Curiouser and curiouser!

Curiouser and curiouser!

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的 have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me." ~~Hermann Hesse~~

A Nurse's Choice

​Life is full of choices both large and small and some have long reaching, unforeseeable impact. Sixteen years ago, a young woman named Nancy decided that nursing was a career with the ability to provide for her growing family. Nine years ago, she chose to leave the bedside in order to have greater control of her hours. Seven years ago, she almost left because healthcare wasn't what it used to be. I remain grateful she decided to stay. The face of healthcare is changing. This is news to... Read More →

No Man is an Island: Musings on Grief, Bonding, and Candy

It is said that no man is an island entire of itself. At one point in one of my more contemplative less than sober moments, I pondered if the disagreement with that statement had more to do with man being more a peninsula or a cape. Perhaps a fjord. Can one be like a fjord? Wait...where was I? Oh, that's right-- Make no mistake, I like what I do. The fact that I get paid to do it sometimes helps with the liking factor substantially. But there are things in this world that a... Read More →

I ask for "nothing".

When it comes to nursing, I respect the profession for what it is, what it has been, and where it is headed. Am I proud to be part of the profession? Sure, in a subtle, I'm proud my hair is long kind of way. I own no nursing paraphernalia. I do not announce what I do readily at meet n' greets or reunions. I prefer to refer to myself as a Frustrated Carpenter or a Confused Ninja. Ever since stepping foot into the profession, Nurse's Week has always been a tough pill for me to... Read More →

Happy Unintentional Ignorance Awareness Week!

Happy Unintentional Ignorance Awareness Week! And no, no that is not a thing. Well, not yet anyway. But if I get my say, it will be. Why? Because we are all, each and every one of us, perpetrators of unintentional ignorance, read: idiocy, in the face of individuals who fit "stereotypes" or strike us in particular manner. We are all guilty, at some point or other in our lives, of doing wonderful things such as asking a heavy woman when the baby is due, or, God forbid, rubbing our hands... Read More →

Sitters/CNA's: Thank you for "doing nothing"

Two mornings ago I received a distraught phone call from my mother telling me that my dad, who is suffering with end stage COPD, spine compression fractures, and a distinct lack of proper narcotic metabolism, became flighty, picky and squirrelly to such a point that he was assigned a sitter. Look, I've been around. I know what can be said about sitters. I know that for every one that understands the amount of sheer effort and work that goes into trying to keep someone in bed, calm and... Read More →

Innovative Nursing Part Deux: Being Genuinely Present

You've heard me say it before and I cannot help but believe firmly that it merits repeating: I work with some incredible people. Now let's keep it real, they are merely people the same as the rest of us--but for some reason I am fortunate enough to bear witness to their moments of magnificence. Meet James. Jim, Jimmy when he's cheeky, or Jimbo when I'm feeling deeply entrenched in my southern roots. No--No, Jim. Stoppit. Get over here and stand still. I want to talk about you and... Read More →

Broken Hearted. AKA: A Valentine's Story Sweet Enough to Rot Your Teeth

Warning: Proceed with caution! The following is so sickeningly sweet, so saccharine, that it will rot your teeth. And I do mean rot 'em good. I am a cynic to the core of my soul and I think, for just one moment last night, I may have known how the Grinch felt with that sudden onset of cardiomegaly that occurs when he decides to return his spoils of victory (the fool). Anyway...on with the tale. This week has been the week of chests. Pick something in the chest and it has randomly... Read More →

A note of deep concern and worry

My colleagues of all stages, please take a moment: There has been a rash of suicides and suicide attempts in my community and it has driven me to write this note. After the devastating loss of a nursing student, I just....I don't even know where to begin. So I'll start: Please, please, please remember that in taking care of others, one most take care of oneself. Please remember no matter how dark, how down, how trapped you feel, there are people that care--that love you--that want to... Read More →

Meaningful Interaction: A Study in Comfort

The following contains real life tasteless jokes told by a healthcare professional. Proceed with caution. In every family there are different traditions and approaches to comfort. I, in particular, am not a huggie (huggy?)/touchy feely person. Hugs do not comfort...they distress. Yet I am surrounded by normal folks for which a physical hug is important and it is there that I find myself wrapped in philosophical debates about approach, deployment and fulfillment of said physical... Read More →

A word to the new, the inexperienced, the overwhelmed and the mystified

We all have bad days. I remember when I was new, bright eyed, bushy tailed, rampantly sarcastic (look, some things never change, alright?) and I used to look about and wonder why in the world it never seemed like the most awesome of the awesome never had a bad day, a hair out of place, a drop of sweat on their brow, or their teeth set so hard they were gritted down to nubs. I used to pray to be so unflappable. I used to dream of the time when I would be viewed through that blushing lens... Read More →

Apocalypse (You mean, right now?): One Survivor's Tale of Surgical Proportions

It's just a Bunionectomy you reassure your family with flippant lightheartedness as you head to surgery. Nothing to worry about and definitely not the end of the world. The nurse skillfully piloting your surgical cart pauses to mention the apocalypse conveniently scheduled at 9:50. You laugh it off. Your surgery is going to start at 9:30. Besides, you quip, wouldn't you want to sleep through the end of the world? You don't know how long you've hovered on the edge of consciousness, but... Read More →

Jumping at Shadows: A Haunted Hospital Story

In this corner of the world, there is a saying of the chronically exhausted which speaks of the measure of a tired and addled mind: jumping at shadows. The term comes from moments when a worn down brain whines its protest at a lack of REM sleep by projecting shadowy apparitions which dart at the edge of peripheral vision, appearing to be anything from random deer to running people and, well, making you jump. Insert best Crypt Keeper laugh here ==>XXX and here ===>XXX. Come with me, if... Read More →

A Tale of Innovative Nursing: Making It All a Little Less Scary

So it is no secret that surgery is scary to many people. But children, in particular, have a difficult time of it for, well, obvious reasons. Now, let's make three things abundantly clear: 1. I specialize in Trauma. Not ENT. Nope. They keep me away from children (unless they are severely hurt) for a very good reason. 2. I am not a mother. Never will be. Children remain a mystery. 3. I have been told I do a mean Godzilla impression. Some people crochet as a hobby, I stomp... Read More →

Dear Nursing Students/Orientees: A Love Note from the Preceptor from Hell

Warning: The following post is rife with brutal honesty and frustration. Read at your own risk. Memorandum from the desk of Your Friendly Neighborhood Sociopath~~ Dear Nursing Student/Orientee: Allow me to start my letter with a brief aside. Yes, I know there are things you are not taught at nursing school. I know that this may not apply exactly to your set of circumstances. I know that there are evil, vindictive individuals out there that will purposefully set you up, hold you... Read More →

Nursing the End of a Leash

"Would you like a visit?" You appear doubtful, hesitant and wounded on a level much deeper than physical as you, with quivering hands which flit like nervous birds, gather your blankets tighter around you and momentarily over your hair, tucking a few lose strands back. You nod. Your naked vulnerability is nothing new to me--I have seen a similar state in countless others. With but a moment I can sense your hurt. With but one snuffling huff I know all there is about the wound on your... Read More →

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