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  • Feb 16
  • Feb 11

    Quote from not.done.yet
    $38/hr is not common base pay in DFW for a three year nurse. More like low $20s to just over $30. UTSW may pay better, not sure, but you would not get anywhere near that anywhere else really.
    Baylor will put you at high 29. Methodist will put you at mid 30's. At Methodist if you do float pool full-time it's 42 for days, nights 46.

  • Feb 10

    There was a travel nurse on TV last year that bought a tiny home to move around the USA. It was on HGTV. Try to catch the episode to give you all insight on the pros and cons and what to consider when purchasing such home. You possible could look her up on the internet. google search tiny home "travel nurse tiny home hgtv". Moving the home was very costly.

  • Feb 5

    Plus you avoid family dynamics, hall buddies not wanting to help, being tripled in the ICU, constant favoritism assignments, I can go on and on.

  • Feb 5

    Quote from jprn2018
    Why would you choose OR?
    Because OR nurses have an easier time finding a job either perm or travel. If you ever travel you will be paid, given max stipends, given the royal treatment for strike work etc. Just get yourself some CVOR along with general OR and you are set. I am currently experienced unemployed RN when 100+ applications in.

  • Feb 2

    What is your speciality? ICU, OR, Cath lab or L&D i so, you got royally screwed. If it was Med surg, dialysis, rehab, or home health you did probably slightly below average.

  • Feb 1

    STAY AT YOUR STAFF JOB. The industry has turned for the worst especially for ICU RN's. The pay is not good at all if you are currently benefited making 42 an hour. Keep that job. When traveling as an ICU RN you are looked upon as the you can do it all nurse. Meaning you are Step down, tele, med surg, then ICU last.

    I should have a new staff job by next week.

    Wait until the market changes.

    I know I am going to get attacked by the OR 3.2.1

  • Jan 20
  • Jan 17

    ^Dude, I misread the post.

  • Jan 6

    better know your lethal rhythms. chest pain management. st elevation management. what orders to expect for afib rvr. Rapid sequence intubation. cardioversion remember to place defib in synch.

  • Jan 1

    ^Dude, I misread the post.

  • Jan 1

    Quote from Valleyval621
    Ha ha ha!!!! Reading is fundamental!!!
    I will not read without eyewear again.

  • Dec 8 '17

    Having been trained on both machines. The Next Stage is easier and less involved. Prismaflex is way more manual labor due to the lack of waste line. Who wants to dump a heavy bag every hour or whenever it fills up. That sucks royally. Prismaflex is used more in CVICU's.

  • Nov 27 '17

    Quote from PACUpleeze
    I'm certain that crap doesn't require a sedative and a spit hood.
    since you put it that way..

  • Nov 27 '17

    Quote from myownboss
    I tell my friends about it, but I get the same response that they are afraid of being killed or raped so they continue to work in the super stressful hospital settings and make 65-70k like I did when they could make much more with so much less stress overall. Just my 2 cents...
    California Prison nursing was my original suggestion. Considering a few of those nurses made 1 million over dollars in 3-4years. I applied once and interviewed. I did not like the set schedule and bidding in and out of that set schedule.I was not offered the job too many former nurses trying to return.