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    I no longer care once the OP makes the thread and never comes back.

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    The answer to your kind of confusing question is NO. You probably need to look into Military Nursing.

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    How much is your travel stipend? time is money to me. From Florida to California is 4-5 days safely of gas, lodging, and food. Traffic and detours. Flights are cheap from that state to California.

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    ship your car.

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    registry hourly was low. moved right on.

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    The VA has it own travel nurse division. However due to impending hiring freeze they are looking for nurses for 26-52 week contracts. I have seen positions for Fairfield, CA, New Orleans, LA and Albany, NY. Many others will do the same.

    Darn good rates for New Orleans ICU 117k yr & Med surg 98kyr are you kidding me.

    52 Week VA Hospital Contracts! Any State RN license accepted. I Med/Surg, ICU and OR Needs for Albany, New York and New Orleans, Louisiana!
    ***Prior government work/security clearance a huge plus, along with BSN or MSN and over 5 years of RN experience!***
    Albany, New York. 8 MedSurg Nights needed for Sept 10th!
    $2100/weekly gross pay for 36 hours
    $1200/week in stipends
    New Orleans. 4 OR Days and 2 ICU Nights needed for 9/18 (OR) and 10/1 (ICU).
    $2460/weekly gross pay for 40 hours
    $1300/weekly stipend
    $2236/weekly gross pay for 36 hours
    $1300/weekly stipend

    Med/Surg {NIGHTS}
    $1720.00 weekly gross
    $1000.00 weekly non-taxable stipend
    $47.78 combined hourly
    $23.00/hour taxable
    $2128.00 weekly gross
    $1300.00 weekly non-taxable stipend
    $59.11 combined hourly
    $23.00/hour taxable

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    Quote from rhinoroc
    I'm finding all of this extremely hard to believe and funny how it's always someone's friend or someone they know making an extremely ridiculous amount of money. It's never the person posting the information.
    You know what nevermind. If you can't find the meaning of how to float a swan on the internet then you won't find salary info either.

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    I Probably would have whispered some sweet things in that patient's ear but, I would have shrugged it off. Reminded the patient to never talk to me in this manner.

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    Personally for me the best paying companies: Faststaff & MSSI.
    Decent companies to use for California jobs only are: KPG & MGA .

    A small company I saw, Hamilton Staffing based in Florida rates are very good to. Mostly jobs in NY, CA and FL.
    Companies I thought have good rates are Moore Nurses and Nurse to Nurse staffing. I am not signed up just saw rates based on facebook travel nurse groups.

    Other companies I would say to call are The Quest group (Dallas I think) and RTG.

    Companies that give the max stipends. USSI, taxable hourly is usually low.

    Companies that find hospitals to cross train are Soliant and Total Med Staffing. You can land an IR job with an ICU or ED background with Soliant. Total Med had PICU and Cath lab cross training for ICU Rn's. PM me if you have questions about actual recruiter names I cannot openly disclosed that on all nurses.

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    Tip one: There is no perfect company. There is better and worse.

    Tip two: A lot of your experience depends on the recruiter. If you sign up with recruiter A and there is disconnect between you two, then you can be switched to recruiter B. Usually just takes an email or phone call to their manager. Keep it short as the reason for the switch. MOVE ON, if they will not meet your request.

    Tip three: Sign up with 4 agencies minimal. That means have active profiles ready to go. If you get canceled or terminated you have three other agencies that can possibly cook up something for you quick.

    Big question: What companies should I look into? Depends if you want to fatten the pockets of investors or mom and pops, lol Seriously...

    *Bigger companies are going to have more volume and desirable locations. You know them they invest highly in advertising...Cross Country, Aya and American Mobile. These companies are the main vendor for many hospitals. That means other agencies have to pay them a small percentage. A nurse can work directly with these large companies. Working directly does not mean the RN will get more money. Bigger companies have many different departments you have to deal with.
    *Rapid response companies like Faststaff and Healthsource Global are going to be limited locations and not as desirable. Taxable hourly is a high rate and the two listed will provide housing. Blue Force and Cru 48 will seldom provide housing.
    (Rapid Response means a nurse can start in 1-2 weeks. Critical emergent needs of the hospital.)
    *Smaller agencies might be limited to just 1-2 states but, they have less overhead cost. Less overhead means more money for the RN..

    **Ask some of the mid size or smaller agencies do they have direct contracts through the hospital. This usually means more money for you the RN.

    For those who have traveled please chime in why you work with XZY company.

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    removing information that was unappreciated.

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    Cool thanks for updating your own thread once you found the answer. It is very helpful. Are you working Days or Nights?

    I am really shocked Baylor paid you the most. That does not sound like them at all.

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    Quote from livingkennedy
    Seattle and Portland have some of the highest rents though.
    Seattle you have to think small. Micro-housing.

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    Quote from livingkennedy
    Wolf where do you get these quotes? Every time I google some of the text you send, I get a dead link.
    Facebook, Travel nurse Premium job board. Private Group. Only jobs above $46 hr are allowed to be posted.

    Dianasnyd3898 @Medical Staffing Network