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  • Mar 24

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • Mar 23

    Ok, I don't know why NedRN would speak of I-10 hispanic culture shock or drug traffic crime. I think it is insensitive and ignorant to point any of that out. Now that being said, I will tell you about my experience because I consider myself a road warrior and have traveled long distance from FL to NY and from FL to NV so here's my advice.

    I took I-75N to I-10W to I-20W finally to I-40W. Don't rely 100% on your cellphone GPS. There may be areas between Amarillo TX and Albuquerque NM where the signal will be spotty. You should already have a general idea where you are going. Get a paper map just in case.

    I can tell you there will be a stretch of road where you will may be the only car on the road. Watch your gas level don't allow your gas level to go past 1/4. Be aware of your surroundings when you stop to get gas. I would get my gas, go to the restroom and get my food in one stop and back on the road in 20 minutes or less.

    Due to the fact that you will be traveling alone, if I were you, I would start traveling at 4 a.m. and end the day at 6 p.m. or 7 p.m. I would never travel at night by myself. When you start feeling tired (and you will) pull over to a rest station and take a nap. Just make sure all your doors are locked, there should be other cars/trucks at the rest stop.

    You can do it. Just map out your trip, leave early, take breaks when you are tired, watch your gas and don't drive at night.

  • Mar 23

    Yes i am in fl. In places like daytona beach new grads start around $15/hr this was back in 2014 when i was job hunting ave is around $20 in central east coast areas. It goes up if you head towad central fl, north fl and deep south fl
    So now i got a little over 2 yrs experience, got a call jus last week from Baptist health jacksonville, they offerred me $24.25/hr and a dollar more for bsn $25.25/hr is that good for BSN with 2.25 yrs exp? Thats 50 cents lower than what i make now, my guess is they start new grad around $22....need. less to say me and my prius drive to where the money

  • Mar 22

    Do the specialty you like the best and be happy. No, you won't have any trouble finding travel assignments or staff jobs in PICU. However ICU will get you many more location choices as staff or traveler and often the same pay as a traveler. But outside of CVICU, PICU may pay better as a traveler on average.

  • Mar 21

    You aren't kidding about big companies having multiple departments to work with! I'm working on getting my second contract, and I've been dealing with companies where it seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. I'm finding it frustrating, but like you said, with a larger company comes a larger volume of positions to choose from, and that is very attractive for me right now. I think I will find some smaller companies to compare with on the next go 'round.

  • Mar 21

    Get over it by changing your attitude. NO ONE is expected to hear racist and sexist things in this profession. No one comes to work to get beat up like that. You've every right to set limits with this patient by telling him/her that behavior isn't ok, and no - you don't have to be calm when saying this. Don't be an unprofessional lunatic either.

    Also, talk it out with your coworkers. They'll be very sympathetic and understanding to you generally.

  • Mar 20


    This what I have heard through the grapevine for new grads at hospitals for acute care:

    Dallas/Fort Worth: $22 to $25
    Houston: $23 to $27
    San Antonio: $19 to $23
    Austin: $19 to $23

    I don't know how true it is but considering what I have been getting I believe it is.

    I did get an offer that I took. They not only matched my salary but gave me a small increase. Also, they gave me a sign on bonus and relocation which was not part of the post. It is with Baylor. Signed and sealed. I start in 3 weeks. $36 /hr

    Just FYI for med/surg BSN 3+ yrs exp.:

    UT Southwestern was offering $30 /hr and $40 /hr float but will only consider internal candidates for float pool

    Medical City was offering $29 /hr and $44 /hr for float pool plus relocation and sign-on bonus

    Baylor offering $31 to $36 /hr and $38 /hr float plus sign-on bonus and relocation

    Good Luck to everyone! I hope this thread was a help. It did help me.

    Thank you all!

  • Mar 20

    I also have another job PRN which pays me $37.65. I was hoping to make at least what my full-time job pays me now. Fingers crossed . I've interviewed with 3 managers at UT Southwestern.

    Just for the record it is not just your experience that make the difference but what area you work in. The Critical Care areas make more and some of the Specialties like surgery do too. Just FYI.

    Also, Medical City was willing to pay a sign on Bonus plus relocation. I couldn't do it for the hourly rate though.

    I've found that most Hospitals in Dallas want to Pay a BSN with 3yrs $29-$31 an hour for Med/Surg.

  • Mar 20

    I spoke to UT Southwestern and they do pay more an hour for weekender/two day alternative (TDA). And UT Southwestern pays better than everyone else plus better benefits. I hope I get an offer. The worst pay has been Medical City. I spoke with the recruiter at Medical City Plano and they wanted to pay me less than what I make now or when I first started actually. Baylor at least is matching my Salary but UT Southwestern is offering more if the manager/s wants me. I work for the VA I make $73,381 a yr which is roughly $35 an hour.
    Medical City is offering $29 an hour. I'm OK with a matching salary but I will not accept less. Who does that?

  • Mar 20

    Which agency was this with? I was just quoted a similar pay package but with a $4000 completion bonus.

  • Mar 20

    Quote from CCL RN
    You don't do "caths by yourself" and you don't "stand in one place for hours"
    Good Lord, that was obviously an exaggeration. I meant that she is actually doing the insertions, not just getting supplies, circulating, etc.

  • Mar 20

    There's plenty of posts on here where we talk about a typical day for a cath lab nurse...but I will just say this: it is not an appropriate place for a new nurse.

    You will be running the balloon pump, titrating drips, managing a crashing pt, getting sterile supplies, circulating, planning, anticipating ... ALL at 2am.

    If you find a hospital that allows new nurses (note, I did not say new grads.) then it's an unsafe lab that is setting you up for failure.
    Most nurses have several years of either ER exp or ICU exp prior to coming to the lab.

    I worked with a girl with only tele exp (10 yrs) and she failed miserably. You really gotta be exceptionally comfortable in your own nursing skin, be able to intellectually interact with Drs, and be able to multi task like nothing else.
    And wear a ton of lead all day.
    And give your life away to call.

    The cath lab is great! But not appropriate for newer nurses...

  • Mar 20

    You need to follow the policy as set out by your employer. We cannot speculate as to the risk involved.

  • Mar 19

    I'm currently on a contract in Florida and looking for my next place to go. I want good pay without having to give up most the paycheck for housing in a place that has lots of opportunity for hiking and outdoor activities. Let me know of any suggestions, thank you!!

  • Mar 19

    I put nursing on the back burner after I got pregnant with my first son but that was due to health complications more than anything & my health got worse during my second pregnancy.

    I could see it being an issue for you if you take time off to be a SAHM mom with you being a new grad. I am an LVN & if I tried to go back to work it would be hard for me but since I will be going back to school to become an RN I'm not as stressed.

    Good luck & congrats!