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    I taught my pup how to use this..
    Klean Paws Puppy Pad Holder

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    South Florida is a big area. Jackson memorial and Baptist from what I heard in the past.

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    Turn on some Motley Crue "Doctor feel good"

    Quote from ThrowawayAccount
    I disagree. You mean to tell me that patient care is NOT affected when the ambulance doesn't return to service because the ED Dr. is giving the paramedic a BJ in the physician parking lot?! And yes, that's what is happening. How would you like to be the RN blamed for a mistake the Dr. makes because she's not focused on her job? Have an affair, get your jollies, I don't care. But do it on the clock? NO! Be professional!
    The clock is not always running. Breaktime they can do what they want. It is not professional to be doing that inside the facility or on the grounds, but it's their break. You can't speculate that they are actually on companies time.

    Quote from meanmaryjean
    I don't disagree that it is unprofessional. But it seems from your first post that you've reported them both - what do you expect further digging and prying and consternation is going to accomplish? And how exactly are YOU privy to their personal email exchanges?

    Let it go- it is NONE of your business. honestly
    I was wondering the same thing about the emails.
    OP-Did you hop on the MD's computer while she was at break and go through her personal emails? That is what it sounds like to me.

    Ultimately it is none of your business, why even bother mixing yourself up in a messy situation.
    OP- you sound bitter, like you have it out for the paramedic and doctor. Its her marriage, What goes around comes around.

    OP- you also have no idea what kind of marriage arrangement that doctor has with her husband. Traditional marriage is on its way out in America. Do not cause someone to lose their job.
    Like your username throw your way out their business.

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    Call any Kaiser and ask. Then ask for shift diffs. Then post your answer to the your questions.

    I recently called an HR on the east coast and was given a ball park range. As far as the other hospitals call and ask or use google then type in that hospitals name then add RN union contract then hit search. Since the salary info you found is older, just add 2-3 % every year until you get to the current year.

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    Quote from Valleyval621
    Ha ha ha!!!! Reading is fundamental!!!
    I will not read without eyewear again.

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    Incompetent upper management.

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    Quote from workingot
    I am interested in what specialties are making 100k. I have 3 daughters in nursing school and can advise them on a lot, but not necessarily give them a big pic of the financial opportunities from across the nation. I am a 25 year RN and have a 65k salary, but double it most years with ot. not much fun working 68-72 hour weeks though. please tell me your specialty, experience , salary, and salary with diff and ot. oh, and where you r in the USA thank you all and hope your practice is professionally and financially rewarding
    So you're 25 with 3 daughters in nursing school? I find that hard to believe.

    I know plenty of 100k jobs. One is California prison.

    Probably best to change their career if they won't work in a prison. I would advise them to work in a field dominated by men not women.

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    took a travel assignment here, did not renew and would never go back. Getting my OT paid was a headache.

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    There was a travel nurse on TV last year that bought a tiny home to move around the USA. It was on HGTV. Try to catch the episode to give you all insight on the pros and cons and what to consider when purchasing such home. You possible could look her up on the internet. google search tiny home "travel nurse tiny home hgtv". Moving the home was very costly.

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    Quote from Ruby Vee
    So others can model appropriate etiquette? You're kidding, right? It is not rude to suggest additional routes for research, even if that suggestion is FaceBook. The only rudeness I saw was your response. Your etiquette is not such as should be modeled.

    @sjalv, @DeeAngel, @Julius Seizure, @VANurse2010

    Finally people have come and spoke on this topic, Thank you all. I have battled this before, alone. Thank you.

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    Once you call post the answer to your question.

    I just don't get it. Internet is making folks lazy. People should be calling the BON for their specific situation...You're going to be on hold for a while, but only they can tell you... Why ask total strangers on the internet how to interpret a licensing description time frame that came from the BON website? People are also asking how long it will take to process their license for a travel contract.. It's just a redundant question and nobody knows because we are not employees of the CA BON. I had to vent, nothing personally....This profession bugs me at times...

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    Call the board, Nobody on here works for them.

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    How are things going in the PICU?

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    Quote from NedRN
    Why do you keep repeating this? There are no hospitals in California where a BSN is required for travelers that I know of. There are many more open assignments than travelers. How do you think hospitals will fill them by excluding fully 45% of all nurses (probably even higher among travelers)?
    First, This is Actually it is the FIRST TIME I have mentioned needing to have a BSN, so go jump on someone else's BACK. Go ahead check ALL my post. Secondly, many Magnet hospitals assignments require BSN's in CA, NY, and Northeast. Why? At least 80% of nurses working need a BSN at all times. Why allow a travel nurse to lower your percentage..I would use the travel nurse to increase the percentage then allow the ADN RN to get hired with a promise to get BSN later, especially if they are the only ones applying to the hospital for perm staff. Not having a BSN, will limit a travel RN especially if they would like to work at a teaching hospital. Go call NYU Lagone and ask if they will take an ADN nurse..I will wait.