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  • May 24

    why you care so much about what others think? go to the picu right away if you get an offer.

  • May 24

    why you care so much about what others think? go to the picu right away if you get an offer.

  • May 19

    10-12 LOL try 18 patients.

  • May 18

    Facebook is very helpful. For general info, no jobs posting, Travel Nurse Network - The Gypsy Nurse, For jobs....Travel Nursing: The Premium Job Board & Travel Nurse Jobs - The Gypsy Nurse, . There is also a housing group, housing pet group & short term group(useless IMO)

  • May 15

    Quote from pjsrav
    That was not my question! I already have a license and a ICU job offer in CA. I just wanted to know how's a ICU nurses day in the USA as I never worked there.
    Well you probably should have stated that in your original post. Plenty of foreign nurses thinking they are just waltzing in the USA.

    ICU nurses shift depends on what type of hospital you work at. Private hospital for profit, not for profit, city/state/county, teaching, federal, or military all have different can's and dont's.

  • May 14

    dying is not accepted in America as an option.

  • May 14


    Location: Wine Country
    EXP: RN BSN 10+ years. LVN 10+.
    Hospital: Private hospital less than 150 beds
    PAY: base rate 70+. hour. Night Diff 16%.
    Weekend and Evening diffs I forgot.
    Time and half after 8 hours worked. Double Time after 12 hours $170+ an hour. **Differentials are also time and half and doubled.

    Some of these nurses gross between 12-20k biweekly. I've seen the check.

    1 bedroom apartment is about 2200+

  • May 12

    Internal Medicine RNs are needed on a US Base in South Korea!
    $2,200 WEEKLY
    $55.00/hour non taxable ( Overseas contracts are non taxable for the first $100,800 /year )
    8 hours/day
    40 hours/week
    52 weeks, with opportunity to extend for 5 YEARS
    Housing & Airfare Provided by the Government
    - BSN from Accredited College
    - Active BLS Certification
    - Any State License in Good Standing
    - Min 1 Year Experience in Internal Medicine within Last 5 Years

  • May 7

    dying is not accepted in America as an option.

  • May 6

    Yep, they are one of the worst. Glad you are choosing to voice your frustrations out.

  • May 6

    Things we never talk about Licensing.

    It is ideal to let the agency reimburse you for fees. Licensing can be very expensive especially for those not in compact states. If you get licenses on your own you may find some agencies reimburse you for fees if you have never worked in that state.

    For those reading this that want to travel to CA, get that license LAST. Some states want all verifications of every license you own. If you have a CA license that means you pay $100 bucks each time that verification is needed and it takes 6-8 weeks for them to send it to that state.

    EX. Your license by exam in FL and endorsed in California. Now you want to apply for a NY license. Well NY requires ALL state verifications. You pay nursys 30 bucks. You send a snail mail request to CA for $100 and then you watch paint dry.

    EX. Your license by exam in FL and endorsed in CA. Now you want to apply for WA license. Well they only want where you were licensed by exam which is FL...No CA verification required.

    Apply for where you want to go at the same time if possible. Yes, it takes money DUH!

    EX If you hold a FL license and apply for endorsement to CA, MN, NC, HI, AK, PA all for the first time...Send the paperwork off around the same time. PA will give you a temp license in 2-3 business days. Temp license do not count as something that needs to be verified. If you got PA temp license Monday and apply for Illinois Friday, you can only send verification for FL. You can still apply for other states and only have to get FL verified if none of the others have issued you a perm license.

  • May 6
  • May 4

    Quote from Shananigan
    Lol, if only it were that easy. Virginia is a right to work state, so no unions. I take it you're not from here? Hospitals everywhere pay as little as they can get away with, and here it's pretty darn low due to the reasons I mentioned. Nurses reluctantly tolerate it because they have to if they want to work for a hospital. Moving to another area is not an option for many.
    Yes, I understand the right to work part. There is a way to change that. No one seems to darn interested though. It's sad because VA will miss out on a lot of great nurses. I have a VA past.

    Here is some travel positions for Tidewater area Veteran Affairs hospitals. Those are 52 week contracts.

    Hampton, VA:
    Med/Surg - $1,786 /week
    - 4 Day Shift, 4 Night Shifts Available
    - $22.00/hr taxable
    - $994/wk stipends
    - OT: $65.00/hr
    - 01/07/2018 Anticipated Start
    ER - $1,894/week
    - 4 Day Shift, 4 Night Shifts Available for Jan 7 Start Date
    - 2 Night Shift positions available for 11/05/2017 Start Date
    - $25.00/hr taxable
    - $994/wk stipends
    - OT: $68.00/hr

  • May 3

    Quote from Volley88
    Not sure how to edit the post so I can add my clarifications, but reposting this.

    Sorry I should clarify a few things

    1. Jon is known to be the party go-er in our unit. All my unit does, is talk about partying and going for 4/20.

    2. To explain the text message. It was during our lunch break. Jon's friend sent him a nursing related meme/photo. Jon showed me the meme/photo. Directly above the meme was a text message saying to his friend that Jon was "I am still high at work."

    3. I have snapchat on my phone I saw him physically eating edibles on story. (EDIT) With the caption "Happy 4/20"

    4. I showed the charge nurse, but she doesn't fully understand edibles. I would assume he deleted it after I confronted him.
    far fetched. If I saw a white powdery substance on someone's countertop with a description of the picture saying it's time to hit the slopes, I am not going to jump to conclusions they are about to do lines of cocaine. It could a a flipping joke and that white substance can be flour.

    In short, mind your own business because it can get you caught up in a lot of unnecessary heartache.

    If you are upset he did not invite you move on.

  • May 3

    10-12 LOL try 18 patients.