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    Go to the travel section and PM Ned.

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    Quote from Rose_Queen
    That's going to be very dependent on the types of surgeries performed at a facility. Some types of surgeries require a lot of positioning done only once. Some types of surgeries require multiple position changes. It can also depend on scrub vs. circulate- a scrub person may spend time holding retractors or doing other tasks to help the surgeon. Sometimes the circulator is in a room so well prepared that there is no running for extra supplies; other times, the case may change and the circulator spends a lot of time running for additional supplies or instruments.

    Do you ask because you have personal physical limitations?
    Yes, to some degree.

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    What types of operations do you have to be more physically involved? Like repositioning patients? Is it mostly plastic and ortho cases?

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    Are you ready for your patients to talk to you? Are you ready for more than one patient? Are you ready to pass medications? Juggle between 4 patients at a time? Are you ready to discharge? Are you ready to triage? If you answered yes to all these questions then you are ready to be an ER nurse. Good luck. Change is good for everyone. You learn about yourself more when you change things up.

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    Sounds like a guilt trip to me by the agency. Don't fall for it and MOVE RIGHT ALONG.

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    there will always be someone who will want to do the job. I myself am retiring from ICU. No longer will I deal with the stress of ICU.

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    Quote from AtLeastMyDogLovesMe
    That is what I left to become a nurse! Not gonna lie though... I have some regrets! I joke with my coworkers that if I could do it all over I would just be a night shift grocery stocker talking to my cans of beans all night.

    If science is what you're interested in have you considered clinical trials?

    I am currently trying to figure out how I can work from home and then ultimately the Caribbean. So far case management and telephone triage seem to be the only possible portals. I need to do some HW on big pharma opportunities as well.
    Case management is still talking to people too much for me.

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    Doggie Day care that caters to health care worker hours. Also working on a top secret idea.

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    tooo much call no cvor for me.

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    Did you make the move. I myself will get an interview from OR this week hopefully.

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    CDC continue to look like idiots every year. Those pest may not like to fly outside of their area but....when their eggs end up on a moving vehicle like in a bucket with a small amount of water on the back of a pickup truck you will have outside of miami.

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    Where in NY? Would you be interested in Newburgh, NY? I think a friend has a contract for 2550 for ICU 36 hours. I could ask if tele is available just PM me.

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    I would not even work for the same unless it was already a crisis rate paying well beyond the normal. BUT NEVER LESS. I would move on if I were you.

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    I hated the airbnbs. It felt like staying at a friends place you didn't really know that well. People kept way tooo much personalized items. I was uncomfortable at 2/3 placed I used. I do apartments only going forward. I need to be totally comfortable.

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