Kaiser provides pay and benefits off top, there is no secret. I know that for a FACT, because in the past I was offered employment with them...You can google the current contract as it is available online for Nor Cal and So Cal RNs.

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    Quote from friendlykeano
    No offense meant, I meant it would be interesting to differentiate between people who tried it and "did not have my good fortune," and people who are too afraid to try anything like that and are quick to say it can't be done.
    No fear it's just a lot to get to a job full-time. Hassel and inconvenience along with living with someone in addition to rent at home is not for the masses. Hopefully you will be able to move soon. As the winter approaches you may want to stay in CA as the Denver snow can ground your flight.

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    Maybe buying a home and settling in the Bay is not that nurses future. I would do it only to get some financial gain and move on 2-3 years. Kaiser for instance would be an employer I would have considered only because they have locations outside of California.

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    Quote from Catticus11
    You're right. This HAS been asked NUMEROUS times before.
    It's a monthly thing I swear. I don't understand original poster, what do you really want out of this question where numerous information exist? Why have a bunch of stranger/nurses on the internet tell you how to live your work life? Only those close to you and YOU know what's best for YOU. You have to decide what are you goals in 3-5 years and would ICU help meet those goals.

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    to get away from paying 1.5 after 8 hours. It's a nor cal thing.

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    I would keep both because you never know how job B is going to actually turn out. If you don't like it at least you already have your foot in the door.