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    Get hired on as a weekender and do that for 6 months then go PRN. Yes, no life but in the end you will have what you want. No one said it was going to be this hard but it will be very hard.

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    @ PMFB-RN Thank you I have a many people I no longer want contacting me.

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    Even if you feel like you settled so what, maybe you did however time to move forward and help progress the profession. I am not a NP. Thought about it.

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    ICU $35 an hour for two days a month and if you worked more it was $45. $37 an hour 4 required days a month and if you worked more it was $47 an hour

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    Cedars will take you. Look for maybe 42 an hour day shift. My friend was offered 44 last year for 4 years of exp.

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    Not sure why you made a throw away account for this question. Do the M-Friday thing and get a PRN job that requires a max days of 2 shifts a month or work Agency PRN when you feel like it. When you do PRN through the hospital you have to work your holidays. With agency nursing you do not.

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    Avoid Kaiser San Francisco ICU's. The manager is screwy from what I been told.

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    Yes, there is some red tape because of the different unions. I would reach out to my SoCal union rep. My friend works at a Norcal Kaiser and works with someone that came from San Diego to Wine Country. I'll ask today. If you find out before me be sure to comeback and give information.

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    You're right. I would not live in So Cal as a single person at ALL!.

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    NICU nurses will be expected to do Peds, Mother and Baby and maybe PICU.

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    Quote from KCNurse77
    Hi All,

    I am thinking about doing travel nursing for the first time. Does anyone have any advice on how I should think about compensation: per hour rate, whether housing is covered, pre- and post-tax rates, etc.? I am totally confused. If anyone can point me in the right direction on how I can compare rates, I would be very appreciative.

    There are a lot of crappy companies that will waste your time. Since your ICU/PACU, I will provide you what you could expect.

    Agency procareone
    Hiring ICU 7p for 13 weeks contract in sacramento,CA!
    $22 an hour (1.5 after 8 hours) taxable plus $34.52 per hour nontaxable
    Daily: $308 taxable plus $483.33 nontaxable, total $791.33
    Weekly: $924 taxable plus $1,450 nontaxable, total $2,374
    Monthly: $3,696 taxable plus $5,800 nontaxable, total $9,496

    Agency MaxHealth
    Edgewood, Kentucky (right outside Cincinnati, OH) is in need of multiple ICU nurses for days or nights.
    Looking for a 6/26 start. 13 week contract, 36 hours/wk guaranteed.
    $1800 Weekly Gross, $25/hr Taxable, $900/wk Tax-Free Stipends. $75/hr OT rate.
    I highlighted this because the cost of housing in that area is cheap. claiming zero and single would, with no deductions taken out would net $1549 a week.

    Agency Faststaff
    Open ICU Night contract in Washington DC!
    Pay: $50 an hour; $2600 a week
    - Free housing and travel (non blended)
    - Or weekly housing stipend of $730 and up to $800 in travel
    Start: 6/19
    Hours: 48 (guaranteed pay)
    Length: 13 weeks

    Agency Cross Country
    Facility: Keck Medicine of USC
    Start Date: 7/12
    Magnet/Teaching Facility, Level 1 Trauma Center
    End Date: 10/18
    Shift: 12Hr Nights
    Taxable Hourly/OT: $40/60
    Total Gross Hourly/wk: $1,680
    Meals/wk: $245
    Housing/wk: $623.08
    Total Gross Weekly: $2,548

    Agency Faststaff
    Travel PACU position in Los Alamos, NM!
    Pay: $50 an hour $2000 a week.
    - Free furnished apartment 1 mile from facility.
    Hours: 40
    Length: 12 weeks
    Start: 6/19

    Agency: MaxHealth
    PACU assignment in Atlanta, Georgia!
    $1836 per week!
    $918 taxable ($25.50 per hour) $918 tax free stipend
    36 hours a week 10:30am-11pm 13 weeks

    Agency Quest staffing
    Watsonville, CA
    (5) 8 hour shifts per week
    8:00am – 4:30pm
    Taxable: $36.00/hour
    Non-taxable: $40.95/hour
    Total hourly: $76.95/hour
    Weekly Gross: $2,945 ($1,307 Taxed, $1,638 Tax free

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    So what happened? You get the perm or are you still waiting?

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    Quote from CrazyGoonRN
    I sent off for my Georgia license last week and I recieved an email from them the next day with a link to where I can log in and see updates. Also, I had to get ink fingerprinted and mail it to a company in California for my background check. They only accept electronic fingerprints if you go to specific locations within the state of Georgia. The nurse manager at the hospital I have been hired at says it typically takes 3 weeks to get a Georgia license. I just hope there is no delay so my start date is not pushed back.
    Did you get your license?

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    Quote from Swellz
    So, I went on to the VA's website and they have their own travel nursing program. Would you think it would be better to work directly with the VA, or go through another company? I did call the VA's recruiter, but I haven't heard back yet.
    A few years back I looked at working for the VA in house travel. I was sent a massive email with forms and where their assignments were at. I unfortunately no longer have that email. The pay would have been a lot less working directly for the VA but with benefits such as PTO, diasbility etc.. I can't remember how their housing worked.