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  • Mar 8

    I graduated in 2011, second career for me, so I'm not 20 something! Did floor nursing, hated it, got a job in Rheumatology practice which wasn't bad but management and such was awful and I felt I needed more clinical experience so I went back to floor nursing, hated it again and left, actually went back to my old profession (insurance) and thought what the hell am I doing back here! Got a wonderful job in an infusion suite and a nutty nurse made my life miserable and I left because my hours got cut. Now I work as a medical review nurse, no stress, no 12 hours, close to home but boring as hell! So now what?.....I don't know, but my point is there are a lot of different jobs and it's okay to not have found your niche yet, as someone else here said, do what makes YOU happy, no one else! Best of luck to you!