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    Quote from slr26
    Thanks for all your responses!! I am single and frugal so it looks like I'll be able to make it work. Living with family isn't an option unfortunately (mom lives in senior community so I can only stay temporarily) but I've seen places in north Orange County that seem affordable
    ok, well you can still make it on that.

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    Quote from mandamcb
    We rent a place in Georgia, it's our only place of residence and is my mailing address with the Georgia Board of Nursing. Is this considered permanent resident of GA?
    You got it. You are a GA resident. I believe it goes into effect in 6 months. Jan 2018.

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    Travel nursing helped some days as there would be an end in sight. I last worked ICU 9 months ago. I was totally burnt out. Look for an OR nursing internship.

    ICU (depending on the level of acuity) will at least land you interviews for EVERYTHING well it should as I have had an interview for just about everything. Cath lab, IR, Pacu, OR (phone screening at least), Peds CICU, L&D, and Endoscopy. I even had two offers to interview for Nurse Practitioner school.

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    You can roll with AMN if you want to. I think they are better for nurses with travel experience who know how to vocalize their needs.

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    Quote from Mvarhegyi
    I am 29 years old planning on going into travel nursing this coming March. I am planning on bringing my two dogs and two horses on my travel assignments. Has anyone done this before? Any advice for at least my first travel assignment? I plan on sticking to areas out west and rural communities where horse boarding may be easier to find. I also plan on getting a trailer with a full living quarters after my first assignment so I have the option of camping to save some money/ make it easier to have the dogs. Any advice? I feel like it may be a big venture, but I'm also excited for the challenge of logistics place to place.
    What breed of dog? The horses should be easy to find a spot even near larger areas like Denver & Northern California. What speciality? I can give you advice because you have already done research and have realistic expectations.

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    Quote from blueskies1
    Thanks for your feedback. I'm looking through all kinds of boards, joined gypsy and the Facebook group to try to learn as much as I can. My other dilemma is that I'm a mother/baby nurse wanting a specific location and shift so my options are limited with agencies.
    You're welcome. As a MB RN you can't be picky. Those needs are very limited. Personally I would want to work the night shift when doing MB as a travel RN. I rather do the admission than the discharges. If I still worked L&D I would work nights for sure. I might pick up some hours doing MB nights in the near future.

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    Quote from Glycerine82
    So I live in RI and hold a SC licence that was compact when I got it. I also have my MA nursing licence as that is the state I work in. I wonder if I still have multi-state privileges because I live in a compact state? (But don't work in one)
    It's a bit confusing.
    As of today yes, RI is compact. However RI has not agreed to the eNLC compact agreement and will no longer be part of the compact states if not done.

    eNLC Implementation | NCSBN

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    Facebook gypsy nurse groups will help you see what companies are offering for various cities.

    And STAY AWAY from AMN. Its very clear to me based on that pay package that is who you are with.

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    If you have a BSN. Experience. UC Davis will call you right away. I wish I had known that a few years back.

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    Quote from nursealisha
    My husband is active duty military and we move all the time. We recently moved to Texas for our most recent PCS. However, I started the process while we were in AL so I was not given a compact license since I'm not a "Texas resident". Is there any way to obtain compact Licensure without changing our official home state (FL)? It's seems like a huge complication for our taxes and in the future if I get a TX license but he remains a FL resident. Any insight into this process? Thanks.
    Florida is now included in the compact licensure however the start date is in the future. Just wait don't bother changing your residency to Texas. There is no state tax like Florida however Texas has annual car inspection you can avoid.

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    Did you move to San Jose?

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    Quote from TREC96
    I'll be honest I was scared that I would miss out on the opportunity... day shift has been slim pickings. I will def take your advice if I ever find myself in this predicament. I'm going to hold off and do per diem until a really good crisis rate comes up. Yes they do throw a hissy hit about 3 day schedules. I'll research better next time!
    I am glad you considered the idea. Many Many Nurses are too concerned with the feelings of the agency/recruiter that they put themselves second and the agency/recruiter first o0. No, business is going to put you first over their gain. They will always have their best interest in mind and nurses need to learn to do the same. @3ringnursing did what was best for 3ringnursing I applaud that.

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    It was not too late to switch. Tell the hospital you accept but, will be submitted through another agency. I've seen this happen before based on pay. Fast staff will not negotiate much at all. If you ever want to avoid working 48 hours you have to ask the manager during your interview never your recruiter at Fast staff they will have a tantrum. Not sure why faststaff is shortening you on pay compared to the dozen other agencies that have the assignment.

    Yes, Kaiser does switch rates mid contract depending on season. Usually pay drops after flu season not when it is starting. Avoid Kaiser "winter rates". All Kaiser Norths are in a contract dispute and may strike anytime after Sept 1.They are probably banking on a strike occurring before Oct 29. That way staffing now with travel nurses ensures more hands on deck especially for hard to fill specialities like L&D. They just had a huge onboarding to train strike nurses in advance with US Nursing & health source global (who I do not recommend EVER!). Actually the onboarding will continue through 8-21.
    The real winter rates will be seen in Late Nov and December(usually the highest pay but floating between 1-3 hospitals to get that rate).

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    Quote from KristinaMichael
    I'm just a poor ER travel nurse but I usually get 16k to 25k/weekly on a contract. I prefer 36hours a week only and will flat out refuse on-call requirements. I hate on-call. But at 25miles your not far enough to qualify for the tax free stuff. Good luck
    LOL it is totally different world.

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    why not just live with your family since your from the area. 30 an hour sure. You can make it unemployed if you have the proper savings.